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CNN Poll Shows Nosedive in Biden Approval Rating



CNN Poll Shows Nosedive in Biden Approval Rating -ss-Featured

According to a new CNN poll, the approval ratings of President Joe Biden have taken a nosedive, and it seems to be going down quickly.

In an article by Chris Cillizza, the writer analyzes how much the president’s approval ratings have taken a plunge, and it’s something the Democratic Party should be wary of.

According to the CNN poll, only 31% of Iowa residents stand by the way the president is handling his role as the U.S. president, as opposed to 62% who disapprove. His disapproval rating has now gone to its lowest ever point, as measured by J. Ann Selzer. Compared to Biden, Trump had a 35% approval rating while Obama had 36%.

Selzer spoke to the Des Moines Register, mentioning that the poll was a bad one for the president and that the same goes for everything that he tries to do.

The president’s approval rating for pulling out U.S. troops from Afghanistan is at 22%. On the other hand, the way he handles the COVID-19 pandemic garnered a 36% rating among residents of Iowa.

Given these numbers, many consider the poll as a bright red alarm for Biden and the Democratic Party members – both in the state and elsewhere – who plan to run in the 2022 midterm elections.

The poll in Iowa is not the only recent survey that shows Biden’s ratings plunging. In early September, the NY Post reported about polls showing how the swing states where Biden won in 2020 have all started to dislike him.

In critical swing states, more residents do not approve of the president’s performance while his administration tries to get up from the chaotic military pullout from Afghanistan and the resurgence of COVID-19 cases nationwide.

In Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Pennsylvania, his approval ratings have lagged behind his disapproval ratings by at least 10 points, according to a Civiqs survey.

Back in the 2020 election, Biden came out victorious in Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania in narrow margins. Meanwhile, Trump won in the other three states with slightly higher margins.

Apart from his job approval erosion swiftly, the generic ballot advantage of Democrat hopefuls has started to go down to and it is now at +4, per a YouGov poll. This number is not usually enough to help the said party get things done. What’s more, is that the campaign for vaccination has also started to alienate minority voters from the Democratic Party.

Given the circumstances, the year 2022 is on track to become a difficult year for the Democrats.

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