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Brace Yourselves: COVID-19 Winter Is Coming



Portrait of a Man Wearing a Medical Protective Mask on his Face in Winter | Brace Yourselves: COVID-19 Winter Is Coming | Featured

Brace yourselves: Covid-19 winter is coming. Coronavirus continues to ravage the world as we speak. At the latest count, the virus-infected 51 million people and killed 1.27 million worldwide. The United States has 10.4 million cases of infections and claimed more than 247,000 lives since March.

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Promising vaccines are within reach of FDA approval. But, it can be weeks away at best and months at worst between now and an available vaccine. Now is not the time for complacency. With the approach of winter, things can get from bad to worse if you’re not careful.

Holidays Approaching

With a spate of holiday approaching, Americans will start huddling indoors. Tradition dictates going home to family. While heartwarming, this can hasten the transmission of the virus.

Public health officials worry about the coming winter holidays beginning with Thanksgiving. These events guarantee to bring people from different places together. Considering the isolation, many people are dying to reconnect with their families. These family gatherings can pose the most risk. Research shows that the coronavirus can spread easily through entire households.

No National Plan, Yet

Face Mask with Flag of America Defending Coronavirus | Brace Yourselves: COVID-19 Winter Is Coming

The US remains without a national coronavirus plan in effect. Dr. Vin Gupta, a pulmonologist at UW Medicine in Seattle, is preparing for the worst. “There isn’t much we can do to prevent what we think is going to be about 2,200 deaths a day by Jan. 1,” he said. Meanwhile, epidemiologist Dr. Kelly Henning believes “This is a very scary moment.” She noted that “People are feeling some fatigue. But the virus is not. It’s continuing to circulate.”

Adding to the danger are the overworked medical specialists. According to Dr. Ken Lyn-Kew, critical care pulmonologist at National Jewish Health, many health professionals remain exhausted with the continued admissions of Covid-19 patients. He said: “There is a lot of sadness and fatigue. There’s burnout from dealing with this for months.”

Coronavirus and Cold Weather

Common colds and flu thrive during the winter season. Research shows that the influenza virus’s outer fatty membrane solidifies into a gel at freezing or near-freezing temperatures. A thickened membrane allows the influenza virus to survive in cooler temperatures. And survive the transfer from person to person.

Similar to influenza, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has an enveloped membrane. It’s very possible it can adapt to the cold weather and develop a thicker outer skin. This makes the coronavirus sturdier and more effective in spreading itself.

Why Would Winter Make Covid-19 Deadlier?

Influenza cases rise in winter due to temperature and humidity. Also, Covid-19 can survive longer in cold, dry air, and low humidity, as in temperate winters. Meanwhile, low humidity increases the evaporation of respiratory viral droplets into smaller aerosol particles. These can stay longer in the air, increasing the risk of airborne transmission. Low humidity also allows the virus to survive longer indoors.

Of course, winter means people huddled indoors for warmth. This can lead to overcrowding, which increases the chances of transmission and infection. A tougher virus and huddled masses are the recipes for bigger outbreaks.

Vaccines on the way

Covid-19 Vaccine | Brace Yourselves: COVID-19 Winter Is Coming

Earlier today, Pfizer and BioNTech announced the initial results of their Phase 3 trials. The coronavirus vaccine candidate reported a 90% effectiveness rate. This is better than the expected 50-60% rate.  

Pfizer expects to complete the safety data later this month. Once finished, they will apply for emergency approval. And if that gets an OK from the feds, it’s a go. The first million doses will ship to waiting for customers like the US government.

Pfizer/BioNTech is part of Operation Warp Speed

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was made in collaboration with Operation Warp Speed. OWS is the Trump Administration’s program that supports the development of coronavirus vaccines.

Last July, Pfizer announced the vaccine’s development in collaboration with Operation Warp Speed.

