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Obama’s Still Trying To Steal The Limelight



When former President Obama left the White House, he pledged to take a back seat to make room for other Democrats in the party to shine.

Nearly 17 months later, that’s proving to be an impossible task.

Obama drew headlines this week after a Politico report revealed that he is consulting a long line of would-be 2020 candidates and offering advice to party leadership. And he drew another round of headlines when it was announced that his political committee, Organizing for Action, is revving up to help Democrats in the midterm elections. Democrats have turned to the party patriarch as fatigue with the Clintons has set in, a factor exacerbated in recent days by former President Clinton’s tone-deaf comments on Monica Lewinsky and the “Me Too” movement. The desire among Democrats for Obama to take a more leading role in the midterm fight and party building, in general, is just getting stronger, particularly with the lack of alternatives.

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“There’s f—ing no one else,” one frustrated Democratic strategist said. “Bill Clinton is toxic, [former President] Carter is too old, and there’s no one else around for miles.”

You had your turn OBAMA! What is this need Obama has where he can’t just fade away into retirement. The DNC is pushing hard to get him to start helping with midterm elections and that is the last thing we need!


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  • Stan says:

    Why is Obama not in prison for bringing into the USA thousands of muslim terrorists in modified transport planes, for ruining the economic and moral structure of our country?
    He was an illigal president, since he never was able to prove that he was born in America. The elections were phony and fixed (he knew 2 years ahead of the second term elections that he was still going to hold the office), why don’t we therefore scratch all the laws which he imposed on the Nation in a tyrannical /dictatorial manner? (Thousands of executive orders).
    Now he is continuing to mess with us to complete the destruction.

  • Howard says:

    If a Republican had even thought of doing anything that SCUM Obama did, they would have faced a firing squad or a hanging. I’m sorry, calling Obama scum is a terrible put down to scum!! Why is he STILL doing what he pleases to harm this country & it’s people. Give him a 5 minute trial then the firing squad!!

  • Michael C says:

    When I first head of Obama, before he entered into the Presidential race I looked him up on Wikipedia and read about him being born in Kenya and that his father and brother were radical Muslims in Kenya. Then a couple months later I went back on Wiki to show a friend about him and his bio was completely changed so that the POS could run! Knew all along that he was there to try and take OUR great country out! Thank God for Trump!!! Greatest President of my lifetime!

  • Richard says:

    I hate to say this, but I believe the only way to solve our problems in D.C. is to have civil unrest by WE THE PEOPLE! The power that many have created makes it impossible to vote these corrupt politicians out of office because they have created so many safe seats by having laws put into place with the intent to destroy our Constitution. We have allowed our education system to teach children unchecked against the principles of the Founders. History has been changed to benefit this destruction! The simple reason is that people,not all, are to lazy to read the truth! We are a nation of lambs!

  • Richard James says:

    The sad part is that he was voted the 12th best president
    He was given the Nobel peace prize for figuring out how to decrease our Nuclear Force when no one else would
    He released 1,000 of hardened criminals and did this country irrepearable damage and these dems are going to vote for him again. This man is an enemy to all that this country stands for. The list is so long it won’t fit here and everyone is blind to it.

  • Richard James says:

    The above comment is mine not the one above that .That comment is by another person with the same first name as mine.

  • Bruce Preece says:

    Obama is the antichrist spoken of in the book of Revelation. Nothing could be more clear when we see what has done against the country. Along with the Clintons, the Obama should be serving prison sentences.

  • Mo says:

    Why has Obama not been charged and convicted of TREASON and EXECUTED as the TRAITOR THAT HE IS?

  • Tommy says:

    Hello Mo, The main reason Obuma is still spewing venom is the result of 8 years in office making 1000,s of appointments, most of whom are still in office EQ: the NINTH district court in Cal, very liberal LOOK at the immigration situation and sanctuary cities in CAL. Now add in the 4, 5 and 6 term SENATORS and 4 to 8 year congressmen and WOMEN (Pelosi)
    and you have a DEEP SWAMP. run by mostly A Part Time Congress. They have their own Retirement (life) set their own Pay
    unlimited vacation and sick leave. And for the most part RUN FOR RE ELECTION THE DAY THEY GET ELECTED.
    with Few exceptions. Committee CHAIRMEN are appointed by SENIORITY . Need I say more. OF course one more item Most of Congress is made up of ATTORNEYS, , AND here comes a Billionaire BUSINESSMAN named DONALD TRUMP
    Now we have a NEW BALL GAME. PEOPLE we need to Re elect the PRES in 2020 and VOTE OUT THE SWAMP in 2018

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