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Decision 2016: America Decided Trump Is What We Need!



TRUMP WINS! The Road To Recovery Begins Today! Together We Will Make America Great Again!




DEVELOPING … Keep Checking Back As We Follow This Election To The End…
Update 12:54 Central: We Are 3 Votes Away We Got This! LOCK HER UP,DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Update 12:40 Central: Trump Takes PA!!

Update 12:21 Central:Trump take huge jump in PA and his road to victory becomes stronger as Trump projected to win Wisconsin, Florida, Iowa; Clinton to win Nevada

Update 11:10 Central:We see Trump moving ahead further in the votes. And it is only a matter of time before we hear Donald Trump Confirmed.

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Update 10:25 Central:Donald Trump scored a run of significant projected victories Tuesday night in the battlegrounds of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, swiftly complicating Hillary Clinton’s path as she continued to trail the Republican nominee in the electoral-vote count.

Fox News projects that Clinton will win the swing states of Virginia and Colorado. She also is projected to win California, a solidly blue state that is worth 55 electoral votes.

But Trump continues to hold the electoral-vote lead as returns come in.

His victory in Florida comes in the biggest and most significant battleground state that was up for grabs Tuesday night. The win gives him another 29 electoral votes.

The race, however, remained tight in the battle for 270 electoral votes. It was too early or close to call a range of other vital battlegrounds, including: Pennsylvania, Nevada, Iowa, Arizona and New Hampshire.

Update 9:40 Central: Donald Trump wins the critical battleground of Ohio.

Hillary Clinton is projected to claim the swing state of Colorado, according to exit polls and partial vote returns.

Update 8:00 Central: Hillary Clinton will win delegate-rich New York while Donald Trump will win Texas, as the presidential candidates continue to fight it out in key battlegrounds across the country.


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  • Trevor says:

    Donald!!! We can’t afford to have 4 more years of liberal tears.

  • Debra Fox says:

    He has some great ideas and can make America great again and not corrupt, lying Hillary who we don’t need.

  • ESTELLA says:

    Go Trump Go do not trust the clintons

  • JR says:

    The Clinton’s are liars and thieves. They should be jailed. Not president.

  • Dale Johnson says:

    He is by far the best person for the job.

  • He says:

    He is rassist and mysogynistic and hasn’t taken the time to learn what he needs to know to be president. He has also pandered to the NRA. We need sensible gun control.

  • Rosalie Merritt says:

    We need trump to run this country

  • Ray says:

    I cannot believe NY fell to that Clinton criminal

  • Anne says:

    This country has been subjected to so many corrupt and liberal power hungry fools that we are going to have to work very hard to get back to where we were years ago.

  • Name says:

    We just might get to keep our country.

  • Nancy says:

    Government as usual has gotten too comfortable. We have gotten away from what our founding fathers intended in our constitution. We need new and inspirational leadership. As one nation under God, I strongly have faith that God is hearing the prayers of the faithful American spirited people.

  • Gary says:

    This socialist government need some to change tomorrow.

  • Angela Brightwell says:

    America needs Trump because Trump will not sell America to foreign countries. Trump will protect America and its Jobs

  • Jeff Bryant says:

    We need new leadership that not afraid to stand up to old system! We need change in our government. We need them working for us instead of their own agendas.

  • Joyce finnegan says:

    I am basically a conservative republican and have been all my life!

  • Richard Irvin says:

    A clinton presidency with her being arrogant, self-centered egotistical potty mouthed pathological lier we can’t let her near the white house

  • jim robinett says:

    We need President Trump leading this country in order to restore this Country to it’s once great status and see to it that this Country is respected worldwide.

  • cindi says:

    because we need a leader who doesn’t need to be bought off by special interests, and most of ALL, he is a nationalist and a patriot!

  • Kenneth Mathes says:

    To keep America Free

  • Name says:

    We gonna win america needs him!

  • Name says:

    Do not want 4 more years of Obama legacy

  • Jose A. says:

    Donald J. Trump want law and order in America,stopping illegal immigration by building the wall, creating jobs for healthy economy.

  • Laura says:

    We need Trump to put that criminal Hillary in prison!

  • kathy says:

    Before it was official I was for Trump running for President… We need someone smart in business and someone who gives a Damn about our Nation and our Vets…ROll on Trump

  • Judy says:

    Time for someone with a heart for the country to be in the White House. Enough of people with personal agendas.

  • Melissa says:

    Trump needs to win for the benefit of all americans. The ones that live right now and the ones that live abroad

  • Rodney Steward says:

    It really doesn’t take a fool to see the accomplishments, after 30 plus years in politics, and Hillary still has none! Look at Trump, knows what and how to start and run a business, and with no death trail, no foundation that has taken money even from terrorist countries, something isn’t right ! She’s evil with no family morals at all, and at least Trump has some morals!! TRUMP, 2016!! And this election has been rigged!

  • Dinny says:

    We need honesty and someone who loves this nation. Nationalism not globalism.



  • Laddie Dwyer says:

    We need strong, non politian, ethical person to lead us..

  • James Andrewsd says:

    It’s not even about about Trump; it’s about stopping that evil murderer, corrupt thief and traitor Clinton!

  • Nancy says:

    We need to win

    ..we need America back, conservatism is a must!
    Reverse illegal executive orders!

  • Deborah Hodge says:

    I want a President that’s willing to work for the people of America,,,,,to keep our borders safe, to create jobs for the unemployed, to get rid of illegal immigrants who are taking away from Americans who are in need,,,,I do not TRUST HILLARY CLINTON OR HER HUSBAND,,,,THE CLINTON FOUNDATION IS SO CORRUPT AND SO WILL ANOTHER CLINTON ADMINISTRATION,,,,It will be a joke if Bill Clinton becomes the “First Gentleman “,,,,he list his license to practice law ANYWHERE, he had to pay $850,000 in restitution to one of his victims and he was IMPEACHED!!! I want a TRUMP ADMINISTRATION IN 2016,,,,MAKE AMERICA GREAT AND SAFE AGAIN

  • peter says:

    He is correct on most issues for America !
    She belongs in jail ! ! !

  • Teresa Cowpet says:

    The citizens of the United States are encouraged by trump’s plans to turn around our economy and make our country great again. We are tired of the establishment politics.

  • David Ingle says:

    I feel when need to get away from the status quo and have things shook up a bit. Get away from the establishment and give the country back to the people. Quit shoving things down our throat and expect us to like. I feel Trump exemplifies these feelings along with the majority of Americans.

  • miki bell says:

    He will clean washington from the corruption, bring jobs, energize the economy. Will appoint judges to the supreme court in the style of Scalia, follow the constitution and save the 2nd amendment. He will make the government operate efficiently like a business. I don’t want the crooked Hillary in the White House with her pedophile husband. She will sell us the the highest bidder….

  • Edmond Briand says:

    Hillary is a Clinton !!! Thats self exclamatory !!!

  • John Magee says:

    She will lead us… into nuclear war!

  • Richard Mortenson says:

    Our country is history of Hillary gets in. The good lord is all that can save this Country . . I hope he hasn’t given up on our nation

  • Glenn Stalions says:

    We need change at all levels of government. In other words “drain the swamp”

  • Tom says:

    Supreme Court Appointments

  • Paul G Schamp says:

    I have been for Trump since he announced. He tells it like it is and he is not a politician.

