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NYC To Cancel All Trump Business Contracts



Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks at rally against GOP tax bill in front of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue-Cancel Trump Business Contracts-ss-featured

On Wednesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said they will cancel all Trump business contracts with the city. De Blasio also charged President Donald Trump with “criminal activity” and “inciting an insurrection against the United State government.” The Trump organizations’ contracts with the city will end because of Trump’s actions, which “clearly constitutes criminal activity.”

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Appearing on the MSNBC “Morning Joe” show, de Blasio said: I’m here to announce that the city of New York is severing all contacts with the Trump Organization. Our legal team has done an assessment and the contracts make very clear: if a company, the leadership of that company engage in a criminal activity we have the right to sever the contract. Inciting an insurrection — let’s be clear; I’m going to say these words again — inciting an insurrection against the United States government clearly constitutes criminal activity. So the city of New York will no longer have anything to do with the Trump Organization; they have profited from these contracts; they will profit no longer.

Four Contracts

The Trump organization’s contracts cover the operations for two ice skating rinks at Central Park, the Central Park Carousel, and the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point. The rinks, Wollman Rink, and Lasker Rink have contracts set to expire in April. De Blasio said that the Trump Organization earns around $17.9 million a year from these four contracts. 

Termination of the contract for Wollman and Lasker rinks will take effect 30 days after delivery of the notice. Meanwhile, the Carousel, which is currently closed due to the pandemic, will have 25 days to close its operation after delivery of the written notice. However, ending the contract for the Ferry Point golf course in the Bronx is not as easy as the above three. City officials expect the termination and handover to take a number of months to work out.  

Trump Vows To Fight de Blasio

The mayor expects the Trump organization to put up a fight. De Blasio said that “Of course, we know the history of the Trump Organization; they’ll likely challenge us in court, but we’re on strong legal ground. We’re very clear about that.” He added: “They have profited from these contracts. They will profit no longer.” 

In fact, the Trump Organization did announce plans to contest the pre-termination of their contacts. The company issued a statement where it said the action is “Yet another example of Mayor de Blasio’s incompetence and blatant disregard for the facts.” The Trump Organization insisted that “The City of New York has no legal right to end our contracts and if they elect to proceed they will owe The Trump Organization over $30 million. This is nothing more than political discrimination and we plan to fight it vigorously.”

Business Partners Distance Themselves from Trump

New York City’s move to cancel Trump’s business contracts is the latest in a series of moves where business partners began distancing themselves away from the President. Earlier this week, Trump’s long time lender, Deutsche Bank, announced it will no longer do business with him or his organizations. 

On Wednesday, global real estate services firm Cushman & Wakefield said it will sever its business ties with the Trump Organization. Previously, Cushman managed several offices and retail properties for the Trump Organization. This includes New York City’s Trump Tower, Trump Plaza, the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago.

Trump’s Name Will Remain in NYC

As it is, it will take more than canceled contracts to disassociate Donald Trump from New York City. Even if the city successfully cancels the organization’s contracts, removing the Trump brand name from New York City won’t happen just yet. The President will still have the Trump Tower on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue. Also, he’ll continue enjoying his ownership of the Trump International Hotel on Central Park West.

Watch the NBC New York video reporting that NYC will cancel all its contracts with the Trump Organization:

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Do you agree with New York City’s decision to cancel Trump’s business contracts? Or, do you find this as another case of trying to humiliate the President? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments below!

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  • Anonymous says:


  • David Potestio says:

    Trump and his entire family should be Hung on the White House lawn!!!!!

  • Meme says:

    De Dummy should be filed suit against him by D.Trump.

  • Aj says:

    Dp should be drawn and quartered.

  • Anonymous says:

    In no way is he responsible for the actions of others it’s a fucking joke and pure persecution from the Democrats and she contracts being canceled with Black Lives Matter what about white lives matter that would be considered racist racist are calling other people racist attempting to antagonize one group against the other we should change the name of our country to the states because it is no longer united it has not been. Sad to say that the ignorance of some or five for it divide and conquer that’s what they’re doing

  • Anonymous says:

    A knee-jerk reaction that will only end up hurting the people of new york.Allowing the contracts to end and not renew with trump will allow the people to have the use til a new operator can e found

  • Walter says:

    I do not agree but they do have the right.

  • Vicky says:

    A case of pure persecution of a legally elected President of the United States of America! Law and Order are in the sewer with the Liberal rats! God help our nation to right itself before our whole nation becomes a Third World Country, or worse, a war zone! Wake up democrats!

