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Chris Matthews Is The Ultimate Troll For Hillary



The above video shows just how much of a disgusting little man Chris Matthews really is.

He evidently took offence at Patricia Smith, grieving mother Sean Smith who was slain in Benghazi, giving a speech that blamed Hillary for her the death of four Americans.

Chris Mathews said, “To pile onto that this gross accusation that somehow Hillary Clinton had anything to do with the death of Chris Steven, Ambassador… She had nothing to do with it.

I don't understand why Republicans would choose to put this on primetime when they had such wonderful stories of American heroism. I think it was wrong. I don't care what that woman up there, that mother has felt, her emotions are her own, but for the country in choosing a leader it's wrong to have someone stand up there and tell a lie about Hillary Clinton…

Anybody who thinks about it knows it's not true and I think they ruined their evening with this.”

That statement should piss you off. Patricia Smith's emotions are not “her own” they are shared by this whole nation who still grieve from the wrongful deaths of these fine Americans and I for one think Chris Matthews needs to be fired over this.

Here is the video of Patricia Smith giving her speech. Watch it and let us know where you stand.

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  • CompletelyOutsane says:

    This little cream puff proglibtard, Chrissy, had no problem joining the parade Cindy Sheehan put on after her son was killed in battle; a role he volunteered for, I might add. The leftists all stuck their collective hand up her backside and puppeteered her around the talking head circuit like she had something important to say.
    This poor lady, who lost her son is wrong in telling her story according to proglibtards, siimply because she is against Hellary and the demoncraps.

  • John Vaglica says:

    You disgusting old man. This lady lost her son because they pulled away their security. Her son called his mother and told he that he was going to die and you have the balls to call her a liar. You stupid SOB.You and crooked Hillary both belong on hell.

  • used to be a liberal says:

    Prissy Chrissy, the ultimate troll fairy.

  • Dawn says:

    This is so disgusting as what he said on the video. It was Hitler’s
    job to keep all informed and then the stand down remark.
    HItlar will be judged by GOD.How dare this nincompoop say the
    things he said. He is old and needs to just go away, Just horrible person.

  • Floyd says:

    Chris Matthews is a known left wing zealot and despite overwhelming evidence against HRC, he refuses to accept reality.

  • B Henry says:

    because she knew weeks in advance as they called for back-up and she sent NONE,she was the secretary of defense,SHE KNEW! I am for truth and justice and her 30,000 erased e-mails proved it,as a woman,mother,grandmother, I will NEVER vote for Hillary

  • diane carroll says:

    MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post, can all climb into her sandy vagina and stay there….

  • John Kight says:

    Hillary and the whole bunch are crooked
    liars and what to destroy our country .
    They want to turn us into a totally controlled
    welfare state . The media is on board with
    their plan to turn us into a third world country .

  • Me says:

    He’d eat her A–hole out if she’d let him!

  • P stransk says:

    Matthews has real psychological issues with his Catholic upbringing. So he takes the position that Hillary had nothing to do with the deeath of Sean Smith and the 3 other great americans. Really, chris, how about the fact that at least a month before their death , the ambassador had been requesting more security fro what difference does it make Hillary. Well it will make a damn difference if Isis can get a hold of Chelsea Clinton and hold her as a hostage. What about lying to the families about their deaths being caused by a video. Wake up Matthews, this was 7 weeks before the 2012 election of Obama and it was a plot not to let the American public know how Clinton and Obama had screwed up in Libya. Hey Mathews, go see a shrink about your negativity toward your catholic upbringing.

  • JJM says:

    He names heroes but totally avoids adding Sean to his list. And the POS goes on to accuse the mom of lying about a PROVEN LIER?

  • marilyn miller says:

    doesn,t her whole career tell you she is a serial liar. look at the mess in the middle east since the worst Sec. of state left office. do you want her to do this to thecountry

  • Terry says:

    What an empty airbag. Good Grief!!