  • Alexander Livinsky says:

    Because Hillary and government corrupted.
    Only Trump can fixed

  • Margie Morgan says:

    We need jobs and someone who is not an insider.

  • jake says:

    yogi berra made this infamous quote…it ain’t over ’til its over and the fat lady sings. Trump still has to remain alive to achieve victory..yes? Obummer and that crowd can still pull some dirty tricks like they did to Al Gore.

  • Patrick fetter says:

    We have to have Donald Trump Hillary Clinton will ruin the united States

  • Name says:

    Pro- life, pro-migration reform, ie wall. Business man, get economy going.

  • Liz wetzel says:

    To save america. We need to follow constitution.

  • mtman2 says:

    All I wanna hear is Trump landslided or it will be a complete fraud…

  • Bill says:

    Yes yes yes! But I ain’t counting no chickens

  • Gary says:

    zhe is an outsider in DC

  • Shirley Harold says:

    I’m looking for change, for economic growth, for equal pay, for a strong military, for lower taxes. For the flags to be honoured etc. Donald Trump will bring good changes

  • SouthernPatriot says:

    We need Trump to do what he has promised: Improve veteran’s health care and build new VA hospitals; eliminate the train wreck of Obama care. enforce the U.S. Immigration laws; build a literal and virtual border wall; remove regulations and hindrances to exploration and extraction of our own natural resources, rather than enriching Muslim dictators who support terrorism, appoint conservatives and constitutionalists to the courts including the SCOTUS, law and order restored; re-negotiating agreements with other countries which are not in our best interests; eliminate all Obama’s decrees and fiats (executive orders) which support corruption and perversion (like elementary school girl’s restrooms to be used also by boy’s and men), prohibit Bill from living in the People’s House and slipping in his concubines and both stealing as much as they could when they left.

  • Laren Fusman says:

    I’d sure hate to see Hillary Win

  • Marty Barnes says:

    Personally I won’t North Carolina and Florida to seal this deal

  • Darryl Main Sr says:

    I believe that mr. Trump campaign United States around and bring jobs back to the United States and hopefully he can get rid of the drugs and keep our Second Amendment strong

  • Thomas says:

    Thomas Our freedom of speech

  • Jeff says:

    he’s for the people

  • Vernon Bailey says:

    Hillary is down right a criminal. She will care less about how the nation goes but that she and Bill are on top and make huge money

  • Fiesaleo says:

    Piss on trump

    Piss on trump

  • Celeste Wallace says:

    I truly believe Donald Trump has what America needs! He has the right idea about all of the most crucial needs for the American people. Budget, safety,he has morals and he loves America!

  • Darlene Bultemeier says:

    My family and I love you. We are praying you win this election. You have gone above the call of duty. There was nothing more you could have done. You have done it all. You are also the first one we have given you money to help. Small it may be but I paid for the black Trump card. I thought I would was going to get a gold care but did not. My momey, and we are on a tight budge, and we are both glad we could give you a little money for a good cause. Thank you for going the extra miles. Love you and your family. God bless you all. Praying you are the First President of the United States who was not afraid to speak your mind. We love you for that. Darlene Bultemeir

  • Name says:

    We need change for the better in many ways not a liar.we are still paying the price from Clinton administration and the dreadful Obama run its time for change Trump for president

  • Jeffrey Cahoon says:

    Trump MUST WIN this election! If he does not, we are doomed!!

  • Kay says:

    Trump is our only hope to get rid of the corruption and horrible direction our country has been heading in. We can be a country to be proud of again with Trump.

  • Colette says:

    God bless america

  • Kat says:

    No more Clintons! No more Bushes!

    We love Trump! He brings a fresh perspective by not being a career politician!

  • Michael says:

    Trump is not controlled by any special interest party, owes nothing to any outside interest groups and has a vision that most politicians can never have.



  • Keith says:

    It is kind of like ,do you want to sleep with a West Texas Rattle snake or a hog nose snake? Hillary is the Rattle sake. Good Luck

  • Martha Johnson says:

    This country will never survive a Hillary Clinton term

  • Marcia says:

    Trump scares me to death. He is not going to be able to do what he says, just because he is Donald Trump. The rest of the world is not impressed. He may isolate us severely, politically and economically.

  • Mike says:

    America will never survive and oval office that freely kills babies 9 months old !!
    Equally a CINC that ignores military and ambassador calls for relief is a criminal awaiting impeachment.

  • Name says:

    We need change and trump is the one who will give that to us.

  • John says:

    Supports 2nd amendment, knows more about turning the country’s financial situation around. We’ve already seen how well the Democrats have done for the last 8 years and Clinton plans on keeping things going in the same direction. The country can’t handle that.

  • Tony Ross says:

    Because he is a great business man and knows what needs to be done to put America back into the work force instead of being Obama & Hillary’s sheep sucking off the system and going nowhere. Also, Hillary is corrupt as hell.

  • David Brown says:

    Donald Trump offers the single greatest chance for rebuilding the country and a true change for the first time.

  • Christopher Riddle says:

    We need Trump because we need to return to The Constitution and Law and Order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SC says:

    We feel that H.C. should not run for president, because Bill Clinton served two terms as president. What kind of assurance would the USCitizens get so that Bill Clinton would not have a major say in running the government through H.C?

  • David Rodriguez says:

    We need to make America great again & I believe he can do it!!!!

  • Ronald says:

    we need some one who will fight for the middle class

  • Sandy says:

    We need Trump as President because Hilarry is the biggest crook there is! If Hilarry were to become President, the military would continue to be depleted even the more! The 2nd amendment would be done away with all together.
    America as we know it would cease to exist! There would be no immigration laws, anyone would be able to cross the border with no consequence’s! NOT acceptable!
    Our government is corrupt throughout and it needs to be investigated and weeded out. Trump can do that

  • sylvester euell says:

    hillary is a big lier people need to read they history and they will no the thuth about the democrat the democrat been dirty way back in slavery time i can even tell you what the democrat do to get vote but i want go in to that

  • Judith Branham says:

    He will make America great again! Get on the TRUMP TRAIN!!!!

  • Name says:

    If Clinton gets elected, the people will be thrown back into the dark ages. she will destroy all of us.

  • Derrick says:


  • Eunice Andrews says:

    The establishment is too crooked. Supreme Court Justices, abortion, fairer trade and keep out illegals.

  • Jennifer Albert says:

    We are at a crossroad. One way goes towards good things and the other leads to despair. We need to get back to the foundation that made our Country great. We need the sanctity of man/woman marriage. We need to know that our government has OUR best interests at heart. We need to know that we can defend ourselves, if need be. We need to take care of our elderly, veterans, our unborn and OUR homeless, not bring in millions who do not share our values and hate us. We need a government run by Americans, not the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam has no place in America. They must assimilate or go home. We need less government and more REAL jobs. We need affordable healthcare. We need to get BIG PHARMA out of the government. Government needs to do what the PEOPLE WANT. We need God put back in to the lives of the people, the money, and the government. We need to realize that Freedom of Religion is to safeguard religious freedom, not to rid the country of religion. We need to throw “Political Correctness” in the garbage where it belongs. We need our Country back!!!