  • Walter J Jr baschnagel says:

    What Socialists do best.. DEATH to NYS has begun… The rest of our working class is moving the fuck out.. Kiss my ass DeBlasio, Kiss my ass Democraps !!

  • ProudMan says:

    Ditch this moron tRump! Make him leave the country to a country he’s better suited to understand and fit in, RUSSIA! Take all his pathetic, redneck, hillbilly supporters with him! The USA would benefit greatly by losing 70 million + traitors!! Hang them if not!! Pathetic losers!! Proud boys?!? More like infant traitors!

  • Angelia says:

    DeBlasio is a socialist just like all the dictating left. Yet he condones a political man on his website that strangled his wife. Trump is the best President this country has seen and in no way does he promote violence. This was a huge set up by the left and the facts are in front of all. The left is on a revenge trip because our greatest President knows they are corrupt. Truth will eventually prevail and I am confident God has his hands on President Trump.

  • Carol says:

    Now who is inciting riots! The dems have said and done what they accuse trump of doing! He said peaceful protest he didn’t say take over the White House! This is pure evil from the nyc who should be prosecuted for the roe killing of so many from the nursing home nightmare! NYC should be banned from the rest of the world!

  • MORRIS GERN says:

    When it all comes to trial, DeBlasio will have prove that Trump conspired and executed a criminal act; if he had joined the protest and was out there directing people to storm the building, they’d have something. But that did not happen, and because of DeBlasio, New York will wind up paying!
    DeBlasio’s heat of the moment declaration is just as bad, if not worse. Funny how they go after an elected President of the United States, who never took a dime for the job, and accomplished so much.

  • Richard Dotter says:

    God bless our president, he stands tall against all he lies being broadcast by the corrupt media and all the bozo democraps that are trying with all the freedoms they have to take control of this blind country that do not see oe look for any good that the MAGA leader has accomplished for the USA where were all these illegal ass wipes when an illegal African was turned loose to take over the white house with the approval of Joe, we are always looking the other way when it comes to a black fuck that has done nothing by comparison for this country, with full approval by the lying media, history should be fair and president Trump should be given the same level of reporting that they have given the democrats, open your eyes and see the truth.

  • Anita says:

    You are all crazy. But time will tell who is whom, soon. And impeachment, well you know they are just showing they are scared! Just because a person doesn’t do every thing a political candidate does, doesn’t mean they are bad. But some of you, if you were investigated🤔, I wonder how many would have bad dealings in your lives. Remember he didn’t get paid and he is a billionaire ! It’s not like he is going to hurt if you shut down, some any where! Trump will land on his feet!! God Bless Trump

  • Jim Boiling says:

    The idiotic libs are trying to say President Trump incited an insurrection of the US government because they’re trying to come up with their narrative of violation of the 14th amendment, sections 3 and 4. If they could “prove” he was involved in the preplanning of the protest and found him guilty, he wouldn’t be allowed to run again. In other words folks, they’re scared he would get elected in 2024. Just confirms the corruption of our voting system. Got news for the Demonrats and media. You shouldn’t worry about President Trump coming back because the 74 million people who voted for him are the ones you really need to be scared of. 2022 isn’t so far away and 2024 isn’t either. You reap what you sew. Hard to believe that one political party and most of the media operate solely by hate. Definitely not something patriotic Americans would do.

  • Cat JaggerPollon says:

    Bill de Blasio is a major idiot! And to you David Potestio,
    You and your family should be shot!!!! Along with Comisar Pelosi and that moron Chuckie Schumer.. I listened to Trump’s speech from beginning to end and never did he incite those idiots to attack the Capitol. There were 40,000
    People at that rally. It is estimated that 400 of them attacked the building. Some of them not even Trump supporters. This persecution has to stop.

  • Dan says:

    So now a state can cancel contracts because a whiny butt hurt politician got his feelings hurt but any company cancels a contract for any reason gets fined big time? Looks like the people of New York are about to get screwed a second time by a demonrat.

  • Shirley casale says:

    I leave it all in God’s Hands as he will obliviate the evil doings of the leftist and take them out one by one for their uncivil behavior soon !Trump and his family are innocent God’s People and the evil left will pay the price for going against the innocent and their followers AMEN!

