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Governor DeSantis Hits Hard: Signs Big Florida Law for 2022 Election



Florida Governor Ron DeSantis-Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a landmark legislation that would secure the state’s election prior to the 2022 midterms.-ss-Featured

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida signed a landmark legislation that would secure the state’s election prior to the 2022 midterms.

DeSantis signed Senate Bill 90 into law, which is the state’s new integrity bill. It would make voter identification stronger, bans mass ballot mailing, and stops mass ballot harvesting in the state as well.

According to DeSantis, his state took action so that they can become more transparent and make sure their elections are secure. He added that residents don’t have to worry as Florida will continue to be a leader in ballot integrity. DeSantis said that elections must remain “free and fair” in the state. He added that the changes would make sure it would continue to be this way. He then thanked the states legislative body for addressing the issue.

Senate Bill 90 makes existing measures to secure the elections stronger in the state. While Florida already has an ID requirement for voters, this new legislation would ask voters to provide full ID information if they change any voter registration information or when requisition a mail-in ballot.

The new legislation also prevents the mass mailing of ballots. It also makes sure mail-in ballots only reach the people who requested them. Senate Bill 90 also increases the transparency of elections, letting every party and candidate have access to observe any election-related reviews and canvassing.

Florida Lawmakers Lobbied For State's Election Integrity Legislation

Several state legislators have pushed for reforms in Florida’s election integrity bill.

For one, state Senate President Wilton Simpson took pride in how Florida leads the states in the nation when it comes to election reforms. He also reiterated the importance of keeping the elections safe and maintaining their integrity.

Meanwhile, state House Speaker Chris Sprowls noted that residents in the state have been given more ways to cast their ballot. He also said that this variety needs to come with the assurance of transparency and security. Sprowls then explained that the new bill will protect the state’s electoral procedures. He said it will also give voters confidence that their state elections remain “accessible, efficient, and secure.”

Meanwhile, how Democrats and companies will react to the new legislation would be interesting to see. Following the passage of similar proposals in Georgia and Texas, a group of companies voiced out their opposition to such measures.

Florida has become another big state that has joined in the states’ election integrity coalition.

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  • Jim ROCCHIO says:

    DeSantis is what every politician should be…He cares about the people and the state he was elected to govern.
    Best governor in America

  • Riley says:

    See if the GOP disagrees with you they take revenge out on you just like communist cousins. They want everyone to think like the,another communist trait. That is what makes America Great people are allowed to think what they want without being told by the party what to think.

  • David says:

    This is great
    Hige pair of balls on DeSantis! Plus, everything he does is smart and common sense. Riley, either stop using drugs or take a remedial english class. You’re welcome!

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    THAT’S the way to lead!!

  • Mary says:

    Wooooo hoooooo!!! Praise God!! Finally someone is standing to do what is right!! Now let’s get the President Trump and Vice President DeSantis Rallies going.. “2024!” Woot

  • Anonymous says:

    Florida is taking America back from the socialist democratic party.

  • Grace Searfoss says:

    If we still have a country left by 2024, the only people that would make it GREAT AGAIN would be President Trump and Vice President DeSantis. They are both true patriots and love this country. They will stop at nothing to make us GREAT AGAIN. One thing I ask when they win the election, is the first thing they need to do is, if Biden increases the Supreme Court to 13….make it a priority to get it back to 9 and do whatever needs to be done to keep it that way so stacking can never be done again.

  • BBA says:

    @ Grace Searfoss. If Biden succeeds in stacking the SC then it’s over and the only thing that could ever fix it would be an all out Civil War with the patriot side winning. People better realize that we are no longer a Free Republic and are in the beginning stages of a socialist takeover!!

  • john french says:

    God bless common sense thank you DeSantis!!!!! Anyone living in this great country that thinks socialism or communism is the way we should live needs to go too a country that has it and try it for a few years and try it out . You will find out that the USA the the greatest place on earth to live. Our fore fathers came to this country to find a better way of life. The USA is the envy of millions of people, that is why so many want to come here. All you want to be socialists just go find a deserted island and go live there and fight with each other on your great ways of living. Power and greed is what is all about for the idiots on the left. That is not what our lives are all about. Freedom and the pursuit of happy ness is . God Bless America !!!! M A G A

  • BRIAN DUGAN says:

    Who are you people that back politicians that have there heads up a spoiled narcissistic pos. Florida did not have any problems with the 2020 election so why is the GOP changing the rules?

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