  • Dan says:

    America has seen to much corruption in the last eight years with Obama/Clinton ! It’s time for a change. Clinton will bring the world to the edge of destruction where numerous people will perish. This would be the end of the world as we know it. That’s just not right to the human species.



  • Robert says:

    Trrump is HONEST and wants to clean out the graft in our government!

  • Mark Garcia says:

    As a hard working American man we need America restored back to the country it once was. WE need America safe. TRUMP is the only one who can do this

  • David says:

    Lower taxes = higher wages. Abortion is murder. IRS “refunds” should be just that…you should not be able to get a refund if you did not pay fed taxes. Sharia law incompatible with the constitution.

  • william mcferran says:

    If he does not win the country may never recover.

  • Noel Hobson says:

    The “swamp” does indeed need draining….and Mrs Clinton needs to be brought to (genuine) justice.

  • James says:

    Hillary is a criminal who hasn’t yet been tried. Donald’s ideas are what America needs to restore some of the values we have come to believe in. And nothing he’s stated is worse than what other countries already practice.

  • Richard saba says:

    Because he’s gonna make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!! GO TRUMP!!???????????????? Yaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo WE will be FREE AGAIN!!!!

  • Athena McNeill says:

    I am all for seeing a woman elected as President. Just not this woman. She has done nothing but lie to the American people, to the government, to her party and to herself. Her campaign has been filled with corruption against her own party i.e. Bernie Sanders, they have paid to disrupte Republican rallies, she has done so many illegal things to be elected, not to mention outside of this election! Her corruption in business and politics is beyond compare and our system is so dysfunctional and corrupt that she gets away with all she has done. She stands for everything America is not. We need change and with Donald Trump I believe we will see that change. I disagree with Trump on one thing, I believe America is STILL great! But there are many things that need to be fixed. Military, jobs, borders, police, healthcare, our vets, race relations, corruption in our political system. There are so many issues that need to be addressed and fixed. I believe he knows that he cannot do it all but he is smart enough to surround himself with those that can. I think he will listen to his advisors and work towards making America even greater. Look at what he has done by himself. He had wonderful people working hard and campaigning with him. But Hillary has not stood alone once in this race. She always has some big name ticket to draw her people. Without the help of all the musicians and actors how far would she be? And it really bothers me that an acting president was out campaigning for the last two months last leaving his job and our country sitting on the sidelines so he could go campaigning. I guess there just wasn’t anything he could’ve been doing as far as his job was concerned. I believe that in Trump we will see the change that this country has needed. Give him a chance as he says “what have you got to lose?” We have everything to gain.

  • Lois says:

    I already get your emails – FYI.
    Without Trump I am afraid for this Country and for the grandchildren behind me. I want our freedom. I want religious freedom, I want our constitiution and what we were founded on. I want Muslim Brotherhood who are attached to Al Qaeda and terrorists group to be gone and out of congress and high authority positions, I want terrorists out of our country. Without Trump, none of this would be possible!!! Huma Abedin has terrorist ties and funding to them. Dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. Please, please be praying right now for our Country and for Trump!!!!!

  • Name says:

    Only one that can repair the damage that’s been done

  • Vernie Treadway says:

    I am Praying for TRUMP to WIN

  • Lorna Hornbeek says:

    Because of his tax policies, job policies, illegal alien policies, etc.

  • Julian says:

    He is the one leader, who is destined to fight for American & its’ people in the quest to make America great again!!

  • Michael Hammel says:

    The corruption in Washington must go.

  • Robin.gamboa says:

    We need a man who can’t be brought

  • Donna says:


  • Maybelle Cross says:

    Because he is a REAL LEADER AND NOT A KILLER, LIKE HITLERY. NOR AN ILLEGAL LIKE OBAMA AND A BIASED, NOT LEGAL American citizen nor legal American Pres. He is an impostor, a Muslim, a liar, an ISIS worshiper and a hater of Christian American people!

  • Sheila says:

    I believe he can make America great again. because he is not a corrupt politician he is one of us normal Americans who love this country

  • Catalino T. Ribac says:

    I would no want a liar to be my President.,

  • Sherry says:

    I believe he really cares about America and all the people in it! He is the absolute best choice to run this country and make it great again! I stand strong behind Mr. Trump! Women for Trump..I’m on that trump train all the way to the finish line!

  • Dawn says:

    Praise God! Thank you,Lord for calling and preparing Mr. Trump to lead this nation! Amen

  • Nancy says:

    The polls are revealing that America is crying out for change!

  • thomas r young says:

    we need a complete change away from all the freeloaders on welfare…. live hand grenade!!!??? HAH!
    lets shake it up , baby!!!

  • everett pearson says:

    give the ‘power’ back to the citizenship!

  • Kirk says:

    Toot toot Make America great again Trump!

  • Bruce Ganter says:

    We need Trump to clean up the trash and corruption of Congress. The middle class is made up of the people who work to produce a better life for themselves.

  • Steve says:

    If the citizens of America vote hilliary as the next president the future of America is changed forever. This is by far the most important election in the history of America. She will have probably 3 seats on the Supreme Court. We can’t even begin to understand the ramifications of a hilliary omination

  • Gustavo caballero says:

    Trump will win!!!

  • Tina says:

    Economy! I am delighted, watching the media back step. This is a repeat of the early election. Go Donald!

  • Laurie says:

    We must drain the swamp! Clintons need prison or extermination. Deep state, Iluminati…let His people go. Stop the mass murder of the unborn…only one reason we are under God’s judgement, but a big one. Trump, take counsel from the Pastors who pursue the truth, not the ones who pursue riches for themselves. America needs God.

  • denver says:

    because we need a change

  • Stephanie says:

    I Hate Hilary Clinton!!

  • Jesse Estes says:

    It would feel good for someone in Washington
    feeling and thinking as I do. I hope he makes
    it because ” It does make a difference”!!
    MSG U.S. Army Retired

  • Laddie Dwyer says:

    We need a leader!!!

  • rondi says:

    TRUMP is our SAVING GRACE.!!!!….. America, cant take 4 more yrs. of Clinton- Corruption !!!—– PLEASE = PRAY- Meditate,NOW….. Rondi

  • Kristin Clark says:

    Trump is the only one who can make America great again! Go Trump!!!!!!

  • Ronald Lavigne says:

    We need America great again, and to get all them crooked people out of office

  • John D. Dickey says:

    We need a man of his integrity and boldness.
    Praying he wins!!!

  • goldi steiner says:


  • hervy myers says:

    Clinton left good men to die at Bbenghazi and she is not honest

  • susan foster says:

    Trump is not a career politician, is not beholden to any special interest group,knows how to create jobs, i.e.CAPITALISM VS SOCIALISM which Clinton surely will continue Obama’s policies. Trump will put the brakes on all of this illegal immigration as well as the thousands of middle eastern refugees. He will save America from globalism and protect America’s sovereignty , which is how our founding fathers, who were inspired by God our Heavenly Father intended this country to be the shining light on the hill. additionally, he will stop the Democratic plan of giving away our country with out of whack trade deals. It is time to take care of us and our country.

