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Sen. Rick Scott Wants Us To Stop Buying From Communist China



The Lushan District Committee of the National People's Congress held a meeting and the leaders made speeches. The People's Congress is the legislature of China | Sen. Rick Scott Wants Us To Stop Buying From Communist China | Featured

Republican Senator Rick Scott (FL) called on Americans to stop buying products from Communist China. He noted that Americans live in an age when the country’s billionaire class is in bed with China suppliers. 

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‘They Are Not Our Friend’

Speaking on a New York AM radio talk show, Scott differentiated between Communist China and ordinary Chinese citizens. “We should stop buying anything from communist China. They are not our friends.

The people are wonderful. The government is despicable,” he said, as reported by Newsmax. In addition, he thinks China has an ulterior motive. “The government of China, communist China, what they want to do is they want to dominate the world,” Scott added.

Scott recalled the Cold War with the Soviet Union. During those times, he said the US didn’t trade extensively with the former communist country.  Americans “never thought about buying anything from the Soviet Union,” he said. 

Communist China’s Human Rights Abuses

Then, Scott proceeded to list China’s litany of human rights abuses. He mentioned the country’s alleged organ-harvesting practices, as well as its policy of suppression of religion.

In addition, he pointed to China’s encroachment on the sovereignty of Hong Kong. “They don’t believe in your rights. If you look at how they treat their own citizens, how do you think they think about Americans?

They put a million people in prison [by] their religion. They involuntarily harvest your organs if you’re in prison,” he said. He then added that Hong Kong citizens lost their rights overnight.

“They took away the basic rights of Hong Kong citizens. They built their military to defeat the U.S. military. They’re threatening Taiwan right now. So, the way we can beat them is we have got to stop doing business with them — stop,” he said. 

In addition, Scott noted that the more the United States continues to help grow the Chinese economy, the weaker America will get.

Ultimately, this will allow Communist China to become a world superpower unlike any other. “We cannot continue to help them build their economy, because as their economy grows and gets bigger than ours, we will never be able to beat or defend if they want to invade Taiwan, or wherever they want to go.

They are an expansionary country. China, they want to control every country all over the world,” he remarked. 

Suspicion On COVID-19 Origins

The Florida Senator’s demolition of China follows recent reports implicating the country’s involvement in the origin of COVID-19. Earlier, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently stated that current evidence led him to think COVID-19 started as a lab leak.

“We know for sure they covered up this virus. I am confident that we will find that the evidence that we have seen to date is consistent with a lab leak and I’m convinced that’s what we’ll see. If I am wrong, I hope the Chinese Communist Party will come forward and make a fool of me,” Pompeo said on Fox News.

Also, Pompeo recalled how China ignored the Trump administration and went dark after the first reported case of COVID-19 surfaced in the US.

“They wouldn’t take our phone calls, they wouldn’t answer our questions. We sent inquiries, we couldn’t get a straight answer. The Chinese Communist Party clearly knew they had a problem, they didn’t want the world to know it and I’m convinced they still know they have a problem and don’t want us to know it,” Pompeo said.

Watch the Forbes Breaking News video where Senator Rick Scott asks “Why Is China So Comfortable?”

Will you stop buying from Communist China?

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Will you heed Senator Scott’s call to stop buying products from Communist China? Also, is it still possible to buy American without getting a Chinese-made product?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments in the comment section below.

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  • C.D. says:

    It will never work. Our Government is locked in by lobbyist and big money. You will never break the money strangle hold. The U.S. is doomed.

  • Harold Weichold says:

    I don’t have anything against billionaires but apparently they don’t care enough about the American people that they have these jobs here in the United States. Having these products made here in the United States would Skyrocket jobs for Americans. Yes the prices would increase on products but that’s okay. Having products made here in the US would increase people’s salaries and get them out of poverty or move them up higher on the ladder. What’s wrong with that? Nothing. It’s way past time that companies and billionaires stop supporting a communist country or any communist country for that matter and support the people of the United States of America.

  • Dennis says:

    An avalanche starts with only a sound, we need to start making that sound ! ONLY BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS !

  • Marj says:

    Mention that to Dr Turley. He promotes optimism and worldwide populism. Sorry you’re so defeatist.

  • Court Conkwriight says:

    China can go to Hell! Court Conkwright

    Ps keep up the good work. Buy only American.

  • Ben says:

    We Re at WAR with China

  • Gloria Jimenez-Ross says:

    Buy American: Stay away from stores like Costco, Walmart and other outlets that sell only cheap labor crap from China. Have some self control, it’s OK to pay a bit more for well-made American products and it’s OK to take a bit longer to find what you want as long as it’s made in America. Support American labor

  • David says:

    Never happen. The government is corrupt and doesnt care about Americans
    That’s why they’re killing people with the vacvine, loss of hobs, etc., etc. Plus when the fake President of the USA spends his time on his knees in front of XiXi, what do you expect?!

  • barco blanton says:

    First and foremost we need to boycott the Olympics regardless of NBC and Coca-Cola with their money involvement with Nike and others. Second we need to bring our pharmaceutical supply chain back to the United States.

  • Mellie says:

    It would be nice to buy American 🇺🇸. Everything I look at in store is from China. Your cars your clothes your pots and pans. Your motorcycles and even my bras and underwear . I can’t find anything American. What anymore is American made ???