According to Breitbart: “The Covid-19 [coronavirus] vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech is being produced as part of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed, the revolutionary public-private partnership launched earlier this year to speed the development, production, and distribution of vaccines to protect against the virus.”  Pfizer’s Facebook page posted the collaboration last July 22.

Watch this as Bloomberg Quicktake asks: Will Covid-19 Get Worse in Winter?

Do you agree that the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine can help against coronavirus and the coming Covid-19 winter?

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Are you prepared for a Covid-19 winter? Do you have enough protections in place? Moreso, are you practicing safety measures to avoid the virus? Share any tips or knowledge you may have to help prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Or, share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  • Joyce says:

    The first million doses will ship to waiting for customers like the US government.

    The above was your statement. The U.S. Government doesnt get the vaccine before the elderly or nursing home patients…they come first.

    The government officials have done nothing for the people here except create divisions! They get nothing before the nursing home elderly and those people over 60!

  • cjg says:

    all you damn idiots need to grow up and pull your heads out of your asses, its just the flu you morons drank the coolaid.
    when God calls you will go, no matter what you have…..
    what morons giving in to the satanic democrats…… all for control

  • Jim says:

    Your Right!

  • wes wolfgram says:

    High 5..! Shitty testing. Fake stats. A very, very small number die FROM the virus and not reported as having died WITH it. the secondary and tertiary conditions are the what they have been dying from.

    This Vaccine is reportedly embedded with factors which can be used to verify who has taken this vaccine. Then what..? Interment camps..?

  • Don Collins says:

    I’m so glad we have so many professionals out there that know what’s best for all of us. It would seem the people who have spent there lives learning, studying, and working with viruses have no idea what’s happening. Thank god we have people like CJC and Wes who will lead us out of this pandemic.

  • Mary Kimmer says:

    We should all stay prepared and wear proper mask.Listen to health Officcals.

  • Kathie Senger says:

    I believe it’s out there but also believe the death count is a lie and doctors are told to put Covid on certificate no matter what. Too many people have come forward to say their loved one didn’t die of Covid.
    Great there is a vaccine but to be ready available will be 6 months or better for everyone. You can bet all these leftist yelling and screaming how they won’t take it, will be the first ones shoving their way to do just that.

  • David M Gitchel says:

    This vaccine could be very dangerous and contain debilitating ingredients and even a tracking device.
    I’m 82 and I’m not taking it. I’m healthy and there are medications available to treat it.
    President Trump is trapped into supporting it. I wonder what his inner thoughts truly are ….

  • Carmen Carrasquillo says:

    u are very right, I’m 67 & my husband is 65 & we will not take it either, we are Christian & God will protect us just as He has done till now 🙏

  • Carmen Carrasquillo says:

    How do we know that so many people really die🤔& specially of covid? My neighbor was diagnosed with covid because she was by her friends house &
    she positive, my neighbor don’t have nothing, but a little cough that went away in 3 day’s & the gave her 10 days quarantine, her granddaughter was with her for a while & she tested negative 🤔I went out with her before she got tested & I thank God I’m ok, so it’s really funny how u get tested for a simple cough & diagnosed with covid-19 🤔🤔🤔my sister was diagnosed with covid & none of her 3 kid’s that live with her got it, they were all tested negative 🤔🤔 propaganda, power, money🤔🤔🤔

  • Joan Hart says:

    I will continue to fight by doing my part in making sure I take care of my immune system. Don’t know if this is true but I just read that 80% of COVID cases have a deficiency in vitamin D.

  • Patti says:

    Vitamin D is a great precaution against virus

  • Bob says:

    I am 81 ,my wife is 79 and we will fight to be the first one in line, Trump has never lied in 4 years so he sure as hell won’t lie about this. Now if it were Democrats (Clintons, Schumer,Pelosi,Biden,Schitz,Comey,etc,etc,etc,who have been congenital liars since Clinton was President, NO WAY WOULD WE TRUST THEM.

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