  • Diane Rivenbark says:

    We need LBJ Amendment revoked, Obamacare replaced with private server, make NATO pay us for protecting countries, make Mexico pay for wall, stop NAFTA from taking our jobs, stop Global Warming controls, etc.

  • Roland gaitan says:

    We only have one chance to clean up bad government trump is the answer is seen my parents lost their jobs for cheaper labor and I tried of people from here losing jobs to others country who don’t care about their people it time to enrich American no triump means no more American we need are freedom back

  • Nick Curto says:

    If some Americans think that a woman as President is a bad idea, shame on them. A woman as President of The United States is long over due. However, if you think that Hillary is the right choice for President, shame on you. She is not only the wrong person to be in any elected or appointed office, she by rights should be in jail for the shamefully bad decisions she has made countless times that has caused many to die because of her careless mistakes, and for her ties to the most evil elite on the planet who only want more power and wealth for themselves, and will stop at nothing to get their selfish ways at the expense of all the people in this world. But to the Clinton’s big money talks and they listen. There are great choices of wonderful, smart and visionary women who would be great choices for President, but Hillary is NOT on that list and never should be. She has caused more suffering, more murders of anyone who she feels could tell people what she is really like and what nasty things she has gotten away with, and more wars than anyone could possibly imagine, and she, at the moment, is still not in prison where she rightfully belongs along with her also slimy husband. The many proven facts do not lie but she is a non stop lair time and time again. She also is as slimy as they come, and she knows just how to talk a good game and place herself in the best possible light. But that is all it is, just talk. She and her so called shameful husband are a disgrace and must be held accountable for their many crimes in a court of law, and now is not too soon! Wake up people! Look it up, do your own research, and then know the truth! America deserves much, much better that the totally crooked and corrupt Clinton’s.

  • Louise Montalvo says:

    We need Trump because he is not a part of the governmental group that does nothing but grow the government, make more laws and rules, and borrows and prints money. He is not looking at his government job as a way to make more money. He wants to go back to constitutional government for the benefit of the people, not the benefit of the government.

  • David says:

    Supreme Court, prolife, bill the wall,jobs jobs jobs,trade,illegal immigrantion,and on and on Trump is what we been waiting for

  • Carol says:

    I am amazed and overwhelmed!!!

  • tom kilo says:

    he can run the goverment like a business d also drain the swamp

  • Richard Wells says:

    Because Trump Supports Freedom !

  • Bart Scivally says:

    My prayers will be answered!

  • Baird Risdon says:

    Under the present situation there is no vision for this country. A people with out a vision will perish. We really haven’t been a nation of production. Robust material goods as a national effort since the early 1960’s.

  • Richard Wells says:

    Australia Is Behind President Trump !

  • Dianna says:

    Trump is the better man who know how to get us back where we need to be.
    Hillary is only running for the money she don’t care about the people she only cares about her self and can’t even remember what lies she was going with for the week

  • Maria Vega says:

    I believe this country has been on the wrong path for many years. It’s time to truly make our America GREAT! God bless America the land of the FREE.

  • Matt says:

    We need Trump in the oval office to get the corruption out of Washington DC. Bring jobs back to the USA

  • Verlia Ann Freeze says:

    I am 80 years old and I never thought I would see our country in such a mess. Since 1991 our country, including the Bushes were too busy lining their pockets with corruption. No wonder Baby Bush got his pantys in a wad when Donald Trump put the scavenger in hois place. DONALD TRUMP IS A REAL REAL MAN. GOD KNOWS OJR COUNTRY CAN NOW BE PROUD AGAIN WITH THE DONALD. Suck it up Jeb and quit looking like Hillary.

  • Kent C. Cooksley says:

    Trump may be vociferous, and say some things off the cuff that he does not necessarily mean later. But, if we are to have ANY hope at all for the future of this country, we NEED Donald’s (business)experience and leadership. He owes NO allegiance to any of those major power brokers in Congress or inside the beltway. We need a serious housecleaning, with a LOT of “You’re Fired!” directed at non-functioning figureheads who are in business ONLY to line their pockets, starting with the FDA Director.

  • Kent C. Cooksley says:

    Trump may be vociferous, and say some things off the cuff that he does not necessarily mean later. But, if we are to have ANY hope at all for the future of this country, we NEED Donald’s (business)experience and leadership. He owes NO allegiance to any of those major power brokers in Congress or inside the beltway. We need a serious housecleaning, with a LOT of “You’re Fired!” directed at non-functioning figureheads who are in business ONLY to line their pockets, starting with the FDA Director.

  • Karoline says:

    Make America Great Again!!!!

  • Wayne says:

    I’m a disable veteran veitnam ,hope mr. trump will help veterans.Our military needs rebuilding .need fair taxes.Keep jobs in the USA .I would go to battle with president Trump to make America great again .Dont let us down !

  • Wayne says:

    I’m a disable veteran veitnam ,hope mr. trump will help veterans.Our military needs rebuilding .need fair taxes.Keep jobs in the USA .I would go to battle with president Trump to make America great again .Dont let us down !

  • Ernie White says:

    We in the USA need Need New Blood in the
    White House! The Donald has got it.

  • Michael Hill says:

    We need a warrior!! Trump has been in battle his entire life! He’s no dummy that’s why he’s should be president of this country

  • Aletha Jelladian says:

    TRUMP means INTEGRITY. For the PEOPLE. For what is RIGHT and JUST. TRUMP is a VISIONARY who knows how to put his plan into form!! And his plans actually work for the people and not only for himself. TRUMP is tireless. He is strong and sturdy in body, mind and spirit. He knows how to “bulldoze” when he needs to, and he knows how to be gracious in the right moment. He is a straight shooter, and I love that!! TRUMP is a man of God. We didn’t come this far (from the founding fathers and all their sacrifices for us) for nothing! After so many years of corruption in our nation, the people had finally had enough! And so God gave us our TRUMPET!!! God bless the TRUMPET, and the Glory be to God in Heaven when our people start to shine again.
    Thank you for letting me speak! This is a good idea–for all of us to connect with each other and share our thoughts and dreams!!!

  • James Nieman says:

    We have had enough of the crooked Clintons in the White House. Sure do not need another round of their giving our military secrets to China or other nations for contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

  • Marti says:

    He He is the only person to listen to middle class for years since Ronald Reagan. We the middle class are supporting half of America

  • Milburn. R Peach says:

    IOn a U.S. Army war vet!!! Out country has been litterly Drained by the Obama administration of everthing from human rights, to nearly bankrupting us financially!! With a 3 trillion dollar debt, to Veterans benefits, our Military Our morals as a God fearing country, our consttutional rights! Hillary Clinton is an evil extension of Obama’s Liberal tyranny!!! I believe Donald Trump sincerly wants to make us strong again and lead us in the right direction!! We need him !! This country’s future depends on it!!!#

  • jeffrey kleven says:

    freeze all assetts of clinton foundation!! payback to america ,time!

  • Keith Parris says:

    The country is well aware that the government as it currently stands is broken and in need of a massive overhaul. What they seem to fail to understand is that Trump is not the answer, his rhetoric is laced with separatist ideologies and racism. If allow to gain the presidency he will plunge this country into a worst state than it is now and will leave it vulnerable to all it’s enemies both known and unknown.

