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Colder Weather Becomes a Threat to U.S. Restaurants Amid Pandemic

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Colder Weather Becomes a Threat to U.S. Restaurants Amid Pandemic

The cold weather is starting to become a threat to restaurants in the United States. This happens as state and local governments continue to limit indoor dining during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Fox Business, restaurant owners around the U.S. are arming themselves with heaters. They are also preparing to construct tents to extend outdoor dining.

“Two of our patios are covered and heated, but when it’s brutally cold, the heaters don’t do any good,” said Franco Pisani, owner of Paravicini’s Italian Bistro and Ristorante Di Sopra in Colorado.

While Pisani has come prepared with heaters and covers for two of his three outdoor patios, he says people will not have an option come November. He will have to close off the space to rely on indoor dining completely.

Many Establishments Affected

Speaking of closing, Fox 6 Milwaukee reported that the Wisconsin Restaurant Association “predicts 30% of Wisconsin’s restaurant industry could close their doors for good this winter.”

According to the association, there are a few imminent factors for restaurant owners. These include colder weather, a decline in holiday dining, and future actions of Congress.

“A lot of these restaurants are in the red,” said Kristine Hillmer, president and CEO of the Wisconsin Restaurant Association.

Hillmer said that social distancing remains to be a major requirement for restaurants. This rings true, especially for those that hope to have their dining areas open.

“It’s safe to go out, to go out to eat – that is going to be the biggest hurdle is that confidence. That people can go out have a wonderful dinner and be safe,” said Hillmer. “It’s not just that you can fill up every table and have it like it was before. It means you have to space tables out, you need to have gaps between groups at the bar.”

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