  • marie gilmore says:

    The disgusting/disrespectful republicans used and EXPLOITED this “grieving” mother for their OWN political(foul) purposes. TYPICAL republican baloney. Drag out the morality and shape it to suit them DISGUSTING

  • marie gilmore says:

    The disgusting/disrespectful republicans used and EXPLOITED this “grieving” mother for their OWN political(foul) purposes. TYPICAL republican baloney. Drag out the morality and shape it to suit them DISGUSTING

  • Raymond says:

    It is so obvious it is sickening socialist media should lose the right to be journalist

  • Luke Serio says:

    I agree that Chris Matthews is a Hillary Butt Kissing pile of worthless garbage and needs to be thrown out and Hillary need to be put in jail for life

  • DIANA says:

    I truly believe she would protect us like she did our ambassador of Benzai, that scares the Hell out of me.

  • connie says:

    Hilary did not perform her duty as secretary of state. She allowed the Ambassador to be a sitting duck and lied that the video was the cause. Shame on her!!!!

  • Name says:

    VChiChris is the ultimate a- hoe. Worse
    now than when his leg was tingling .

  • Curt says:

    Chris Matthews is one of the most disgusting journalists still in business. His questions and comments are always biased in favor of socialistic BS with the goal of trying to make conservative values unacceptable to the public. Unfortunately, journalists are not required to be educated, nor are they required to be licensed for ethics and integrity. As they continue to attack the constitution, they will soon learn that they are also losing the 1st Amendment. Gray matter lacking reporters like Matthews will soon learn how critical the 2nd Amendment is to the protection of his occupation.

  • Ron Kellner says:

    She lied and knew in real time what was happening and would not give the ok for help. She needs to be tried for her dearalict of duty.
    Why would the soldier lie about what happened. Why did Hillary not give the support that was requested? Did she want the Ambassador killed?

  • Rick Wride says:

    I wasn’t that surprised that Chris Mathews said what he did about Hillary Clinton not being to blame for the four deaths of American CIA Operatives and our Ambassador Chris Stevens.
    She is to blame for all of it, because it is the job of the Secretary of State to send more security forces when requested by any and all ambassadors of the United States. Hillary Clinton was derelict of her duty to not send more security personnel and ammunition for protecting the embassy compound. She took no action on Chris Stevens 3-4 requests for increased security forces or US Marines fully armed and ready to protect our people there in Benghazi. She has tried to lie her way out of being the responsible person. She can’t be our President because that be rewarding her for her negative behavior in the Benghazi Operation. NO WAY, how can she get out of this, and how can the President get out of this. They both are to blame really.

  • It is the job of the President to know what is going on or not going on in every department under his leadership. Obviously, he just walked off and golfing somewhere and Hillary didn’t even brief the President on Ambassador Chris Stevens requests for more troops or CIA Operatives and to assigned to Benghazi – US Embassy. This lack of follow through by Clinton and the President could been learned if they had served in the military. The Military teaches everyone there to be responsible for your actions and keep your soldiers and their officers informed at all times in Garrison and in the Battlefield.. Chris Stevens was really in the Battlefield of his assignment. He, did follow through by requesting more CIA security forces, or US Marines enough to where a new Security Schedule could have been set up with four shifts of security soldiers set up in every 24 hour period. It would have shown strength and resolve by the US Embassy representatives that they meant business and were serious about establishing a strong relationship with Libyans. Peace through strength always wins the day. The Secretary of State and the President are both to blame in the Benghazi Operation for derelict of duty.

  • Rick says:

    Listen, if you had a boss that didn’t listen to your life and death warnings of an eminent attack on your US Embassy who would be in the blame for not taking corrective action and sending more security forces to protect your Ambassador and his personnel? The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was Chris Steven’s Boss. She is derelict of duty to not follow through and send enough forces to fully protect our US Embassy there in Benghazi. She is guilty of letting her State Department personnel die by not taking decisive action on increasing CIA Operatives or increasing US Marines embassy compound protection with a company of four platoons at least.

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