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Chicago Cops Turn Back on Mayor After 2 Officers Shot



The back of a Chicago police officer controlling the crowd at a rally downtown in Chicago | Chicago Cops Turn Back on Mayor After 2 Officers Shot | featured

About 30 Chicago cops reportedly showed their displeasure at the current peace and order security in Chicago. During Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s hospital visit to a wounded officer, fellow Chicago cops turned their backs on her when she greeted them. 

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Chicago Cops Snub Mayor During Hospital Visit

Last Saturday, Police Officer Ella French died in the line of duty when two suspects shot and killed her during a traffic stop. French's partner, an unnamed police officer, also received gunshot wounds.

The wounded officer received emergency treatment but remains in critical condition. Mayor Lightfoot was visiting the wounded officer when the snub happened.

When she arrived at the 7th floor where the officer was staying, about 30 officers turned their backs to her when she approached them. According to an anonymous source, “It looked like it had been choreographed.”

The officer’s father is a retired Chicago cop. Sources said that the father also wanted nothing to do with Lightfoot’s visit. As a result, the mayor received an earful when she tried to console the family. In her defense, Lightfoot remained calm and attentive while he blamed her for what happened.

Mayor Expected Emotions To Run High

After the incident, the office of Mayor Lightfoot issued a statement. ”In a time of tragedy, emotions run high and that is to be expected,” the statement said. “The Mayor spoke to a range of officers that tragic night and sensed the overwhelming sentiment was about concern for their fallen colleagues.

As the Mayor stated yesterday, now is not the time for divisive and toxic rhetoric or reporting. This is a time for us to come together as a city. We have a common enemy and it is the conditions that breed the violence and the manifestations of violence, namely illegal guns, and gangs.

The Mayor is focused on healing the wounds and will reject any and all that try to use this moment to drive further divisions in our city,” the statement continued. 

Violent Weekend In Chicago

The weekend proved a violent one for Chicago. A spate of shootings left 13 people dead and 73 injured. Between Friday and Sunday, Chicago Police registered 54 shooting incidents.

Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown said that French, her partner, and another officer approached a vehicle with three occupants during a traffic stop in West Englewood on Saturday.

Gunshots ensued which killed French and seriously wounded his partner. During the ensuing chaos, one of the Morgan brothers got hit by gunfire. The cops brought the suspect to Christ Hospital in stable condition. Both brothers will appear in court Tuesday.

Three suspects are currently in police custody, including two brothers. Emonte Morgan, 21, received charges of first-degree murder of a peace officer and attempted first-degree murder of a peace officer (two counts).

He also received charges of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. His brother Eric Morgan, 22, received charges of aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, and obstruction of justice.

Eric was the one driving the vehicle. Meanwhile, the third passenger, a female, did not receive any charges owing to a lack of evidence. 

Lightfoot declared a Day of Mourning

Last Sunday, Lightfoot declared Sunday a day of mourning. She called for all flags to be flown at half-staff. The mayor is a known police reformer who is often at odds with senior Chicago police leadership, including the police union.

She also called on her critics to “just stop” making the issue about her treatment of the police. “There are some who say we do not do enough for the police and that we are handcuffing them from doing their jobs.

There are others who say we do too much for the police and that we never hold them accountable for what they do, particularly in Black and brown neighborhoods,” she said.  

“All of this, I say, stop. Just stop. This constant strife is not what we need at this moment. Of course, we have to continue the journey to achieve constitutional and accountable policing. That cannot be in a debate at this point,” she added.

The Chicago mayor called on residents to “say thank you” when they see Chicago cops in public. “We owe them a debt of gratitude that we will never truly be able to truly repay,” she said.

Watch the Fox News video reporting that the Fraternal Order of Police president said that Chicago cops right to turn their backs on Chicago mayor:

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Do you agree with the actions taken by senior Chicago cops when they turned their backs on the mayor? Do you think this is the correct way to call the mayor’s attention?

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  • BBA says:

    Welcome to “Woke America” where stupid voters elect total idiots into power just because they are gay, BLM, Marxist, Anti gun, ANTIFA, crossdressers or whatever anti-Christian/American phobia they may be. To hell with smart policies or a moral compass on what is good for the people, it’s all about how much they hate American values that get them elected. Lightfoot is a complete moron and everyone knows it but she continues to lead Chicago down a really bad path and the Police who try their best to keep order in that shithole are paying the price with their lives!

  • Homeofthebrave says:

    Being “woke” means other people will not wake again.

