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We Need A FBI Director Willing To Do What Is Right




  • Comey was reportedly told about the new messages on Thursday, The Washington Post reported.
  • The emails were discovered while look into former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) for an alleged online relationship with a 15-year-old girl.
  • In July, the FBI director announced he would not recommend criminal charges over the Democratic presidential nominee's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of State.

FBI agents reportedly knew early this month about the new emails that the agency now says are “pertinent” to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server — but did not brief FBI Director James Comey until late last week.

Comey was reportedly told about the new messages on Thursday, The Washington Post reported.
On Friday, less than two weeks from Election Day, Comey sent a letter to lawmakers saying emails “pertinent” to the investigation of the former secretary of State had been discovered and the FBI would be reviewing them.

The FBI director said the team should “take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these emails.”

The Washington Post reported that it is not clear why the FBI agents waited to brief Comey after discovering in early October the emails in question on a computer it seized in connection with a separate investigation.

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The emails were discovered while look into former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) for an alleged online relationship with a 15-year-old girl. Weiner is the estranged husband of longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

In the letter Comey sent on Friday, he wrote the agency does not know “the significance of this newly discovered collection of emails.” Yahoo News reported Saturday the FBI did not have a search warrant to review the newly obtained emails.


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Since the letter was released Friday, Democrats have been ramping up their calls for the FBI to release more information about what the emails contained and whether they are significant.

In July, the FBI director announced he would not recommend criminal charges over the Democratic presidential nominee's use of a private email server while serving as secretary of State.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called the situation the “biggest scandal since Watergate.”

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  • Ramona Sutton says:


  • Don Harned says:

    Lock her up! She is a known Career Criminal!

  • Lyn says:

    She raping the system.

  • Ramon says:

    Its time she do time she gotten away with a lot of corruption throw her in jail now and stop wasting the people taxes money

  • Ron Haave says:

    Put Hillary in jail where she belongs.

  • Pamela Smith says:

    From the very beginning Obama & Hillary have been planning this.He wants to be the head of the U.N., she could be the Pres. of the U.S. Imagine how far their corruption could go.They both want to get rid of all Americans, bring in Muslims,and tah-dah, we have a new Muslim Caliphate right here in America! Hillary has turned Muslim, Obama is Muslim, and they both belong to the Muslim Brotherhood!

  • John Grychak says:

    Hillary is the most unamerican ingrate ever, and I believe she has gotten away with murder(literally), she should be jailed NOW! Along with Bill (the Pervert). And lets not forget the instigator of all this mess, good old OBAMA himself, this Muslim agitator is a fraud, he was shoehorned into the presidency by fraudulent means,

  • Mark Bowman says:

    I.believe that James Comey was pressured from higher up and bent. James realized that he would take the fall if everything came out and he didn’t want to tarnish his record. This is why he disregarded Lynch recommendation to suppress until a later date.

  • Kathy says:

    We need to stop the CORRUPTION in WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!

  • Denis says:

    What she did was wrong

  • Joseph Beyhl says:

    This should have been done from the beginning But you had the White House and the Dept.of Injustice running interference for Crooked Hillary. She should have been sent to jail months ago.

  • doug lucas says:

    because hillary should have been in jail already damn sure not running for presedent

  • Thomas says:

    The people are sick of her, We need change
    and not whats in our pocket’s etc.

    Make American Great Again.

  • Gary Cranston says:

    The rich and famous should not have one set of laws for them and the rest of us have another. If its a crime, lock them up, they would lock me up.

  • kenneth cole says:

    the FBI / CIA / and DOJ ARE SUPPOSE TO BE WELL Respected law enforcement but with what has gone on with in our top brass we can no longer put any trust in Washington we need a little of that back.

  • Jean Hughes says:

    She should not be allowed to escape prison. Martha Stewart did less and went to jail. Stop project extinguish this evil liar. Clinton should not be allowed to be our president. I am ashamed of her and her low class husband!

  • Ron Whiteneck says:

    Our national can not allow any person who will say anything to get financial gains to be president.

  • John L GALBREATH says:

    The LAW MUST BE FOLLOWED! Hillary violated the US Constitution when she setup the .com server! This was just more of the illegal activities she has engage in!

  • Kurt Hanssern says:

    First Killary is not above the law, and she suppose to be in prison for treason, lying to the FBI, LYING TO THE PUBLIC BIG TIME. COMEY BETTER DO HIS JOB.