  • Sonny McGinn says:

    The truth will come out. You can mark my word on that. Our President, best ever, Donald J Trump, is being led by God. God’s hand is on President Trump! Democrats, get ready for the fall . It’s gonna happen soon. God is gonna get vengeance. And all who had a hand in the fffight against him will pay dearly. God will get vengeance against the evil that has taken over our nation g

  • Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe people wishing death upon anyone.i pray for all our nation.

  • anthony monteleone says:

    The bottom line is if the Democrat party would have never cheated the election there would never have been a rally. So once again the Democrats and their lying and cheating behavior, they’re going to crucify somebody else for what they have done no different than the Roman empire. Our country is being run by criminals. We will soon have a president who son is a known drug attic and has ties with the communist party. And the media has been hiding it you would have to be a natural born for that to see what’s going on.

  • Anita says:

    Honestly. I’m 66 years old today. And I can honestly tell you that life it itself is hard. But if you have so many people speaking ugly about you, it hurts. But God is watching over Oir True President whom was re-elected. Too many videos of fraud, and you ignore this. If any one truly needs to be removed is you! YOU the leaders that are suppose to be for the people! This is not just your country this is the Americans country. Just because you have a warm seat now does not mean you will have it in the future. Plus you need new comers to help Americans. Because honestly you are getting paid fir a job not well done! Plus you should not get paid more than $200,000 per year! If it’s over than this you are stealing even more from Americans. You all took forever to give Americans a joke of a stimulus check! You have allowed BLM and antifa destroy peoples businesses. You allowed them to disrespect our policeman! Yes it was wrong for the March on capital hill to happen, but it’s your fault for not listening to all of the Americans. You give money to our countries but you don’t take care of your own Americans! So kick your self out too! Plus all of the thieves that were in the capital were not endanger! Policeman even opened the doors to the capital to the “ supposed rioters”! 🤔

  • Olin Conner says:

    Everyone know di Blasio Is a terrible mayor and an idiot as well. The Dems and the deep state Republicans hate him because the ‘Law and Order President” is eateng away at their liberal policies and their self gain interests. Trump has committed no crime, incited no riot, and fomented no violence. They hate him and will lie, cheat and steal to get rid of him. The impeachment by the House was a travesty. They will regret this action and pay for it …if not now in the next life.

  • George Rafiel says:

    Donald Trump has been pissing on the public ever since to suit his ego and superiority complex. It’s time rightful authorities pissed on him and that includes the US Congress, the City of New York, international banks, Facebook, Twitter and other communications channels. With monumental arrogance and hubris, peroxide Donald, like Der Feuhrer, thinks and acts like only he and maybe a few other dictators, tycoons, conquerors, thieves and world class liars have the right to survive and dominate. Fuck him!
    The US and society is letting him know he’s not God.

  • Cathy Abraham says:

    Trump built up the economy, planned to bring back companies to the USA, so there are more jobs and opportunities, get a better health care package and have the packages be competitive so as to lower costs, ETC., ETC, THE DEMOCRATS DIDN’’T WANT TO WORK WITH HIM FROM THE START!!
    Biden and Kamala, just want a SOCIALISTIC NATION where EVERYONE WILL THINK THE SAME NO MATTER WHAT, or you’re Canceled!!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m no fan of Trump, but lawsuits is his way of business. Don’t renew the contracts

  • LA says:

    YOU all should be ashamed of yourselves… I bet you spent the stimulus checks he mailed you and didn’t think TWICE… I hope all you assholes LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY IN YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS when JOE the dipshit and his monkey band arrive in the WHITE HOUSE….
    Everyone hates TRUMP because he speaks the TRUTH…. He tells US.. what THEY DON”T WANT US TO KNOW…

  • Dick G. says:

    Finally, someone at the FBI got a brain! Just heard on Newsmax that FBI said it looked like it could have been a planned Attack on the Capital building. It was planned and lead by the lefts Socialist Controllers using their favorite Antifa & BLM as the instigators.

  • Full Metal Jacket says:

    President DJT should take his business elsewhere. Let NY fester in it’s own waste. I’ve have new neighbors (plural) that just moved here in the last 4 months, saying the “Exodus” has already begun. NY is no longer a state to do business in. It will get worse.

  • Savageone says:

    De Blasio should be recalled and arrested for marrying such a short, ugly fat, black,lesbian who can’t dance and for spawning such, ugly mutts. He is a disgrace to his race.

  • Reality says:

    To bad Trump is going out like he is.Trump means the highiest suit in playing cards but to me he lost. His speeches in the beginning told everything about him he does not respect women, mixed cultural and even though there were more jobs prices went high sky in living cost. Time for him to go.

