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Epidemiologist Says World Nowhere Near End of COVID Pandemic



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For those eagerly awaiting the end of the COVID pandemic, don’t wait up. According to popular epidemiologist Dr. Larry Brilliant, the COVID pandemic is not ending soon. It’s mostly because only a small population of the world is currently vaccinated against coronavirus. 

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End of COVID Pandemic Nowhere Near

Dr. Larry Brilliant is an epidemiologist who helped the World Health Organization eradicate smallpox. He said that the COVID-19 delta variant is “maybe the most contagious virus” ever.

As proof, the US, India, and China are struggling to contain the highly infectious variant this year. Other countries are also reporting rising cases carrying the Delta strain. 

Last year, WHO recognized the seriousness of coronavirus and declared a global pandemic last March. Until now, efforts to eradicate the virus remain underway. Dr. Brilliant said that not everything is bad news.

Among the good news are that vaccines that use messenger RNA technology are holding up against the Delta variant. In addition, the vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson is also faring well. However, about 85% of the world’s population remains unvaccinated. In fact, more than 100 countries have vaccination rates of less than 5%. 

Closer To Beginning Than End of COVID Pandemic

“I think we’re closer to the beginning than we are to the end [of the pandemic], and that’s not because the variant that we’re looking at right now is going to last that long,” said Brilliant. The doctor recently founded and now works as CEO of his pandemic response consultancy, Pandefense Advisory.

“Unless we vaccinate everyone in 200 plus countries, there will still be new variants,” he said. In fact, he predicted that the coronavirus will eventually transform into a “forever virus” like influenza.

His models on the COVID outbreak in San Francisco and New York predict an “inverted V-shape epidemic curve”.  This implied that infections increase very quickly, but also decline rapidly. If the trend goes as predicted, it means that the delta variant spreads too quickly. As a result, it will basically run out of candidates to infect. 

Delta Cases Recede in Some Countries

In the UK and India, the spread of Delta already receded from its recent highs. The UK”s Daily reported cases fell from a peak of around 47,700 cases on July 21 to around 26,000 cases last Thursday.

This is according to statistics compiled by the online database Our World in Data. Meanwhile in India, the seven-day moving average of daily reported cases has remained below 50,000 since last June. This is far below the deadly peak of more than 390,000 a day last May.

“That may mean that this is a six-month phenomenon in a country, rather than a two-year phenomenon. But I do caution people that this is the delta variant and we have not run out of Greek letters so there may be more to come,” Brilliant warned. 

Low Probability of Super Variant

Brilliant also said that the chances for a super variant immune to vaccines to appear is extremely low. While it’s hard to predict this possibility, the scenario is a non-zero probability. It means it can’t be ruled out entirely. 

“It’s such a catastrophic event should it occur, we have to do everything possible to prevent it. And that means to get everyone vaccinated — not just in your neighborhood, not just in your family, not just in your country but all over the world,” he said.

Watch the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health presentation on the Coronavirus Pandemic: the Delta variant surge:

Are we really that far from the COVID pandemic’s ending?

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Do you agree with Dr. Brilliant that the world is far from ending the COVID pandemic? Do you have an active vaccine program in your area? Do you also encourage others in your areas to get vaccinated?

Tell us what you think about what can stop coronavirus once and for all.

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  • Elaine says:

    Let’s develop good early treatments and use them so natural immunity can happen. So many are sent home from ER and told “just treat symptoms and come back if you get worse”.

  • Anonymous says:

    I think this Dr has an agenda with Big Pharma and pushing a VAX that is the reason for the Delta Virus. They have reported Graphene Oxide is NOT in the VAX… lies, it just came out it is. There is no info except what Dr.’s like

  • Hyrel says:

    This Dr is not following epidemiology practice for Vaccines that are NOT proven safe and have high death rate in comparison to ALL OTHER VACCINES, let me say this again… THESE VACCINES ARE NOT SAFE or FDA would have approved ASAP instead of giving Big Pharma NO liability for a killer Vaccine 💉 Long term effectiveness…3 months? Boosters? Only sophisticated people who are VAXXED can have parties and No masks until Dr so n so says. This is like Natzi Doctor’s like Goebblels . These are tyrannical liers and wonder why we don’t listen to them. Why? Because they think WE ARE ALL STUPID…. We’ll you will have to work harder to BE TRUTHFUL. Some of us don’t follow BLINDLY. But do our own research.