  • Donald Wilmot says:

    She has gotten away with so much that no one else would. It is time to pay the piper!

  • Deborah Hann says:

    If theirs evidence she has lied, covered up, her illegal e-mail server. She should be treated like any other citizen. Prosecute ! The pay to play Clinton Foundation ?? Classified Email, her response of “I didn’t know they are Classified !” Just another lie ! Playing like the damsel in distress… Just don’t cut it !! Prosecution for Clinton. Why has this not already in court ??!!!

  • sabrina drummond says:

    because if you break the law you need to do the time and it does not matter who you are you need to do the time. i thought the law pertained to everyone.

  • Anthony says:

    Need to have a lawful government and society.

  • Cliff says:

    The “evidence” Against her was OVERWHELMING. Comey read the said “evidence” on National TV then said there wasn’t ENOUGH TO CHARGE HER?? Anyone else would have been sent to PRISON for much less.
    Evidence of a “double Standard”, “payola”, and CORRUPTION?
    YOU BET!
    Time for the FBI to step up and redeem the “Law enforcement” people of this country otherwise “We the People” will be suspicious and NEVER trust ANYONE in the “law enforcement ” again.

  • James Nieman says:

    because Comey has been working for the Clinton Foundation for years and being paid or it. That is illegal and he should resign immediately.

  • Jerry says:

    Someone running for President should be held to higher standards than the average person. Hillary has proven over and over that she makes Al Copne look like a chior boy. She needs to be in jail for life.

  • Sharon Thompson says:

    If she has broken the laws, which according to our Constitution, she has, then she should be held accountable. She should withdraw herself from the Presidential race and answer for her crimes against America!

  • ROBERT powell says:

    The cockroaches have taken over they want a world government run by the super “elite” [communist/marxist alensky-ites ….The gutless bums that run congress for their own enrichment,somewhere in the 80-90% of them are way to busy raking in the payoffs into their foreign banks to do anything to stop it.obummer and the clintons both have arab-bank piggy-bank accounts stashed away from our reach. [ NO EXTRADITION] .THEY NEED TO REMEMBER,YOU DO NOT NEED TO EXTRADITE A BIG SMOKING HOLE IN THE SAND….

  • Phil says:

    If anyone else done what this criminal has they would be in jail years ago. She is not only criminal, but evil. Execution is too good for her.

  • Pam says:

    Hillary has endangered this country with her selfish, incompetent behavior and committed perjury when testifying to same.

  • Judith York says:

    Hillary needs to be held accountable for her actions, her lying and decieving the American people–she should not be allow to run for President.

  • James Andrews says:

    She’s a traitor, corrupt thief, and a murderer, that’s why!

  • david says:

    Don’t agree with his (FBI) reluctance to bring up now as to timing. Where were they 6, 10, and 15 months ago. Should have tried the case then! With no retreat, at least make your case now.

  • Judith Zandstra says:

    We need an FBI Director who doesn’t take millions from the person he is investigating. The more money he is paid the more he won’t want to find any wrongdoing on the part of the person he is investigating. We need someone who is honest and ethical in this position. Not someone who is bought and paid for. Comey and Lynch should be thrown in prison for their miscarriage of justice.

  • Barbara Hopton says:

    Yes he has a job to do. Thanks.

  • Constance Mays says:

    This corruption & collusion in govt has got to stop. Right here, right now. These people should be prosecuted and jailed. Why do the Republicans continue to allow this to happen? Are they involved too?

  • jere lefever says:

    I was in the Army 1968-71. If I did what she has done my address would have been Fort Levenworth Kansas

  • John says:

    We do not need the Godmother of the Clinton crime cartel as President of the United States.

  • Robert Ledbetter says:

    The FBI director does what the President Obama and the DOJ tell his to do. He is nothing more than a “lackey” marching to the Democratic party line.

  • Name says:

    American people deserves the truth , point blank !

  • Chet says:

    Hillary and Bill have enriched themselves to such an extreme level & corrupted our justice system & endangered American lives, such as the four in Benghazi, she & he should be punished to teach other Polations in the USA & other countries that justice is the only way to stop it. Examples: Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, soon Colombia & others in Central America.

  • Michelle says:

    Soo many have seen jail time for soo less. She’s a liar as well as Bill

  • Vicky says:

    There are so many other things she has done that they have not investigated her on. Is bill and the director besties?