  • Edd says:

    Where the Hell is The 850 million His Wife Obviously Stole!!Where’s The FBI Investigation into That Matter???

  • Ruth Murray says:

    I hate all the hatred and awful language….but understand that people’s rights have been trampled on and it enrages them.
    Let’s face the facts! Those of us who voted for Trump believed he was the best candidate….because he wasn’t a borrowed in politician, he was a citizen who loves America, and a businessman with intelligence
    to lead. We have seen how the democrat party has change over the years to one trying to destroy the constitution we value. They do not believe in the rule of law, nor do they speak truth, but lies continually. How can any American who loves our country not see the lust for power and greed that infest them. I’m not saying all of them are like that as there are a few who seem embarrassed by the parties actions. However it would seem that they would fight harder to change the parties desire and push for socialism, or resign from it.
    Even in the republican party there are those of the same lack of insight and controlled by the desire of greed. All those elected to office are to be working for the citizens good, not pushing against it.
    I support President Trump, though I haven’t been a fan of how he presented some things, I take into consideration that his blustery is a part of his fight back, never politically correct personality, and respect that now. He has kept his promises, has told the truth, has not mislead us, and I’m thankful for that.
    He’s fought for America as no other has, God bless him.
    I pray that he will be vindicated in everything. That it will eventually be proven without any doubt that the election was stolen by fraudulent means. That he will will not bear the burden of the slander, underhanded plans to make him unfit to perform the duties that in fact he was excellent in succeeding in such a diligent manner.
    I pray that people who voted for him will remain in safety and continue to believe in and support him. I pray that the Democratic party will wake up and begin to do what the democratic citizens voted them in to do, as well as those citizens to realize their error in their vote.
    Wisdom is a great thing to have, without such you are destined to live life repeating your mistakes.
    Our errors in judgement doesn’t just harm us, it harms others also.
    May God, our creator, our saviour, our hope for eternity, set things right.
    May he reveal all evil, and let truth be to all. May this havoc we are seeing just be the beginning of the time of Christ’s, return. that freedom will not end. Amen. May we all be enlightened to know the truth, that God has a plan and he will always have victory over evil.

  • Heartbroken says:

    I wake up every morning and realize how sad that my grandchildren will not grow up in the same United States that I did. No I am not a white male I am a child of Mexican immigrant parents that worked really hard to legally immigrate. I wake up on a country that looks more and more like a third world where men are guilty before being tried, elections are rigged and elected officials squander millions of dollars on useless things such as they are about to do by attempting to impeach the president again. It is very disheartening.

  • JR says:

    If anything should be cancelled it’s DeAsseo and take his bro Cumo with him.

  • Jack Goodchild says:

    This is just one more obvious display of the lefts radical intolerance of anyone or anything that would dare to come against their socialistic, communistic, un-American progressive agenda. They are doing the very things they accuse our President of doing. And they are coming against the majority of Americans that voted for President Trump because he stands for our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. They are systematically taking away our basic freedoms. Corruption is running rampant in all forms of our governing bodies. They have taken away our most basic right as “we the people” of having FAIR elections. Even with proof to the contrary they continue their evil agenda to fundamentally transform America into a socialistic, communistic evil form of government. The obvious un-Constitutional censorship going on is and should be totally unacceptable in our “free Nation.“ Our First Amendment rights are being stripped away. We must make America one Nation under God again and make America great again, following our Founding Fathers and our Godly heritage, adhering to the the laws of our land under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

  • Mario Williams says:

    It’s the proper thing do because if a person is selling drugs they loose all their property and profits. So if he commit a crime he should loose everything too his white privilege

  • Nu says:

    He has to go, not Trump. He has been a disaster since Trump took office. Replace all democrats in NY and CA too

  • wolf says:

    I’m canceling all my contracts with NYC and urge others to do the same. Everything the two bozo’s, Cuomo and DeBlasio has done nothing but hurt New Yorkers and their families.

  • Pb says:

    I am not turning my back on President Trump. I know this election was rigged and I am against the government taking a stand this way. I am at awe with NYC even thinking like this but apparently you are like the government you do not want true judgement.

  • Steve B says:

    No there is no reason to do this, but like all Crooked Democraps, De Blasio is just a pathological liar and a disgusting S O B!

