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The Corrupt F.B.I. Guilty Of Targeting Trump During Elections!



The Justice Department inspector general on Thursday castigated former FBI director James B. Comey for his actions during the Hillary Clinton email investigation and found that other senior bureau officials showed a “willingness to take official action” to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.

The 500-page report, documenting major missteps in one of the most politically charged cases in the FBI’s history, provides the most exhaustive account to date of bureau and Justice Department decision-making throughout the investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, particularly in the months just before she would lose the presidential election to Trump.

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[Read the full report: Justice Dept. watchdog rebukes Comey, cites major missteps by FBI]

The inspector general did not find evidence supporting assertions made by the president and his allies that political bias inside the FBI had rigged the case to clear Clinton, but the report cited numerous instances of unprofessionalism, bias, and misjudgment that hurt the bureau’s credibility. In particular, the report singled out lead agent Peter Strzok as showing anti-Trump bias that could have affected his thinking on the case during the immediate run-up to the 2016 election.

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  • Bret Geren says:

    The IG is an Obama hold-over. I knew there would be a white wash from him in this report, so this is what I was expecting. This is what happens when the swamp investigates the swamp.

  • Voco Veritas says:

    So Comey reaches a conclusion before the completion of the so-called “investigation, admits he wrote a report and even edited the report before the investigation is over, just to tone down the language so Clinton’s actions are not considered a crime but just extreme carelessness, and that is not considered rigging the case?

    Then what would it take to reach that level? Have the person being investigated, if one can call it that, murder ALL the witnesses and destroy ALL the evidence with hammers and bleach bit, then publicly threaten the judge and the lawyers with “accidents” if they make the “wrong” decision”?

    I knew our entire government was corrupt but this is WAY beyond corruption. How does one clean up a system that is so completely and utterly corrupt, full of arrogant and contemptuous criminals so totally self engrossed they will squash anyone who dares get in their way without even a thought like the proverbial insect they believe us to be. People who will and have had people murdered then used their position of influence to cover up their crimes so successfully it is rare that one of them is even arrested, much less convicted. People who, in drunken adulterous flings, run off of bridges in the night leaving their young female passenger to drown in the dark, icy water, alone, then, because of their family name and the connections it brings, they escape even an arrest. Then, after an “appropriate time, they go back to DC acting like nothing happened which in their minds nothing did.

    There seems to be no way to save a system like this. And why should it be saved? The people in power have lied to us repeatedly, making promises they NEVER keep. They have actually betrayed our trust in many ways most notably by relinquishing their authority to coin money which the Constitution gave solely to Congress, but C0ngress unconstitutionally gave it to the federal reserve which is has nothing to do with the federal government in any way. In fact, it is a bank controlled by foreign interests meaning Congress gave control over our money supply to INTERNATIONAL interests, hardly good for America! As proof of that consider that our dollar has intentionally been devalued by 98% since the Fed came into being in 1917. This amounts to a wealth transfer of untold trillions of dollars from the American people to foreign banks which I say is Treason.

    So close the government as is OUR right to do, then restart our Constitutional Republic as originally intended using the original Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights with the original Amendments, NOT the ones Congress unlawfully changed for the originals. Then arrest the traitors in government who have defrauded us as Anna von Reitz can demonstrate. Then Amend the Bill of Rights to strengthen the language to prevent criminals like the ones in government now from ever being able to defraud the American People again.

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