  • Hyrel says:

    Let us look at India, 80% vaxxed are infected with Delta. Iceland, small population that has huge evidence of how this vaccine 💉 work. The vaxxed have as much virus load in nose as Unvaxxed. If YOU WOULD STOP PLAYING I wonder HOW FAST The WORLD & THIS COUNTRY Would GO BACK TO MOSTLY NORMAL. SM-102 Graphene Oxide hydrogel nanotechnology? Dr. Please explain with the understanding I will fact check you. DARPA? How does DARPA use Graphene Oxide? Why haven’t they isolated the virus? They could introduce the virus through Vaccines? Why not? THEY HAVEN’T ISOLATED THE VIRUS. ALSO IF THIS COVID19 IS DANGEROUS WHY AREN’T YOU AT THE BORDER SCREAMING!!!! SHUT THE MF GAYE!!!!????? Shut the fuck up until YOU DOCTOR CAN SNSWER THESE QUESTIONS… pissed at stupid people!

  • Hyrel says:

    This is not a free speech platform

  • Max says:

    When the least percentage of survival from the virus itself is over 96% and that is to the over 70 age group, while everyone younger than that has a 99+% rate of recovery – it’s obvious there’s a LOT more going on than just the virus – it’s a PLANNEDemic no doubt, on a worldwide scale. Like any other virus, herd immunity has to be given a chance to work – and constant mask mandates, on and off again, defeat that! Not unlike the flu, it will mutate every year or more otten. When they announce (used to announce) the year’s flu vaccine and everyone ran to get the shot, it wasn’t long before they came out and said that “Oops, different strain, wrong vaccine”, and we moved on from there. This is a conspiracy between big pharma (with no liability) and the population control geeks. Latest is that they want a “booster” for all the elderly that somehow have survived the first two shots – my guessd is that they haven’t killed off enough of the old folks yet. WAKE UP folks, and like Nike: JUST SAY NO!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Couldn’t agree more, elites scamdemic, don’t get the shot for something that is 99.5 % survival rate! Lies, lies, lies. Cant trust them

  • Breezy5 says:

    There is so much covered up by Dr. Fauci and Pelosi, it’s horrifying. This is how Nazism took over. Beer Gardens….where the false lies were spread to only let certain people who are “privileged ” (in this case, who get the vaccine) be allowed to participate in life. All others, small businesses, private schools are cancelled.

  • Mark says:

    biggest hoax ever perpetrated on are they testing for the Delta variant? the Covid virus has not been isolated, nor subjected to Koch’s postulates!.a pure isolate of the virus does not exist…..I am disappointed the lies are being perpetrated on this venue. Dr. Bullsh*t

  • Do Your Own Research, Please says:

    Super disappointed to see that you’ve Not done the important research behind the funding and affiliations of these people and organizations!
    WHO is predominantly funded by, and WHO’s international “healthcare” policies are established by, an individual who said: “If we do a really good job on vaccines and reproductive healthcare, we can REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION by 10-15 percent.”
    That’s not how real healthcare and medicine works.
    By the way, I’m referring to Bill Gates, of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Further, do you know how much the Gates Foundation gives to WHO? More than COUNTRIES in the WHO!

    Guess what Gates Foundation money is designated for??
    Vaccines and “reproductive healthcare”, of course.

    The coronavirus protocols that have been followed worldwide are led and guided by WHO, and their partners.

    Guess who invested in gain of function coronavirus research? Gates Foundation, Fauci, CCP, government entities worldwide, etc.

    And patent holders for various coronaviruses?? (..which preceded the outbreak, which Fauci predicted, to a 4 year span, and even citing the nation of America as facing this outbreak… Very Precise virus “evolution”.)
    Connections with these very same.

    If any doctor has affiliations with WHO, Gates, etc., he or she may indeed be popular (let’s look at Mr. Fauci as an example….)..

    Hitler was popular. That did not make him Trustable.

  • BBA says:

    War looks to be in our future. Biden and his handlers are getting more powerful by the day and when volunteering to get stabbed stops working and they start coming after you by restricting movement, withholding bank accounts, threatening to take your children (it’s coming) it is time to gather with EVERY means possible to take this communist dictatorship down!! I am so goddamned disgusted with how a large percentage of this country is acting like cowardly sheep with absolutely no factual truth to any of the COVID propaganda the corrupt government continues to throw out at us!

  • Dave says:

    Has anybody even asked the question if C-19 even qualifies as a pandemic anymore?

  • James says:

    This virus was manufactured by the CCP,with the assistance of The DNC,in order to get rid of DJT,through a corrupt election.Now that they have this accomplishment,they will keep the pandemic on the front burner,in order to steal the midterm elections next fall,and continue on with the destruction of the country as we know it,while the impotent RNC,stand by and pretend they will do something to stop the carnage.

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