  • Because America should not be defined by simply being black, hispanic, gay or stupid.

  • John Magee says:

    No more Obamacare!

  • Linda Price says:

    I agree because he is a very strong voiced business man and I believe he truly cares about the welfare of our country. He stood his ground against someone that tried to beat him down because of having lived in the whitehouse before. I believe in fairness, and she has had her moments of fame, more than she should have. I am proud to say I voted for Donald!

  • Teresa Perkin says:

    Because he’s a successful business man and he’s not a career politician. He cares for our country, he cares for our people. He loves our military and he doesn’t want us to become a 3rd world country with millions of migrants running around living off out country FREE.

  • Maria Richardson says:

    As this Election began, I was sickened by the way the Candidates portrayed themselves. I am a Christian, yes we need to pray, I have been praying God Bless America Again by Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn. Mr. Trump, if you haven’t heard it please you tube it and make that song become part of your Presidency. I pray Mr. Trump that you are elected, our children and grandchildren don’t have a chance. I would love to shake your hand. My grandson just turned 16 is working hard to make enough money to fix his pickup. So whoever reads this, Mr. Trump think of Brycen. He is a hard worker has had a lot of things happen for such a young man. I know he would be honored to shake your hand as well. Make America Great for our Seniors, and our youth. Would love to hear from you.

  • jose says:

    A Trump Win would make America be America again!!!!!

  • Jose says:

    Trump did a Duterte Style Victory

  • Larry Anderson says:

    I believe that the American people have woke up to just how rottoen and not trust worthy the Clintons are.

  • Michael Heft says:

    If the Senate gets behind him and picks the right people for his cabinet, if he wins I see great things happening for America.

  • Gordon L smith says:

    I pray that he wins by a big lead, can’t stand her son
    Smug face nor her no it all attitude.
    Hildabeast attitude, she belongs in prisen !!!

  • Mickie says:

    This country needs a major change back to our constitution. our rights our support. We need to stop all out side influence from illegals to outside money donations. We need people in government that are there for the people. I am sick and tired of selected eleits telling us what to do for the benefit of their supporters and themselves.

  • Clifton Gladney says:

    We needed to have a change in Washington D.C. . We need a change in the power circle!

  • diane says:

    I think his manner is needed for the present day US. That other fool- UGH!!!

  • Name says:

    I do not trust or respect HRC PERIOD

  • HW Rice says:

    Clinton is just a female version of obama, they both have the same traits, 8 years of economic decline, our rights being stripped away, it’s time to get America ontrack again.

  • Bobbie says:


  • William Miller says:

    I’ve been behind THE DONALD since day one because I knew then that he was the BEST one to get this country back on track

  • anthony marotta says:

    (unedited due to time limitations) President elect Mr. Donald J. Trump and Vice President elect Mr. Pence will stop job outsourcing, stop TPP, repeal NAFTA, the WTO and repeal the most hated unconstitutional law in American history-obamacare (with death panels, the Real Estate Recovery Provision, that allows corrupt factions that have hi-jacked aspects of our government to steal our property, land, homes, financial, savings and bank accounts and investments and gives our tax dollars to felon criminals as well as repeal many of its other unconstitutionally stipulated and well-hidden laws that allow the government to confiscate our property, land and rights and call us terrorists if we resist). President Trump will stop the theft of American citizens’ jobs, by stopping illegal immigration, and begin deporting those that don’t belong here, so that the 50 to 80 million Americans-many educated-can reclaim their stolen jobs and can once again negotiate for competitive wage rates and benefits and not have their families disintegrated because of a lack of income. Trump will lower taxes that will be the main impetus and incentive for the creation of many more business and will cause other businesses to return to America (especially American-owned and operated jobs and the auto industry and the electronic industries and other manufacturing bases). President Trump will bring back clean coal jobs and allow US oil companies to finally be able to drill for oil on their own soil.
    President Trump will deport those who overstay their H-1B visas and arrest and then deport illegal immigrants and arrest and then deport the white collar criminals who support the crimes of human trafficking, drug dealing, raping, robbing and the killing US citizens; especially gang members-let countries pay to jail, feed and train them. He’ll stop political correctness and stop the IRS from intimidating people who resist obama’s and George Soros’ tyranny; abuse that puts a muzzle on our first amendment right to the freedom of speech, in order that we can have a redress of grievances. Mr. Trump will restore the FBI’s law enforcement capability that was taken away in 2007, so as to prevent another intentionally planed sub-prime mortgage and derivatives collapse by corrupt Wall Street CEO’s and private bankers, cloaked as CEO investment persons. President Trump and Mr. Pence will put citizens and Veterans before felon and job stealing illegal immigrants; especially job stealing felons who mock our Constitution and who are from India, Mexico and the Muslims from various countries who threaten our national security, chase people out of their neighborhoods, so these criminals can buy these citizens’ properties for pennies to a dollar and then intimidate, rape and kill our women, children and others to show their dominance, while also chasing businesses out of these dangerous areas and destroying our economy. President Trump will rebuild the military and make us safe and great again.
    President Trump will restore the full weight of the Constitution to its original intent. He will restore the second amendment, the first amendment and the State’s 10th Amendment right to govern itself without unconstitutional interference or bullying from the federal colluders within the government who threaten to defund States if the States don’t comply with the fed’s threats. He has a business plan that will allow insurance companies to compete across State lines, which will dramatically decrease all types of insurance rates. President Trump will prevent abusive governmental agents from abusing our rights and prevent corrupt governmental factions from incrementally eroding what remains of our-not their-Constitution.
    President Trump will nominate and then Congress will appoint, conservative Supreme Court Justices that will not use case law as a pretext to strip citizens of the very rights that these Justices swore to protect. He will appoint a special prosecutor or DA to bring crooked Bill and Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Podesta, Lois Lerner, Obama and many other members of this gang of intimidators, murderers and criminal colluders, to justice. Trump will prevent election fraud from reoccurring and reverse and prevent the voter flipping in CA, OR, Maine, NY, NJ and WA etc.-States he should have won according to independent polls and where democrats-in-name only control the voting stations and can rig the elections as they have been the last forty or more years. He will not allow these smart matic and other George Soros-owned voting machines, that flips votes from Republican to democrat etc., to be used in our elections any more. President Trump will work on bringing back the popular vote so that Gerry mandering, corruption and big money can’t steal elections from the citizens any more. There are many other good things President Trump will do.

  • James Stocks says:

    We need a patriot , not a proven liar and traitor ; as a nation of business we need a businessman in charge instead of a greedy liar that has spent her entire career raping our wallets and selling us out .

  • martin eng says:

    Trump will serve all Americans, the boat will rise, and it will benefit everyone in the whole wide world.

  • Russ Phillips says:

    Thank god.

  • joe connolly says:

    if we lose this election–in a year we will be the same as the all the third world country dictatorship. only worse Obama will be king of the u.n. so no guns,privet food . ect. fema camps in other words world domenation fore ever

  • Johnny Washington says:

    HE is the best man for the job.

  • AL STETZ says:

    Just to save our great country,protect our beloved vets and YES “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.AMEN?

  • Name says:

    He is Gods choice and God knows what we need

  • big bertha says:

    what is going to happen with all the improvement we have made with the environment? we need to focus on new energy methods.