  • HOLGER says:

    The only way the United States will stop buying from communist china is for the entire population, all state, federal. local govt. will unite to shop from buying from communist china. A good example is inferior products are usually from communist china-lead in toys, anti freeze in dog food, etc. The consumers know this but still buy them. I have attempted to buy from other counties, like India, Taiwan, etc. Now products are made in communist Vietnam, It is estimated that 95 % of housing in the USA -the products from from china.

  • SUNFLOWER says:

    I have been to Chip & Joanna Gaines “SILO’S” in Waco, Texas. Boy, was I blown away when I discovered that 99% of their products are “Made in China”! I “woke” up to what is going on there and turned & walked out! Biggest rip-off in America ! Wake up people! Businesses should be supporting AMERICAN artist, NOT Communist!

  • Jim Evans says:

    So most of the stuff we use or play with , is made in China . So how is that going to work out ?

  • Polly says:

    Yes we need a product that made from United States of America 🇺🇸
    Why not? What’s wrong with our labor here? We need to give those jobs to
    All American workers. Whats wrong with you people? We need more merchandise Made In America. It’s time to do that now it’s been overdue for
    so long now. Please give those jobs to American People! Why in China???
    Nothing but trouble for the whole wide world.
    Give the jobs to All American People it’s time NOW!!!!!

  • Janice Stalnaker says:

    Yes. I totally agree. We should start yesterday!!!!

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Don’t if we only buy American made stuff we become communists?? So sad people don’t realize free trade means free trade

  • Chas says:

    @Branden Oconnell…what an idiot…your nose is sOoo very far up china Joe’s you know what, it would take an army of china soldiers to pull you out…!!! Your leftest progressive post continues!!!

  • Rick Rottmann says:

    Free trade is not fair trade. Big business is globalist who could care less about the American worker.

  • Dawn Worley says:

    In 2004 I found out Waterford is made in China and it Broke my heart! I started then and once ordered a Tablet from Amazon–Made in China–No more Amazon.
    Good news is initially when I started calling to find out where items were produced, I got the run-around, now they’re a little more forthcoming, however, Early during the Pandemic I ordered a Digital Thermometer From Braun “Shipped from our warehouse right here in TX” When it arrived 5 weeks later–I did a shipping search and it was shipped from Hong Kong!
    I’m not on any social media except email, but, everyday I listen to the “Conservative” pundits talk about their IPhones (China), Twitter and FACEBOOK Accounts–Social Media China lovers, So, I’ll keep doing everything I can to support a number of new Patriot “Made in America” Businesses!

  • Jerald terry says:

    I hope Rick Scott runs for president

  • Chisel says:

    The USA has turned into a bunch of pussies!! Buy American, work American, pay American and for fucks sake Speak English in America. Dont like how its going? Take it back

  • Thomas D Greear says:

    I have and always will buy made in America.

  • Mary says:

    We need to start a Nation wide franchised NFC stores and in BIG bold letters on the front of the stores have…“NFC” (Nothing From China) Sold Here!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wooo hoooo 🥳Great idea!

  • American Patriot says:



  • Mary says:

    AMEN!!! America all the way!!

  • Nancy P. says:

    Well, just finished my Lenox cup of tea. Company based in NJ and sold around the world. Let’s see what it says on the bottom. Ah, yes. Made in Japan. Decorated in USA. Well, we decorate them but can’t make them? Go figure. 🤷🏼‍♀️ How can you buy American when our manufacturing has moved to China, Japan etc. Nothing we buy locally, such as Home Depot. Everything says made in China. How can you buy American when nothing is made in America anymore. Willing to take longer to shop and pay more but don’t even have that choice as there is nothing out there to buy made in USA. Anyone out there own a Hummel. If it says made in West Germany, you have a real collectors item. Their now made in China. Worth nothing. I try though. I ask if my purchase is made in or shipped from China, If it turns out to be so, tell the order taker “ then I am not placing an order” and hang up. Facebook. Worst ever to buy from any of their ads. All Chinese pieces of junk. And you may receive your order in (5) weeks if your lucky. Finding anything made in America is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. Buy only American sounds good but an impossibility. Sickening.

  • Tom Dillon says:

    Rick Scott is GREAT right where he is. It gives him better support to the president. If he were to loose his seat “it could go into the wrong party.
    Nancy P. If more people ask where the product comes from and if China then hang up, the companies will get the message and (try) to carry Made in the USA.Hang up people like Nancy did.

  • Debra Laurence says:

    The Government should give breaks to USA made ,from furniture to any pieces of tables, chairs, pictures ,art ,coffee houses ,food shops ,Anything that from soup to nuts ,made in America, we need the higher paying jobs ,we’ll pay more ,bc made in America lasts longer anyhow ..Made in Communist China is garbage ,if it lasts ,let’s say sofas ,if they last 4 years ,you’re off the charts ,even with a warranty, we bought “leather love seat and sofa ” They told us leather ,everything is covered by warranties. We’ll Ashley’s furniture is made in China and the insides of the recliners are vinyl ,in 1 yr ,they tore we had to pay it off for 6 years ,They covered a cherry pit on leather but not large tears in vinyl…Everything made in China is junk .We need all the jobs ,Anything that goes into cars ,medications, furniture, all cabinets ,we’ll cut down on trash, bc We make everything good in America..AMERICA PROUD …GOD BLESS AMERICA, ALL AMERICANS…

  • Anonymous says:


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