  • Roland hallr says:

    People who done less then that sit behind bars why should she be different then you or me.

  • Keith says:


  • John Cooper says:

    This is his job to make the people of the United States safe and it don’t make any difference who you are and when he does it. Put the bitch in prison where the bitch belongs

  • Owen Hughes says:

    We don’t need some one with her record in any political office and she should be punished for what she has done.

  • larry says:

    She (hillery) should be in Leavenworth a long time ago for her miss handling of classified material & not see the out side until she dies.

  • Ronnie says:

    If anybody else would have done these national actions they would have been in federal prison long before now. She can’t be trusted to run our nation with all of the bribes, and payoff she has done. Like one article I read to day stating “the democratic party will do anything, say anything, to get elected”. Kick her ass all the way to the nearest federal prison for the rest of her days on this earth.

  • LaVina says:

    The Clintons have got away with unlawful activities for too long , every since Bill was Governor of Arkansas, they have did wjhat ever they wanted and got away with it , I lived in Ar. when he was gov and i know of some of his unlawful activities, and Hillary has been worse as the years go by, They are no better than anyone else and must fol;low the laws as every one else. They have got away with too much already.and should live with in ;the law as all citizens have too. The law is for everyone and not exclusive of the Clintons regardless of who they know and how much money they can steal from the public.and what they can get away with,,

  • leo says:

    treason is still a crime

  • Sandra Wood says:


  • Name says:

    Why is she trying to cover up her lies?

  • joyce young says:


  • Bob Eaton says:

    We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a monarchy or banana republic. No one in this country is above the rule of law under our system. If we continue to let the lawless in government, no matter who or at what level they occupy, continue without facing justice we are no longer a just nation. We will cease to be the United States of America and just become another despotic state destined for the dust bin of history.

  • Richard Caron says:

    FBI’s handling of Hillary Clinton’s email server was a joke. No search warrants, no Grand Jury, immunity to suspects and interviewing the prime suspect last and did not record it.

  • Jerry says:

    I was looking at life in prison for something i didn’t do. The sheriff didn’t even investigate. It took me $20k in attorney fees and 2 years of my life to clear my name. Here, in Hilldogs case the evidence is OVERWHELMING on multiple subjects and crimes. The scales of justice must balance and apply to us all, or it serves none.

  • Name says:

    to admit her wrong doings this is not the only thing she has lied about..what about the foundation? she just bought a home with the foundation money …..

  • Jesse says:

    Did not follow the law
    He is in bed with the Clintons

  • leo says:

    as the president she will have 1 and only 1 job to up hold and defend the constitution the 1 and only 1 thing she never did or ever will do just like her husband and obama destroying the constitution is her 1 and only goal history forgotten is history repeated hitler 1938 his agenda then their agenda now just like then they use fear to control set up all manner of idiotic bureaucracy like obama care giving doctors insurance companies and big drug companies unlimited funding and power to help them destroy the constitution unconstitutional gun control to destroy national defense

  • Name says:

    Unfortunately she has been crooked for way too long.
    Also, I am a veteran Marine. She cost the lives of four good soldiers unnecessarily..Make her stand trial for murder.

  • Marvin J Davis says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that her and her husband are criminals.

  • Karl Kocher says:

    Trey Gowdy has maid the case before Congress. How Comey did not resign right than and there is beyond belief. The only reason Comey is reopening the case now is probably because of the hundreds of FBI agents that are quitting because of him. He has opened an area that invites the next SOS to do the same thing and not be held responsible. Instead of heading the FBI he should be the subject of their investigation.

  • Greg says:

    she is not a honest person

  • James Whitmore says:

    Federal police should be apolitical. No individual is above the law.

  • Chris edens says:

    The F.B.I. should pursue criminals no matter what their position of power. In fact, they should have a heightened sence of responsibility to pursue criminals at that level of power. We have entered a place where our founding fathers would be ashamed and sickened by what we’ve turned our country into. The F.B.I. leadership and others in our justice system have sold their souls to corruption, and bribery for power and position. How sad we’ve allowed people of such low integrity to gain such power over the good people of this country. Sad indeed. It’s no wonder the people of this miracle called the U.S.A. have such a low opinion of our leadership. Scandals, lies, and corruption reven led everyday. Who else to protect us but the F.B.I. and now they’ve abandoned us as well.

