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Election 2016

The Count Down To The Final Battle Has Begun



The Count Down To The Final Battle Has Begun, see more at:

The Count Down To The Final Battle Has Begun (Image: MGN)

The moment has finally arrived! We have one candidate with the nomination, and it looks like we already know who the other one is going to be. Donald Trump is the victor for the GOP presidential nominee, putting aside the fact that towards the end of the race he was running against himself. It will now come down to the November election between Hillary (most likely) and Trump. 

This election year has seemed more like an intense episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians, which means I guess Hillary would be playing the part of Caitlyn Jenner. Yet, credit has to be given to Mr. Trump.

This year was a year full of adversarial competition for Trump. He was not, the fastest out of the gate during the first few months of the primaries. Not to mention the 12 total candidates for the Republican nominee, he had plenty of competition. Then the #NeverTrump, where a group of elite Republican leaders tried to stop him from winning the nomination, was a constant reminder that he had opposition.

Yet, as we can see, he prevailed. If this primary isn’t an indication of stamina and endurance then nothing is. This year showed us that Donald Trump doesn’t crack under pressure, that he has no problem fighting till the end and that he never gives up. 

We still have a long way to go to see what the November election will bring, but so far Trump is undefeated. Bernie Sanders still has a long way to go to catch up to Hilary, but both would be interesting competitors against Trump.

This election year has been very eye opening towards our candidates. With the scandal on Hillary’s email scandal and Bernie’s comments on the competition, especially his recent comments about Disney and Trump’s very forward and politically incorrect views. Yet those views are what make him a crowd favorite.

The people are tired of hearing people pander to what they think the voters “want to hear,” they want the truth, the straightforward views on politics.


Trump is the victor. I guess we will have to see if his competitors have what it takes to compete against the Trump.

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