  • AMERICAN says:

    I hope OUR PRESIDENT (THE REAL ONE DJT) will sue the state of NY for all the slander and lies they have laid on him. Just like HER HIGNass PELOSI, they moved against the president without all the facts. I hope and pray all you dumbocrtats live long enough to realize how big the crooks are in the Demo. party.As the russians once said “THEY WILL NEVER HAVE TO ATTACK AMERICA, BECAUSE WE WILL DESTROY OURSELVES FROM WITHIN” a very true statement.

  • Richard J Schafer says:

    I love all you idiots who live in NYC and hate Trump. Deblasio released criminals back on the streets only to be arrested again for more crimes. NYC is full of snow flakes. 200,000 people have moved out because of Deblasio and Cuomo’s handleing of the Carona Virus. Build a wall around NYC and fill it with water. Drown all the rats.

  • none of your business says:

    With all the comments about Trump being a fascist and dictator, who are the ones ignoring the 1st amendment by censoring any source of political opposition? Who wants to see the President either dead or in jail? Who wants to round up all his supporters and make them pay? These are the things that dictators do when they gain power. They persecute their opponents, jail them and/or execute them. Who really are the dictators now?

    Trump never arrested anyone for what they said about him. He used every legal means to challenge the election based on many reports of election fraud. He called for peaceful demonstrations. He never used the US army to round up BLM or Antifa members. He allowed the congress to impeach him instead of arresting them and either jailing them or executing them. Hillary is still free despite serious criminal behavior violating national security. Those are the things dictators do. If he’s a fascist and a dictator, he’s a damn lousy one.

  • rick says:

    If any good comes out of impeaching trump, I hope he gets the maximum sentence for what he did. I say 20 years in federal prison would be about right for all the chit he did and the beauty of it all is that he will wind up penniless. He looked for what he will get. he looked for it and now he will get his dividend. all trump followers cant think for themselves, trump manipulates you people like a puppet. freedom is working for the people and not against them. I could not in all honesty say, “God bless American and still be lying thru my teeth. God bless myself because the said that himself that he was better than god.

  • DD says:

    I think he should he should be criminally charged for his conduct for the last four years, and I totally understand New York’s decision. This person feels he can do and say anything he wants and that for him there are no consequences. I don’t know what world he lives in, but I believe he is about to find out what it is like to live in the real world like the rest of us. Someone should have told him years ago, that what goes around, comes around. He is getting exactly what he deserves. Wanna be dictators do not belong in the White House or this country. It will be nice to not turn on the tv and seeing someone who opens his mouth and you know he is going to lie.

  • Lois Franchino says:

    De Blasio is a joke. So is Cuomo. Stupid demobraps being what they are ..

  • masterredfox says:

    My impression when I heard this, was there goes all the work done to upgrade and make these site usable for people all for the pure “pleasure of TDS no-it -alls”. And the city (DeBlasio) won’t be able to blame anyone but themselves when this happens. This is just another outing of their nose mistake just to satisfy their TDS. The contract at the rinks was for concession space, no big loss. He owns the building and the hotel and it will be the city’s loss if he sells them to anyone. The golf course contract is complicated and would irritate the golfers who use that course if dropped because it involves maintenance which the city has poor ability to do. When Trump took over the contract at the Ferry Point Golf course, he made improvements that had been neglected by does the TDS care no. And there goes one of the positive attractions for Central Park, the Carousel. But DeBlasio, has done his payback and shown how much he really cares for the city of New York once again. After all, he got his macho. Don’t worry, the next mayor will have to deal with these things.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is unbelievable that we have come to this in our country. Donald Trump did NOT incite a riot and it is ridiculous that people feel he did!! If Net York cancels their contracts it will be New York that suffers, NOT Donald Trump!

  • Carey says:

    Stupid Mayor NY is losing $$$ by the day you really are a MORON! Trump will just move his businesses to FL where taxes are so much CHEAPER & he’ll employ more people & you will be in the known but I sure you are the BIGGEST LOSER!

  • Bobby Jean says:


  • Amy Pederson says:

    This is a pathetic attempt by a pathetic man to get his name in for the democratic regime. They all disgust me. Hypocrites! Trying to pin THEIR Anti-American, raciest, violence and riot inciting on America’s President. HE KNOWS JUST HOW CURUPT THEY ALL ARE and HE IS NOT AFRAID OF THEM which makes them very afraid. Their time is soon coming to an end and I will sit back and laugh my ass off when they fall.

  • Sarge says:

    May Trump woof ass in NY.

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