  • Terry G. THOMPSON says:

    He’s not doing his job which will definitely destroy America.

  • Anthony says:

    The LAW is written to “Protect and Serve” all Americans, Equally. Period !!

  • AndyWood says:

    he is corrupt to the bone

  • Keneth Swedlund says:

    Since do we hold a politican above the law. If it is the law of the land how is it H. Clinton is able to side step the issues. Could it be the people who should be upholding laws need a bigger set of balls.

  • Michael says:

    Yes we definitely need to have someone honest

  • Elfie says:

    When I bake a loaf of bread I get all the necessary ingredients . I prepare the dough and form a loaf, let it rise and bake it. Should I serve the loaf of unbaked bread????? That is how I feel about the FBI…….People who demand the information be published to the PEOPLE before it is all checked must be concerned with , that their name is mentioned on those emails. I am part of the PEOPLE and I can wait until the FBI does it’s job before the results are made public. Just food for thought.

  • David Kervin says:

    She should have jailed long ago. Also with all pending should have never been let run for president until all resolved. If they don’t take care of this mess this time it will just go to show you how corrupt this sytem is through and through.

  • Ken McKinney says:

    The, the People, are the only ones who are here to give, or take, the positions
    occupied by these people. The document we are meant to follow begins with
    those 3 words and is meant to set the standards of everything that follows. It is not open to interpretation by the shyster attorneys that get their law degrees
    for the purpose of gaining employment with our state & federal government
    as our (the People’s) representatives for life. Our system is not meant to be
    a career in the House or Senate and it is high time we set term limits on those
    elected officials – limits such as those placed on the POTUS.

  • Nina says:

    The FBI is supposed to protect the citizens not crooked politician. He should be in prison the same as Clinton.

  • Robert Kahlcke says:

    Director Comey, has tarnished the shield. PERIOD

  • Harlan says:

    It is so painfully obvious that FBI Director was politically influenced by the Clintons. Any rational person knows that: Hillary broke the law, lied about her concealment, attempted to pressure others to lie, and is a habitual liar. She is definitely NOT qualified to run for the Presidency, much less sit in the Oval Office.

  • David McGuire says:

    Throw Hillary’s ads in jail.

  • The US law should be the same for every American, without exception. Hillary should not have top secerity clearance. Hillary and Bill both have sold America down the drain and have sold big favors to doners which the money will come from US tax payers!!!!

  • Dennis Hadcock says:

    She is a liar, a thief, a killer. She is by far the worst person in Government we have ever had. Well that thing we have for a sorry ass President is real close if not tied. That woman is a total NUT JOB!!!!!!!

  • Stan Smith says:

    because the FBI and the DOJ are both owned by the Clinton Foundation.

  • rick moore says:

    The F.B.I. being a law enforcement agency of the highest level should approach all investigations with a political blindfold and let the facts of it’s investigation fall where they may

  • Ann Winder says:

    No one is too big to fail! No one should be above the law! Even the Clinton’s

  • William says:


  • Raul says:

    I am sick and tired of the Clinton’s committing crimes and getting away Scott free. It is time to put them, and the Muslim faggot of Hussein Obama on trail for their crimes. After they are convicted they should receive appropriate punishment. Hopefully they will be hanged, but a firing squad works as well for me.

  • Harlan Fujioka says:

    Anybody with a security clearance above secret would have been hung out to dry. To dismiss that type neglect as just careless shows somethings wrong with him doing what his job requires.

  • Robert Miller says:

    Obvious CAY

  • Ken Harrison says:

    Looks like someone got paid off.

  • Robin says:

    We The People deserve the truth for a change. Put Crooked Hillary in jail where she belongs. Anyone else would have been prosecuted from the beginning. Stop the corruption in Washington DC!

  • Jake Jones says:

    The only thing keeping Hillary out of jail, is the gang of super rich that want to hang on to to their corrupt way of life.

  • Rick Voshall says:

    When I was in the military, classified information was treated securely. I want a commander in chief that acts accordingly

  • ROBERT EARLY says:


  • Name says:

    ThThe entire Federal government is crooked From the President on down. Totally disgusti g and Republicans are all in on it or to scarce of The Clinton mafia and the Obama crew

  • Ronald wimber says:

    if lies were christmas cards every one in the world would get from Hillery

  • Karen says:

    Like Trump says “biggest scandal since Watergate”.

