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China says if US backs Taiwan there will be Consequences



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The foreign minister of China gave the US a warning that the latter will pay an “unbearable price” for supporting Taiwan.

On Thursday, Wang Yi appeared in an interview with state media. He made an accusation that Washington is “encouraging ‘Taiwan independence forces” in a way that both places Taiwan in a very dangerous situation and exposes the US to an “unbearable price.”

Following Chiang Kai-shek’s defeated government’s escape, after Mao Zedong’s Communists took over China in 1949, Taiwan has been a nation that is self-ruling.

To date, Beijing still considers the island as a part of its territory. It has repeatedly pushed for reunification between the two nations.

The US, however, doesn’t have a formal diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. It acknowledges, yet it doesn’t recognize, that the said nation is a part of China.

In the last few months, Beijing increased the pressure it’s giving Taiwan. In November alone, it sent 27 warplanes to fly into Taiwan’s airspace.

“Taiwan has no other way forward other than reunification with the mainland,” Wang​ insisted.

Wang’s comments come a day following the release of a warning made by a spokesman for Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Office, which said: “If separatist forces in Taiwan seeking independence provoke, exert force or even break through any red line, we will have to take drastic measures.”

The said spokesman, Ma​ Xiaoguang, did not explain further what those “drastic measures” would be or what he meant by “red line.”

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