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Cruz and Cramer Introduce Bills to Ban Vaccine and Mask Updates



Cruz and Cramer Introduce Bills to Ban Vaccine and Mask Updates-ss-Featured

On Tuesday, Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Kevin Cramer introduced bills that would ban mask and vaccine mandates.

In a press release, Sen. Cruz said that “To protect the rights and privacy of Americans, I’ve introduced legislation that would prohibit federal COVID mandates. This means no mask mandates, no vaccine mandates, and no vaccine passports.”

He went on to mention that his legislation “also provides civil rights protections for employees from their employers, to stop discrimination based on vaccination status.” He said he believes “The American people must have the freedom to exercise personal choice when it comes to protecting their health and the health of their families.”

Cruz and Cramer's Bill to Also Prohibit Future Vaccine and Mask Mandates

Along with this, Sen. Cramer also released a statement. He said: “When it comes to handling COVID-19, Americans are self-governed people who have more than enough information available to them on how to talk to their doctor and figure out what is best for themselves and their families.”

He added that the current administration’s efforts, along with its allies, of bullying people into wearing masks and getting vaccines only succeeds in “infringing upon the rights of the American people. Our legislation would protect Americans by preventing the federal government from allowing itself to make these important decisions on its behalf.”

The bill would prohibit mask mandates on public areas. It would also stop funding the enforcement of mask mandates. Additionally, it would prohibit future mask mandates that the Biden administration might put in place.

When it comes to vaccines, the bill would prohibit the mandating of “someone to receive any COVID-19 vaccine originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) without first obtaining the patient’s informed consent.”

The bill also intends to protect the rights of a child’s parents or guardians by requiring parental consent for a minor to get the COVID vaccine.

The press release said, “Under this bill, schools cannot give underage students a vaccine without first getting legal guardians’ permission.”

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  • Elaine says:

    Please support any legislation protecting American rights and freedoms. No one should be forced to succumb to ANY type of medical treatment or forced to wear anything identifying. I know people get offended at Holocaust comparisons but you have to realize Nazis take over was insidious. Jews were told wearing a star was for their own good and getting on trains was a benefit to them…rounding them up and taking them to neighborhoods was to help the Jews. It did not happen overnight, a lot of propaganda and marketing the storyline took place before the real violence began. The plan was years in the making. This was in documents I read at the Dachau memorial museum in 1989. This was never in my history books at my high school in FL.

  • Judy Ann Sarantakes says:

    How very STUPID CA CRUZ and his pal get???

  • Colin HurlowPaonessa says:

    As a devout catholic I am outraged that the Catholic Church establishment is not supportive of Catholics not to exert it their. Right to refuse covid 19 vaccine they should look at the 1945 Nuremberg international law policy clearly stating the personal right for informed consent The Catholic Church has an uncaring attitude toward people’s right to choose. It is plainly evident that the Marxist communist Biden administration is concerned that people have the right to exercise free will They have not been looking at the devastation caused by vaccination and-the. 45. Thousand deaths from the vaccine. There are already class action law suites about this and we the people will no longer tolerate a totalitarian Biden regime. This is the world Elites way yo reduce population. Shameful. We as Catholics should stop giving money to the Church I am sure there would be an immediate change of policy once we devout Catholics showed their objection to their coercive attitude and appalling behavior about this policy. Fortunately the constitution. Backs us up it is we the people. Not we the corrupt Catholic Church hierarchy and Elite globalists who decide what happens. They are using scare tactics which by the way are not working. And 99.8 percent of all people recover. Doctors and president Trump told the world that combination therapies of hydrochloramphenaquin. And azithromycin are very effective in curing covid 19. The major drug companies have already class action law suites expressing their negligence in their not making these drug available Also. There is No scientific data that proves that masks /vaccination s are effective especially young children teenagers should not get vaccinate.

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    I agree with Cruz and Cramer’s Bill to Also Prohibit Future Vaccine and Mask Mandates. Some people are STUPID to understand Science. So what ever one says that’s science based, is meaningless to them.

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