  • The professor says:

    The National Guard needs to be called in …. and martial law needs to be declared curfews have to be improvised … House to house searches need to be done to get these illegal weapons off the street and these criminals in prison … The justice system is not working felons are being released and they go back to getting illegal guns … I belong to the NRA and this is such a hypocrisy at the city of Chicago the police need help they need peoples help but no the government won’t let them do their jobs ….Chicago is in big trouble

  • canes58 says:

    She’s lucky they weren’t carrying signs condemning her and her party after a year of looting and burning!

  • Richard Michel says:

    Thanks BBA I couldn’t have said it better myself. You can’t fix stupid, and with the idiot politicians that are in office running the country!!!! We are in deep doo-doo. The America that we once new will never be again. Socialism and communism here we come. We will bury ourselves from within.

  • Sport says:

    Why is it when we vote in a poll lately you tell us we have already voted?

  • Retired4ever says:

    Ms Lightshoes won’t be mayor for long. Although CPD has been under the gun since the time of Elliot Ness the majority are honest hard working men & women who do the best they can, especially with people like Lightshoes in charge of the City; I’m sure she fits the profile of those that preceded her. CPD, like all law enforcement needs the support of the community including those elected officials who don’t know what they are doing. She (lightshoes) didn’t pull the trigger but she certainly makes it easier for those that do.

  • Thomas Hyde says:

    Lightfoot is as much a criminal as the scum who shot the police officers. I want to know why she has not been removed from her office!!! She’s a pig and a racist and hates anyone who tries to do the right thing. Her garbage mouth brought this on the police in Chicago, and I for one will never visit Chicago again as long as she has anything to do with the government there. What a shame, Chicago was one of my favorite places to visit when I lived in Indiana.

  • Mike says:

    I put this worthless mayor right up there with ted wheeler of Portland Oregon! They both fundamentally ate worthless at their jobs. She is in that Postion by the same means and is a prime example of Critical race theory that the woke is trying to be cramed down the throats of are children in public schools! You get your place in the world by hard work, not by the color of your skin and your sexually. She has done nothing for Chicago but put herself behind a mic and tear down a state she promised to serve and protect!

  • Robert powell says:

    to. be a democrat political hero, one must totally ignore common sense and adhere to the socialist norm”divert as much money as you can to the communist front, blame all screw-ups on the working stiffs like the cops, the garbage men ,anybody that actually works for a living” that will make you look good to the most important people the news media, that way their lies and your actions do not cross feed.

  • James says:

    There is no greater evidence to prove that there is systemic racism,throughout the country than the continuing election of unqualified black mayors,in all majority black populated cities.Until the black voters change their racist biases,nothing will change.Yes the country is systemically racist,but is not the white population,that is racist.

  • Pam Richard says:

    She deserves worse than that. The voters in Chicago need to get rid of her, impeach her just get her out of office!!!
    She’s a disgrace!!

  • Bill Edawards says:

    My name is William Edwards. a former 25 year resident of Chicago. Mayor Lightfoot is doing a very sloppy job as the a as the Mayor. What happened during the week end of August 8th and 9th is very sad.and Traject. The Mayor had no control of The city of Chicagoland. if the police are disrespected than there is no semblance of Order The Electora Should vote her out of Office. Than elect a Mayor like Mayor Daley Sr and Jr. The Obama administration was little to no. Help . What will it take to restore once and for all restore order. Perhaps it’s time for The White Anglo Saxan and Latino populace to March on the Mayor’s office. During the Obama administration there was a Total of over 9,000 Shootings reported many were not race related Black on Black to have control of neighborhood gun sling gangs when The Mayor was asked not to pay a visit to the Hospital where police Officers were shot she ignored the request of the Police Department. That is exactly why the officers turned their backs on her..she lacks the the Intestial fortitude. Pretty soon the citizens may take it upon themselves to stand up and be heard. I live in the vicinity of FORT Lauderdale, Florida both the BROWARD shrift and a Commissioner Dale Holnes Who is seek election to replace the late Alciee Hastings US Senitor. Are African merican Men. Here is the Serenity Prayer ” Grant me the Serenity to accept the Things I can not change.The courage to change I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”let’s work to together to change for a more positive outcome. I am ashamed to tell people where I was raised up through Attending Charles Alen Prosser Vocational High School. Mayor Lightfoot shame on you!!.

  • Ron D. Davis says:

    Yet another sad tragedy due to the “woke” shitheads that hate police n peace,, thank the BurnLootMurder Marxist “thank you for paying for my new house” shittatds,, n thank the DemonicRats for Turturro intimate wisdom for listening to these haters of America,,
    I am with the police on this one n all of them,, she n her leftist cronies are responsible for this,, SHE SHOULD STEP DOWN! She’s a disgrace to human beings n to these brave police officers for trying to protect her crime riddled town,,
    My prayers are with these officers families,, God Bless them n God bless America

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