  • ART BLOOMER says:


  • ART BLOOMER says:


  • RositaAsano says:

    Please indict her already!!!

  • LLOYD S. HARRISON Sr says:

    No one is above the Law.Elite,BIG or small. Break the Law,Penalty.
    Set the standard once and for-All.

  • LLOYD S. HARRISON Sr says:

    No one is above the Law.Elite,BIG or small. Break the Law,Penalty.
    Set the standard once and for-All.

  • Dan Cloer says:

    Enough is enough. Laws apply to all or to none.

  • Don Hale says:

    Anyone else that did what Hillary did would be in prison by now and not allowed to run for the highest office in the land. If this was done by a Repblican they would have already thrown away the key and they would never again see the light of day. Hillary needs to be held accountable for what she has done but everyone is to afraid to go after her including the FBI. She should be held to the same level of accountability as the rest of us.

  • Verle. Hankins says:

    She is nothing but lies every time she opens her mouth it’s a lie. She has got away with murder. God only knows how many times

  • Brenda Angell says:

    It is very clear that there is a double standard – the Clintonistas and the rest of Americans. They are crooks, have always been crooks and they see no need to change because lying and denying is what they do best.

  • russell rapp says:

    Director Comey told us that classified emails were sent on her private server. This is a breach of the law. What more do we need besides a grand jury? Others have been convicted for less. Is she above the law?

  • John D. Shane says:

    We need to get all the Corrupt Political people in Washington, they have forgotten about the Voters, and work strictly for the benefit of themselves. This is why America needs Donald J. Trump at this time.

  • Shirley Pinczewski says:

    Everyone should do what’s right – not just FBI directors.

  • Gary says:

    Basically she has already proven herself guilty,in what has already been in the publics eye.

  • Chad Smith says:

    Our great country has bled for our “inalienable rights” many times over the centuries. One of these being the right to not be under a tyrannical regime full of lies and deceit. We are picking ourselves a leader people!!! We need the truth to come to the light of day. Thiscan not be up to a popularity vote! The right to the truth is supposed to be the right of the voters… BEFORE they are to pick their officials.
    The facts about what is in the E-mails is every bit as important as the fact that she’s covering something up. The people do not need to know everything about military operations but we do need to trust someone who is about to be in charge of the greatest force in the history of … EVER! Our species has the capacity to destroy itself with the push of a button… we deserve the truth when learning the character and values of the person with their finger on that button.

  • Frankie says:

    Hillary is a U.S. citizen. She should have to live by the same laws as all other citizens.

  • Ray says:

    Either the law of the land is for all or it is for none. Hillary and Bill are not above the law unless you want to live in a lawless society.

  • Sandra Hughes says:

    We need an FBI Director that is honest and cannot be bought!

  • Michael says:

    We need a FBI director that can’t be bought or scared into letting people such as Hillary Clinton get away with what she has done so far

  • Donald woods says:

    This country is the laughing stock around the world. Our country is in trouble when it comes to leaders doing the right thing. The FBI was stopped once by bill Clinton. But I know the director will do what’s right for this country
    . I’m so tired of lies and fabrications by so called candidates for our countries future leaders. Get it right one time.

  • Angelina De leon says:

    To know the real truth if Hilary is telling the truth.IT IS PROVEN SHE IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, GREEDY DISHONEST AND A CRIMINAL.

  • Clyde Walter says:

    We need to clean up Washington of all the officials that have been getting rich off of their elected office Especially Hillary Clinton and her contributers to whom she owes them something in return.

  • Tine van der Meer says:

    If there is enough evidence to put her in jail, the FBI director should not hesitate to indight her . And apparently there is!

  • C B Lewis says:

    She needs to be put in jail period

  • C B Lewis says:

    She needs to be put in jail period

  • bruce douglas` says:


  • Andre Deglas says:

    It is way overdue, Hillary is a crook and a LIAR for too long she muddle through all the scandals with the help of the wing media and he Hollywood crowd. We are sick for the clinton’so cheating, Stealing, we want both of them to pay for their shenanigans
    They both deserve to spend time in the slammer.

  • Allison says:

    Why….. REALLY??? You can ask WHY???
    With a straight face? This is the worst election, it a Farce. This is a sad day in history that voting for a Presidential election is so CORRUPT.