  • Terry says:

    Because I’m SICK of left wing BS !

  • Kristin Clark says:

    He was our only chance to make America great again!

  • dan says:

    Now it begins.

  • Douglas Craig Dalton says:

    He is the only one to clean up the rampant corruption in our Nation’s Capital. We have supported Donald from the start.

  • Nina Zick says:

    He is our only hope. 4 to 8 years of the same disasterous road our country has been on would have been the end of America as we knew it. Now if the Congress will stand up and do the right things we will survive.

  • Diana Blankley says:

    My greatest fears have all disappeared with Mr. Trump’s fantastic election. I have new hope that our country will, indeed, be great again!

  • Cliff says:

    He is not a politician. They are a different breed from businessmen. Totally different perspective. Brings a unique attitude to the table.

  • Scott Fischer says:

    Trump is not a politician, he is a business man.
    We have had enough of the Obama’s & Clinton’s squeezing this country dry, it’s time for a change!!

  • James D. Tomlinson says:

    I think he will do his dead level best the do for us and our Country what he promised during his campaign, I am so pleased that he won. His opponent wrote him off. God Bless America. Sincerely, James D. Tomlinson



  • Joan says:

    Jo want to see America great again

  • Gordon James says:

    If the Church doesn’t pray there may not be an ordination in 2017, it’s up to the church if we have finality to the election or not. If the church quits praying after the election we could have another JFK, Nixon, or maybe Lincoln. It is up to the church, and everyone who names the name of Jesus. Intercession is not an office in the church; it is the responsibility of every believer to intercede and supplicate daily. Prayer isn’t for emergencies, that were originally caused by not praying!
    God Almighty isn’t allowing anything evil; your wrong in assumption, & accusing the Eternal Lord, all Authority has been given to the church. The church is the one allowing evil:
    Matt 10:1
    10:1 And he called unto him his twelve disciples, and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of disease and all manner of sickness. ASV
    Mark 6:7
    7 And he calleth unto him the twelve, and began to send them forth by two and two; and he gave them authority over the unclean spirits; ASV
    Luke 9:1-2
    9:1 And he called the twelve together, and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases.
    2 And he sent them forth to preach the kingdom of God, and to heal the sick. ASV
    Luke 10:19-20
    19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you.
    20 Nevertheless in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. ASV
    John 17:22 And the glory which thou hast given me I have given unto them; that they may be one, even as we (are) one; ASV

  • Dave says:

    Amen, Jesus said It would not be easy, But that it would be Worth it !

  • Gail T says:

    I voted for Trump, but I prayed for the Lord’s will.

  • Donna says:

    I truly believe Mr. trump loves America. I know Hillary doesn’t

  • Name says:

    The secretary had no accomplishments that weren’t disasters. That coupled with the foundation, myriads of past scandals and the total fix of her primary and debates was too much for any thinking person to stomach.

  • Daniel Carrera says:

    If Donald Trump holds true to what he says he will do then America will be stronger and safer and hopefully achieve a Super Power Status again.

  • kerry griffin says:

    why would you want someone in charge of the country that has been bankrupt over 4 times?

  • Tony says:

    It was either Trump winning and saving this country or, clinton winning and finishing it off. Sorry but, I prefer it being saved and there is NO ONE else out there capable of doing it PERIOD!! Now with the House and Senate win, and all the elitists shaking in their boots, it’s going to happen. The Arrogance, Stupidity, Incompetence and Corruption of this DICTATORSHIP has finally ended. GOOD RIDDANCE TO ALL THIS GARBAGE!!!

  • Larry Stolle says:

    Now the country can really be great “for all” Americans…not just the elitists and those on the dole.

  • John says:

    We want political change!

  • Name says:

    The American people are tired of being treated like our voice didn’t matter the people spoke and we feel he will listen and try to do for our country needs and the corruption needs to stop for their benefit he will run this like a business that this country needs.

  • Katerina says:

    USA was loosing right focus , wit huge steps we were drowning in liberation almost to the point no return ! Socialism is not working and will never work ! Has been proven in Europe couple times and only last red communist trying to convince other that Red Revolutionake sense ! I believe Trump will restore our economy , improves health care and our superior military power!

  • edwin davis says:

    Americans are fed up in general with the lies
    of this administration

  • tanna says:

    Trump sure has a lot of work that is in a crisis mode. He needs to start picking out his cabinet, the new justice for the supreme court and with canceling the old executive orders not to mention stopping the illegals and refugees. He may need to catch his breath before he starts the infrastructure rebuilding. Hopefully he can at the same time look at securing his office for a second term.

  • Thomas says:

    He will restore law and order that has been on hiatus for eight years.

  • Cliff says:

    The time for a POSITIVE change was LONG overdue. The American people have spoken loud and clear in the voting booths across this Country. Time to all work together for a brighter tomorrow!

  • Lynn Monti says:

    First let me start by saying I am one of your steadfast supporters, there are several reasons:

    1. Putting up the real, many decades promised wall.

    2. Enforcing our current immigration laws.

    3. Starting deporting the lawbreaking ILLEGALS.

    4. Protecting Social Security.

    5. Replacing Obamacare with Quality, affordable health insurance.

    Please, please, please keep your word.

  • Sanford says:

    Our country has become too corrupt!

  • RON says:

    you can’t trust Killiary ! You can tell when she is lying, she moves her mouth !

  • Carolyn Thigpen says:

    I believe that Trump will be able to put people back to work & that he will make sure our country is protected the way it should be.

  • TD says:

    With all the repairing that he has to do from the Obama mess just to get to a level playing area. He has to get a new supreme court justice. He is going to have to secure his office for a second term just to put us back on track here at home not to mention destroying ISIS and getting our allies back.

  • Wm says:

    First: There was no way I would vote for a long time confirmed felon and, more of late, a traitor. The swamp DOES need cleaning – both parties AND the one world cartel/agenda. A positive about Trump is he is not “establishment” – per-se. Neither is he a politician nor a lawyer. That the dems dislike him is a given. That many repubs dislike him is that he will mess with the agenda –
    Which they share with the dems. SCOTUS appts are most critical. Was so happy to see Sen Sessions present and recognized. He is one of few truly stalwart patriots in Congress.

  • Mary says:

    Trump cannot he bought. He has created jobs, paychecks, benefits,wealth.
    He knows how to do this.

    Against all odds he is victory.
    I am proud of him and desire to work for my country today.

  • Robert Perman says:

    Well, I guess we will see if Trump does what he says or if he is just another typical politician.

  • Matthew Basile says:

    Job’s economy immigration

  • Jim Duff says:

    While I am not a huge Donald Trump fan, he is never the less miles ahead of Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump made a lot of promises during the campaign, now it is time to act on those promises. He has the Senate and the House to contend with and this could be a problem, even as both are republican controlled, I hope that Donald Trump will be the transparent president that Barack Obama said he would be (and clearly wasn’t). I will support and encourage him on his new challenges.

  • Joan Neel says:

    I personally believe that God sent Donald Trump (even if we don’t approve of his manner at times) to give our Country and our People another opportunity to turn back to Him. “If My People Humble Themselves and Seek My Forgiveness, I Will Hear Their Prayers and Answer. With all the cheating at the polls, where voting machines owned by George Soros (were documented) were changing Trump votes to Hillary votes – only the hand of God could intervene and give us one more opportunity to save our beloved Country. Thank you Father.

