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Climate Activist Group Dump Cow Poop At White House Grounds



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Climate activists, fed up with President Joe Biden’s climate plan, dumped cow manure in front of the White House lawn. The message was clear: They’re tired of Biden’s bullsh–. Hopefully, this will make the President wake up and smell the surroundings. 

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Extinction Rebellion

A group named Extinction Rebellion conducted the demonstration last Thursday. The group pushes for  “non-violent direct action and civil disobedience” to pressure the government to “act justly” when it comes to issues on climate and the environment.

Right now, Biden committed to cut US fossil fuel emissions up to 52% by 2030. This pledge, which is similar to pledges from allies, will officially launch Thursday of an all-virtual climate summit.

The summit comes with a pledge to cut at least in half the coal and petroleum fumes from the US. In addition, the country hopes that China and other big polluters will speed up efforts of their own. 

The climate activists’ demonstration took place as Biden held a virtual climate summit where he and Vice President Kamala Harris hosted world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

This group, consisting of 40 world leaders, marked a return by the US to global climate efforts. During former President Donald Trump’s administration, the US withdrew from global climate initiatives. 

Biden’s 2030 Plan = Mass Death

Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Reilly Polka issued a statement on behalf of the group. “Net-zero by 2030 and others not in [Biden’s] term of office scams are far too little, far too late.

Biden is punting the crisis to future generations with targets that rely on unproven technologies sucking carbon out of the atmosphere.

This is a massive gamble to take when the well-being of the human species and the richness of life on earth are at stake. If he cared he'd set targets that expire while he's still in office. We can't keep waiting, we need change now,” he said. 

In addition, the climate activists held banners that read, “DECLARE A CLIMATE EMERGENCY NOW” and “BIDEN'S 2030 PLAN = MASS DEATH.”

Members said they want to bring attention to “Biden's Bullsh–” Climate Plan. Specifically, they want Biden to declare a climate and ecological emergency under the National Emergencies Act and set a net-zero emissions target of 2025. 

Cow Dung Dumped Near The White House

During the demonstration, the chants of “Bullsh–” and “No more climate crisis” echoed in the streets as the climate activists marched on. The protesters carried wheelbarrows full of dung. When they reached the front of the White House, the group unloaded their cargo.

The group called for Biden to declare a climate and ecological emergency. In addition, they want the president to set up a citizens' assembly to determine how to achieve a net-zero emissions target of 2025.

Until that happens, they vowed to “continue to escalate acts of nonviolent civil disobedience against a criminal government that is failing its duty of care to its people.”

Watch the Buzz News video featuring Activists dump ‘bulls—‘ at White House ahead of Biden climate summit:

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  • JJ Johnson says:


    A yard full of little Biden’s and Harris’s 🖕🏼

  • Scott says:

    You ad all Democrates to the poop, it would make good fertilizer.

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