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COVID-19 Death Counts Up For Debate Yet Again



Portrait of Elderly Senior Citizen Wearing Face Mask Looking Through Room Window | COVID-19 Death Counts Up For Debate Yet Again | Featured

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic in March, there have been more questions than answers:

  • How are Covid deaths being counted?
  • Why are those methods and numbers changing?
  • Why was someone who died in a motorcycle crash marked as a Covid death?
  • Are social distancing and closing the economy really working to slow the spread of Covid?
  • Is Covid really that dangerous to the average person?
  • Why are people who never took a Covid test receiving positive results?
  • Why are people who tested positive being confined to their homes by electronic monitors?
  • Why do hospitals receive so much additional funding for each Covid death certificate?

Especially in an election year and in the midst of an incredibly strong economy, critical thinkers have been asking if Covid death counts are being inflated to justify the extreme measures taken to “slow the spread” of the mysterious virus.

Tanking the economy, closing schools, forcing masking and social distancing on people of all ages, and causing untold economic, physical, and mental despair on the American people is a tall order – but if it’s in the name of the “greater good,” most people seem happy to comply.

But now, the CDC has updated its numbers in a way that suggests Covid is exactly what many “conspiracy theorists” thought all along: an especially aggressive flu.

6% of “Covid” Deaths List Covid As Only Cause of Death

Covid-19 Coronavirus | COVID-19 Death Counts Up For Debate Yet Again

From the start of the pandemic, warnings were issued that Covid is most dangerous to our “vulnerable” communities: the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. This is much the same as the flu, or pneumonia. Because some Covid-positive people have failed to exhibit symptoms (asymptomatic), shuttering businesses and schools and telling everyone to stay away from each other has been encouraged, to stop the potential spread of germs to those unable to fight them off.

For the first time in history, a healthy population was quarantined, instead of an unhealthy one.

But after a handful of people died without known pre-existing conditions, the American public was told that even young children and healthy adults are at extreme risk of dying from Covid. But what is the real number of those who died from Covid alone?

Less than 10,000. In a population of 328 million.

So Who Are the Other 172,000 That Died?

The remaining 94% of those who died in the U.S. from Covid are the very people that were warned to stay home and protect their health: the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions. In fact, there were on average 2.6 other contributing factors to the deaths reported; these could have been heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, obesity, or dementia, to name a few.

An overwhelming majority were of “advanced” age (74+) and living in nursing homes.

If you recall, NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to accept Covid-positive patients; NY boasts one of the highest death tolls in the nation.

What’s Next?

While it is insensitive to say that our most vulnerable residents don’t deserve our respectful consideration of their increased threat of perishing due to Covid, it is irrational to close the world’s largest economy and create a widespread financial and mental health crisis in an effort to protect those who should be protecting themselves.

Should we also cease to manufacture desserts, because those with diabetes cannot partake in them?

Should we remove cigarettes from store shelves because of the health crisis they have created?

When will we also address the sodas, artificial colors and flavors, and GMO ingredients that are poisoning our food sources and inflicting long-term damage on our systems?

America has always stood for freedom. Without our freedom to choose, what is left? When we are masked, distanced, vaccinated, and told which careers we may pursue – will it be safe to go out again?

If Covid alone killed less than 10,000 Americans, we have been bamboozled on the highest level.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • D oak says:

    10,000 wow not even a drop in a bucket compared to what was reported “170. 0000” ..the , person , party or country that spread the false reports should be labeled as world terrorists and prosecuted to the fullest extent of local and international law.. the whole World has been effected .. i hope in my heart of hearts that it wasn’t or still isn’t just to get my President “ Donald J Trump” out of office.. if there is the slightest doubt in sny of your minds get even with the terrorist perpetrators and put them away where they cant do this again.. BECAUSE they will

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