  • Name says:

    When I see indictments and convictions on all the corruption then I’ll believe were really draining the swamp otherwise it was all a bunch of garbage

  • PETER says:

    Will president Trump now have an attorney general who will bring charges against all the people who have been obstruction of justice?including those who have jumped ship to avoid criminal prosecution? Including loretta Lynch, James comey,Clinton and all of the people who actually lied for her?will he grant Obama immunity?will he tell all of obama appointees “YOUR FIRED”

  • Henry Wells says:

    This nation cannot afford the likes of Hillary. With all her lies we would never know anything
    for certain. Our nation would be at the mercy of the radical liberals.

  • Audrey Spaulding says:

    For the simple reason, its going to take some time before we are able to heal from Obama and Company. Loretta Lynch will be gone, Thank God for that. Comey can kiss his you know what goodby. Trump is going to clean house. He will get this Nation back on Track, but he is going to need an Army of people to do it. All those that said they wanted to leave America if he won. They need to pack their bags and go, We do not need an more Muslims in this Country that are not citizens. If there are any on a Watch List then they need to be put on the Nearest Boat and shipped out of the USA. Everyone of them needs to have a Background Check, Our Schools will be teaching what they should be teaching, not Muslim prehistoric. School Lunches will get back to feeding Protein to students. Those that are here Illegally need to either become a Citizen and pay for it or they need to go back to where they came from. No more Freebies in this Country, Build that Wall down on the Border and stop these people from coming here illegally. The American Citizen has spoken, I hope they fire everyone of these Media People,. They are naughty people, Horrah for Trump

  • Michael J. Larkin says:

    We hve saved the Supreme Court from a possible Obama Chief Justice under Clinton and saved our Republic from Islam, the LBGTQ agenda, our Judeo-Christian heritage and illegal immigration!!! Wheeha!!!

  • ann says:

    I am praying with all my heart and soul that Trump wins and now he has won.. I am 84 years old and I want our country back to all the greatness it is capable of. I also want respect for the sanctity of life at every level. I have great hopes that Mr. Trump can rebuild our great cities as prosperous havens of secure homes and jobs for all minorities and as centers of learning and progress for all the children who live there. I hope that he can devise a plan to allow one member of each illegal immigrant family to return to his native land and register his immediate family at a US Embassy or consulate and reenter the US in a legal way thus affording him or her and the children all the benefits of the US and a clear pathway to citizenship. It would be cost prohibitive and highly improbable that all members of a family could leave and then reenter. Mr. Trump must gather a representative cou ncil of Hispanics, Asians, etc. to work out a feasible plan.

  • Name says:

    Get ready for world three

  • Robert Metcalf says:

    The people have spoken within their rights as provided by the U.S. Constitution. May God bless America and Donald J. Trump and his team to heal our nation and truly make us great again.

  • Wyndle says:

    We have a chance to bring the people back together again and stop all the race baiting the Democrats have been shoving down our throats for the last eight years. It is time to make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.
    Pack up the race baiters and ship em off to nowhere in a slow boat with a small leak. 🙂
    We elected a race baiting community activist who knew absolutely nothing about running a business, all he knew how to do was run his mouth and we paid for it with ten TRILLION more in debt and the most citizenry on public assistance in the history of this country.
    His current plan to seed this country with as many Muslim warriors before he leaves office and Hillary’s plan to double down on this policy would have been disastrous to our future and the country’s future.
    Now we have a true business man who can start to straighten all this mess out, I hope he first makes it conditional that if you get assistance you still work for it and he creates the jobs necessary even if it is picking up trash to get em off that couch.
    I also feel they should be drug tested like the individuals who make the money they receive in order to draw benefits.

  • bill carlson says:

    He says, and I trust, that he has America’s best interest in mind, and his ideas/proposals suggest that this may be true. I’m for a return to God and country. “America, for the people, of the people, and by the people”.

  • Name says:

    He is with out a doubt one of the best entrepreneurs the world has ever seen, and economy is what makes the world go round (smoothly).

  • Ed says:

    Progressive socialist /NWO is the road to destruction. TRUMP needs to hold Unions in check or runaway INFLATION WILL TAKE OVER !!!!

  • Todd Eby says:

    TRUMP Victory!!! Absolutely fabulous! we are sick of the corruption and stagnate economic growth it is appalling! Make America Great Again!!!

  • Alan Breese says:

    The person who was supposed to win, WON!!

  • Robert Powell says:


  • heidi cortelyou says:

    Our government is corrupt and I think it’s safe to say Americans are fed up with it.

  • Arthur Puchalski says:

    Carrol Quigley Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University was allowed to open the minutes of the meetings for 30 years of the Council on Foreign Relations. He wrote a book about it in the 70’s. I’ve read the book. These plutocrats have set things up with a two party system of Republicans and Democrats to create the illusion that the American people have a say in a representative form of government when in actuality its elites in groups like the CFR who the politicians take their orders from. When the CFR moved to their new location on I think Pensylvania Avenue, I watched Hillary Clinton in a video telling members of the CFR “I’m glad you are moving closer to the Whitehouse. Now we won’t have as far to go to find out what what we’re supposed to do.”
    To my knowledge Donald Trump is not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations or the Trilateral Comission or the Bilderbergs. He is not a member of the “elite” who don’t give any heed to the Constitution or the Bill of Rights and care only about lining their pockets at the expense and peril of “We the people”.
    So, we’ve dodged a bullet by getting This guy into office, though we’re not out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot. This does mark the beginning of the fight.

  • Roy Teter says:


  • Diane perron says:

    I do believe he cares . I think he believes he can change things . President elect trump has my support 100%

  • Brian says:

    We need to run government like a business if it isn’t good for the whole of business, it’s no good.
    1. Secure boarder
    2. Health care
    3. Put the batch in prison.
    I am sure Mr. President you have it under control.

  • Jo Ann Fonzoen, Esquire says:

    For the first time in many years we the people who have been ignored , mistreated, victims of injustice and corruption in the courts, by the media and politicians have hope that there will be liberty and equal justice for all, chance for fair , impartial and unbiased adjudication with decisions on the merits of our issues.

  • Gene Wood says:

    It will take a master-minded man like President Trump to get us out of the mess that our current Prez has put us in. May he work with each American to MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN. I’m glad to see her lose,because we need a big man at the helm.

  • Rick says:

    Our prayers have been answered, supreme court safe,2nd amendment safe, Hope the Clintons disappear into obscurity or jail.
    God has blessed America

  • Dean says:

    I havent been able to get a full time job since obomacare maybe now i can

  • Name says:

    Because he is only for the rich and he his racist and a dictator

  • Frances McKinnon says:

    Thank you GOD .

