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Dad Tackles Intruder and Holds Him at Gun Point

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police car chasing a car | Dad Tackles Intruder and Holds Him at Gun Point | Featured

After hearing his daughter scream, a North Carolina dad “tackled” and held down a suspected home intruder at gunpoint. He was lying in bed when his wife and daughter returned home from a dentist appointment. He later heard his daughter scream. When he rushed to her room, he reportedly saw an intruder.

The intruder was identified as Jason Kane Tillman, 43. Investigators said the father “tackled” Tillman and held him at gunpoint until deputies arrived at the scene on Philadelphia Church Road. According to the Gaston Gazette, “Baker District Patrol deputies were already in the area after reports of a suspicious vehicle and break-ins to outbuildings on nearby Magnolia Grove Road.”

Fox News reported that Tillman was arrested and charged with breaking and entering, attempted breaking and entering to a building, larceny from a building, and possession of stolen property.

Tillman was booked in the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center on a $51,000 bond.

No one was injured during the confrontation.

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