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Crisis Continues: Arizona Senators Speak up on President Biden’s Border Failures



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Two border-state Senate Democrats spoke out about how President Biden's administration is not doing enough to address the ongoing border crisis.

Two Senate Democrats from border states have claimed that President Joe Biden has not done en

On Wednesday, Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly released a statement regarding the matter. In it, he lamented Biden’s lack of attention to the issue when the president made his speech to congress.

In his statement, Kelly said that he does share Biden’s sense of urgency with regards to the immigration system. However, he pointed out that he didn’t hear anything about the president's plan to try and solve the crisis. He also said that he will keep the administration accountable in delivering the resources and manpower needed to improve the situation at the border.

Another Arizona Senator, Krysten Sinema, echoed Kelly’s sentiments.

According to a statement released by her office, Sinema wants to witness the administration doing more action to address the situation at the border and to support Arizona communities in the area.

During his speech, the president didn’t address the influx of immigrant numbers at the southern border. However, he did pitch a comprehensive immigration bill to Congress.

Biden said that if Congress believes the country needs a secure border, then they should pass such a bill.

Lawmakers React to Biden's Failure to Address Border Crisis in His Recent Speech

As per a recent poll conducted by Fox News, around 46% of Americans think the border situation had become worse under the Biden administration compared to Trump’s time just two years ago. Meanwhile, only 15% said the security at the border is better, while 33% said it’s the same.

Last March, the president tapped Vice President Kamala Harris to connect with Latin American leaders and work with them on addressing the “root causes” of people emigrating from their countries. However, 40 days since then, Harris still has not traveled to the border nor announced any plan to do so. However, she has a planned visit to Guatemala in June.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn of Texas also reacted to the president not addressing the border crisis in his address. He mentioned that he was disappointed that the issue wasn’t mentioned. Cornyn also said he had hoped the president would be willing to work with a bipartisan set of lawmakers who are “eager to take action.”

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  • David says:

    Everything about this administration is a crisis, yet not a peep out of the “media.”

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    Come on, Man! Do you really expect him to do something about the border crisis? He probably isn’t aware of the border at all! If Kamel Hairs sneaks up behind him and yells, “Surprise!” she will be the president!!

  • Fred says:

    Don’t be fooled by Kelly’s words and Sinema’s “echo”. They are both anti-Constitutional as they have proven by their actions (votes). I’ve received letters from both on the issues of today and they both avoid answering direct questions asked and instead deflect with form letter propaganda (particularly on election integrity and Constitutional rights). Kelly must be really worried because the Maricopa County audit going on could prove Dominion machines were rigged, then Sinema would be also worried because her election was also counted with Dominion machines … Hmmm. Those are empty words promising to hold the “administration accountable” — what’s he going to do to hold them accountable? They both only vote party line, they don’t really represent Arizonans.

  • Donna says:

    Democrats NEVER answer any question they are asked. Boring Biden doesn’t have a clue what’s going on,Kamala doesn’t care, she’s waiting for poor old Joe to croak or go to a happy care center. Then she can
    take the reins and make the laws she and Obama want. The border is a mess,that probably too far gone to fix. This country is being reinfected with Covic from the illegals,it’s costing tax payers millions.. welcome to

  • Billy says:

    Time to revote for the President/Vice President as they are both against the Country.They are commiting treason now by letting all the illegals come in and have us pay for them then he want to give millions to foreign governments to stop their people from coming . Sure bankrupt us for illegals a good idea NOT.

  • Anonymous says:

    pray america pray !

    we need it !

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