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Cancel Culture Never Touch Liberals Even After Racial Attacks Against Tim Scott



Cancel Culture Never Touch Liberals Even After Racial Attacks Against Tim Scott-ss-Featured

It seems “Cancel Culture” gave liberals another free pass as many of them launched racial attacks targeting Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.). This follows his speech that rebutted President Joe Biden’s address to Congress last week.

In Scott’s speech, he stated that “America is not a racist country” despite the fact that he had faced racism.

Soon after the senator’s speech ended, many liberals on Twitter trended the term “Uncle Tim,” which is a play on the “Uncle Tom” racial slur, for several hours until the platform took it down.

Although, it seems liberals received a free pass for using several racial slurs against the senator. If conservatives did this, people would have “cancelled” them already for doing so.

Many Republicans quickly called out the racially motivated attacks on Scott. Meanwhile, Democrats and liberal advocacy groups, including BLM and NAACP, remained silent.

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Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) spoke to Fox News and said that the media and the Democrats are “in cahoots” and that the case with Scott is the proof of this fact.

Donalds then assessed that activists in journalism and social media tycoons are only there to politically benefit. He added that this comes at the expense of the people who do not abide by their leftist ideology.

Gary O’Connor, a Texas Democratic Party official, called to Scott as an “oreo” in a post on his personal Facebook profile. The said term is a racial slur that pertains to a Black person who is perceived to act White.

The official faced immediate backlash online. He later apologized for using the slur and offered his resignation. However, the Texas Democratic Party refused to accept O’Connor’s resignation.

This refusal then sparked some backlash from Republican members in the House. Rep. Pat Fallon of texas announced a resolution condemning the Texas Democratic Party for allowing O’Connor to remain in his position after calling Scott an “oreo.”

Fallon said that if a Republican stated the remark, he would have been ostracized already. He pointed out that the Democratic party has double standards and that they need to be held accountable.

Scott Nevins, a liberal comedian, scrubbed his membership from the board of DAP health and apologized on Twitter after he joked that Scott was “uncle Tom’ing it for his life.” He said it was an “ironic joke” which seems to be enough as he managed to retain his board seat.

Other progressives didn’t receive too big of a backlash online. Cancel culture seems to have spared liberals, even after using racial slurs.

Additionally, liberal media outlets didn’t cover the fact that a racial slur trended on Twitter.

Sen. Scott has addressed the slur used on him during an interview on “Fox and Friends” last week. He said this is the left’s attempt to stop discrimination by using “more discrimination.”

He said the left “doubled down” on their “concept of liberal oppression” when they used such slurs. Scott also found it “stunning” that in 2021, those who say they want to end discrimination are trying to do so with more of it.

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