  • John t green says:

    Hillary Clinton needs to be in federal prison because she had 33000 emails deleted she broke many federal laws! Our nation doesn’t need such a corrupt idiot as lotus! I say this as a retired vet!

  • Paul Warner says:

    No body is above the law.

  • Name says:

    Bowe knew this day was coming Hillary has gotten away with to many things for too long..we needed a an FBI director who isn’t. afraid of the Clinton’ that. Would just do

    his job…7

  • Camille Gilliam says:

    We need someone to stand up to her, and if anything happens to Comey, they had better go after her. She has already talked about getting Trey Gowdy, she belongs in prison.

  • judy hannon says:

    It is high time for the Clintons to pay up for all their wrong doings we the people want justice period!

  • marion quinton says:

    If there is no justice in our system the system crumbles, & everyone wants to be lawless. same as Hillary… We don’t need the FBI, IRS, HOMELAND SECURITY, FEDERAL MARSHALS ETC…LETS ALL GET LAWLESS AND CRAZY. Is what the projects..

  • Name says:

    The FBI is supposed to be honest in investigations of any kind. Someone has to be honest in this world. If there is something that harms our safety in this world, the American people should know that.

  • Thomas Marty says:

    We know, with out a doubt, that she is guilty of sending classified information on her server. All the time she served as Secretary of State, I am sure that she had to send out and receive classified information. I am also sure that Obama new about it. Not only the email scandal, she has committed other crimes she should be investigated on and be put in jail. Some other person would already be in jail if they would have committed the same crimes.

  • elwood enns says:

    Are we not created equal as stated in our constitution? Corruption & criminality is out of hand.

  • cindy enns says:

    I’d bet that NSA has the 33,000 bleached emails & the government will not open them up to see the pay for play corruption intertwined between the yoga & wedding emails. (& Bill doesn’t email?)

  • g. dekle coney says:


  • Ronald Kucharczuk says:

    Because they are sworn to do it darn it.

  • Susan Dix says:

    Comey is right to bring this to light, finally. He has been blocked by this administration and Loretta Lynch. He needs to do what is right and not back down. Lynch needs to step down and just go away from public office. Actually, she and the whole corrupt administration should go to prison for treason. There has to be information about such treasonous acts in these emails. Comey would not bring this out if there were not something very big and significant in these pesky emails.

  • Gordon Dempsey says:

    Every other American would be in jail by now if they committed half of what she is guilty of.

  • John Quick says:

    This country is suppose to be run under the laws of related to the Constitution. All can see the abuse HRC has made with flaunting said laws. Comey made a mistake by not recommending this be sent to a Grand Jury. Just do it.

  • Earl says:

    All of obamas appointments need to be flushed out of power and identified as traitors

  • John Sorrentino says:

    Because i believe Hillary lie about the classifed emails and put our nation in danger.

  • Steve Dawson says:

    As a retired military member I understand the UCMJ and she has violated several articles of that code as well as many federal laws. If any member of the uniformed services were to conduct themselves as she has, they’d be removed and jailed for life. As someone who wants to lead our men and women in uniform you’d think her conduct should at least appear to in line with the law. She is responsible for the deaths of 4 of our brave servicemen and lacks the courage to stand up and say she could have done a better job. That would require integrity; she has none. She continues to lie about the mishandling of thousands of classified email documents; a crime that she would ask for the head of any servicemen/women for doing what she has done to a single document. She is not fit to lead! She will murder America and then lie about it. That is just two of the crimes this should be felon has committed. She’s a criminal, not a president.

  • Adriel Gray says:

    a milllion or more violations of the law
    perjury incorporated
    with all means of communicating forbidden…..
    locked up and forgotten……

  • Dennis says:

    Shes responsible for selling uranium & arms to our enemies. Shes a murderer, afucking lesbian.

  • Vicki Mathiesen says:

    It is obvious to everyone who heard Comey’s announcement speech that he thought Hillary was indictable and guilty of deliberately mishandling top secret material. The list of offenses was clear and concise.

  • JOE says:


  • Susan Dix says:

    We need for Comey to resign because of his former ties to the Clintons. We need him to resign because he caved in to pressure from Loretta Lynch. Lynch needs to step down and be prosecuted for her part in this botched investigation.

  • joe connolly says:

    lol he sure is a flip floper I think he flops when killery send a email his coursehis troops can hide it for him. lol

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