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DeSantis Proven Right On Lack of Evidence for Masks On Children



DeSantis Proven Right On Lack of Evidence for Masks On Children-ss-Featured

The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention recently published a study, revealing that no scientific rationale exists for forcing schoolchildren to wear masks. Its release simultaneously vindicates Republican Gov. Ron Desantis of Florida, who has always been vocal about his opposition to the policy because of its lack of science-based evidence.

Actions of Gov. DeSantis Proven to Be Backed By Science

Analyzing over 90,000 elementary school students from 169 schools in Georgia, from Nov. 16 to Dec. 11, 2020, the research found out that schools with mask mandates for students did “was not statistically significant” compared to those with optional mask policies. Per the CDC, this may be due to masks having higher effectiveness among adults, who are under a higher risk of being infected by COVID-19. Alternatively, it may also be due to the differences in behavior among kids in schools with optional requirements when it comes to mask-wearing.

Additionally, New York Magazine noted that kids are less likely to experience a severe bout with COVID-19, and if they do get infected, they would more likely be asymptomatic. This then leads to lower contagiousness. These facts, by themselves, may partly account as to why the study in Georgia did not find a significant and clear benefit for mask mandates among kids in schools.

The findings of the agency’s study also provide credence to the actions DeSantis has decided to take. The Florida governor has come under attack by the Biden administration for relying on science in making COVID-19 policies for schoolchildren. After DeSantis signed an executive order in July, which prohibits mask mandates in Florida schools, President Joe Biden announced in a press event that he gave Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to use “all of his oversight authorities and legal actions, if appropriate, against governors who are trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators” from enforcing mask requirements.

Following this, the education secretary echoed Biden’s sentiments. He said Florida was “needlessly placing students, families, and educators at risk.”

Responding to the scrutiny, the Florida governor slammed the White House for its obsession in using its power as a federal governing body to force children to wear masks.

DeSantis said, “I mean, you’ve got to wonder, where are your priorities that you’re so obsessed with this issue and so obsessed with taking away parents’ rights?”

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  • olcoach09 says:

    Gov. Abbott of Texas is also under fire for the same reason. The liberal mayors of Texas’ major cities and liberal superintendents are growling about his telling cities and schools across the state to not mandate masks. There has been some Covid infection across the state but not anything as significant as Biden’s Administration is saying. The odd thing about this from the White House is why the Biden Administration is so concerned about Covid in schools, yet he is allowing thousands of illegal immigrants who have not been tested and who have the Covid virus to enter out country, while at the same time, he is instructing his goons to bus them to many of the southern states. More of the lefts hypocrisy and power mongering!

  • Elaine says:

    Biden administration is obviously bigots. They set up Covid testing and vax and people to help Afghan refugees complete paperwork for asylum in US at Dulles airport. So as they land in US they get all kinds of help. Yet the border crossings did not receive any of that. No organized welcome to US for Them. Instead only increased danger from smugglers, disease and abuse.
    Afghan refugees are better than any Latino immigrants according to the actions of the Democratic rulers. That’s what I call prejudiced!!!

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