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POST IMPEACHMENT: Trump Supporters Confident About 2020 Election Results

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Trump 2020 red cap | POST IMPEACHMENT: Trump Supporters Confident About 2020 Election Results | Featured

According to Air Force veteran and retired teacher Mike Grunwald, the impeachment of President Trump “pissed me off.” Grunwald was “among a throng of Trump supporters waiting in the cold and raw rain outside the Southern New Hampshire University arena in downtown Manchester more than eight hours before the president and Vice President Mike Pence were expected to headline a re-election rally,” reported Fox News.

“I like everything he’s done,” Grunwald said. “I kind of wish that maybe the rhetoric would be turned down a tad, but you know what, he’s been beat up for three years. What are you going to do?”

Grunwald was confident that whoever wins the Democratic presidential nomination, “they’re all going to lose” to Trump in November’s general election.

This is Trump’s first campaign rally since the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him of the impeachment charges he faced. Grunwald said the House Democrats’ impeachment of the president was “all partisan.”

Laurie Reed also went to the rally and said that Trump’s impeachment “Made me 1,000 percent more supportive than I already was. It was annoying and a waste of our taxpayer money and time.” Referring to the general election, she added, “I think that we’re going to win 100 percent and I don’t care who his opponent is.”

The president, vice president and a crowd of Trump campaign officials and surrogates were all “parachuting into New Hampshire on the eve of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary to take some of the spotlight away from the Democrats,” said Fox News.

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