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Daughter to US Hostage in Lebanon Pleads for Trump: ‘We Need Him Back ASAP’

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Screenshot via Youtube (WMUR-TV)

Guila Fakhoury, daughter of American citizen held hostage in Lebanon, urged President Trump to do what he can to bring her father home. “My dad was kidnapped,” Fakhoury said in an appearance on “Fox & Friends: Weekend.” “He went to retrieve his passport after [they told him] ‘we just need it for a background check’ and we never saw him again.”

Fakhoury added that her father is battling Stage 4 cancer while jailed in Beirut. “On top of that, he acquired Epstein-Barr virus which led to his Stage 4 cancer. And he is still held hostage by a country we are giving millions [in] aid [to] every year,” she said.

Having served as a commander in the South Lebanon Army, Amer Fakhoury was jailed when on vacation with his family last December. According to Fox News, a Hezbollah-backed newspaper accused him of war crimes. However, Washington Times explained that “before Fakhoury went back, he received assurances from government officials in Lebanon that there were no legal matters that might interfere with his return.”

The family’s attorney Celine Atallah called on the president “because we trust that our president will never sit back and watch an innocent American citizen being tortured, held hostage and dying.”

“My message to President Trump…He advocates for all Americans out there. He fights for Americans and right now there is a sick American, U.S. citizen, who is held hostage and we need him back ASAP,” Guila Fakhoury said.

“It’s a life and death situation right now,” she said. “I’m just frustrated we’re not able to get him home. We’re talking about a sick, innocent U.S. citizen.”

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