  • jeff says:

    It sends a message that we want results….not a bunch of people who CLAIM to represent us,and have no intent to actually do so…… Politicians feel like they r separate citizens that deserve more than the rest of us …..THEY R US……We r all in this together,and EVERYONE has to do their part…..its better to work together to Re- build this nation,than everyone having a separate/selfish agenda

  • Rick says:

    I’m sure that all you right wingnuts are overjoyed that you have elected a president who will speed TEOTWAWKI. It has been clear to me that most of you don’t fear the SHTF moment, but fervently desire it. Well you’re goin to get your heart’s desire. My bet is WWIII when his pal Putin invades Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine;NATO fights back and Trump runs away like the whinny little bitch he is.

  • Peggy Roupe says:

    In years past, we have seen prior Presidents who have been assassinated for their courage to go against the elite’s agenda. Please remember to pray for the safety of President Donald Trump including the selected members of his administration.

  • andy partin says:

    we have laws here in this country and we need them enforced and I think he will do this if he just does that he will have done more then has been done in last 8 year’s

  • Al says:

    Sick and tired of corrupt politicians!
    Didn’t want a TRAITOR as our president!

  • Name says:

    We had to get off the road to globalism or we were doomed as a country — and we did it – we made it!

    • Julie says:

      It’s staving it off, for now. They will continue to try, try again. I feel like we came back from the edge of the death of our Republic. It’s time to get to work.

  • Phillip Brabant says:

    People should not need a Masters to get a entry level job….
    Things/people have gotten out of touch with reality and inner peace

  • michael Barrett says:

    to close the DIVIDE barry had been doing TO AMERICA ! trying his DAMNED TO turn AMERICA into a third world nation and he would be KING barry ? tooo bad you FRAUD

  • Cimmie says:

    Because he says what he means and means what he says. I have been with Donald TRUMP since he first announced. Never doubted him.

  • Edgar Camacho says:

    I think that the United States needs a Leader with vision and opened mind to fix the issues that need fixing and get rid of all the bad apples and make America Great again.
    We are the Supper Power of the World.
    Thank you for your time.
    God bless America ????
    E. C.

  • David Rubes says:

    My concern at this point is beyond closing Obamacare and Obama’s way of ruling through executive order, but goes to the hundreds of department heads appointed by this administration that are possesed of this administrations brand of anti-business and anti-jobs thinking. All these folks need to be replaced!

  • John May says:

    I was in from the beginning. Now that we won, I’ll bring up a less publicized issue. It is pure and simple. We seniors are being denied our meds because of “alleged” younger abusers. Denying US SENIORS won’t stop demand. I smile through the pain because WE WON ! Thanks

  • Dane Poe says:

    Things have been wrong for a long time, maybe even before Obama. Some republicans really showed their true colors during this election which also shows that the problems in DC run very very deep. Many are fearful of Trump because he will change the good old boy system.

  • Elwood John Enns says:

    supreme court, constitution, religious implications, corruption in politics, smaller more effective government, substitution of affordable care act, immigration, law & order, political correctness & special interests, get on with the country undivided’ etc. etc. etc.

  • Les Busch says:

    During the last eight years under the Oama administration, the country has suffered. We were fast becoming a socialist nation with unlimited entitlements and drowning in increasing national debt. Now, there is hope on the horizon!

  • Phyllis says:

    A note to my son this morning:













  • steve says:

    This country is run by bankers and not by the people for the people. Why does the federal reserve bank need a war room if there honest.

  • Jorge Pacheco says:

    I’m a Health coach I teach health through nutrition Pharmaceuticals are no more then aspirins’ for a persons obvious inflammation.

  • Name says:

    Because we need to change from the corruptions that these pple are doing to our america!

  • BOB says:

    More than any other issue, and their all important, is traditional values, religious liberty, respect for the dignity and sanctity of all life, especially in the womb.

  • Beverly Gray says:

    I believe that Donald Trump really cares about us and will help us. I prayed for him and will continue to pray for him and his family and our country! God bless America!!!!

  • Robert D Dukes says:

    America needs more people in government that at least likes America, unlike the past 8 years and the Clinton family. The selling of America is what we have seen for the last 8.

  • Roxy says:

    He stands for what America is Strong United

  • Sherry says:

    If Mr. Trump does what he says he is going to do and avoids gaining political arrogance, he will accomplish great things.

  • Laura E Unis says:

    we need an experianced businessman to lead the country back to greatness, and to make us solvent again. as well as safe.

  • Name says:

    We have to stand behind our new president no matter what. For our future of our country what are future of our Kids and their kids to make us stronger

  • judy hannon says:

    I have been depressed since the last election so this was a wonderful happening. We need someone to lead us back to the road back to sanity.

  • Gary says:

    Justice Scalia’s replacement.
    Engineering survey and cost estimation/ WALL
    pigeon hole the “never Trump” R.I.N.O.’s
    vet all migrants that have arrived since 9/11
    Audit the Fed and the Clinton Foundation

  • Pat says:

    Trump is not part of the corrupt establishment, and elitists.

  • Sue says:

    Thank goodness that I can say President Elect Mr. Trump. I believe he is the one to protect our constitution and to save us from the slippery slope of socialism and communism. Let’s build our military and the wall to keep out illegals especially non vetted people from the Middle East. Also defund planned parenthood. May God Bless President Elect Mr. Trump and his beautiful family.

  • Eugene Tabon says:

    Because America needs a person that is not afraid to lead us in the right direction. and Trump showed it from the start that he will face anything that Dare’s to come his way “HEAD ON!

  • joe connolly says:

    I am a disabled vet–Vietnam I am housebound and 72 years old == and I knew if she won the election I was going to wind up in a fema camp or worse. they wernt going to feed me. to old to work. so I am a pretty happy old guy–thank you folks for coming to our rescue old joe Seabee lol

  • William Whalen says:

    I did vote for Trump . I pray he dose what he said he would and bring the USA back to the people . We the people have lost are rights in the USA the day are courts took are kids prayers out of there schools because some people didn’t like it that was not part of the USA . The people have see people like Obama and Clinton walk all over the people rights and took a stand . I am 57 years old and never voted for anyone running for the presidency till now . Whats that tell you .

  • Debby says:

    It is time to stop the corrupt politics and govern our country by the people and for the people I truly believe the Trump loves this country why else would he give up what he does for a living to govern us for a lot less money and a lot less gratitude I truly believe that he wants what is best for o
    ur Beloved Country indeed it is time to make America great again!

  • Johanna stowers says:

    Doing away with too many government agencies
    Welfare welfare welfare and welfare
    Securing seniors SS
    Many more and not in this order

  • Paul E Chojnicki says:

    The Democrats and left wing have become socialists and are pushing the country as hard and fast as they can to socialism. They have control of education and are teaching socialism to our children from preschool thru college. They don’t always call it socialism but use term like ‘Progressive” and “Politically Correct”. They don’t tolerate criticism or any other point of view that disagrees with their policies. The end justifies the means hence there is no right or wrong if the message and means supports socialism. People don’t really understand what socialism truly is. They think it means someone else pays for whatever I want and everyone is treated equally in terms of what they “GET” or are “OWED”. Trump promises to at least stop and slow down the momentum. How much he will be able to actually reverse is a huge question because of the progress and momentum of the far left movement. Incidentally, far left is becoming more and more mainstream every day. Hopefully Trump will understand why Obama did not really focus on the economy but on increasing the size of government – MOST people, not all, but most DO NOT WANT A JOB, they want more freebees from the government. Hence no requirement to be even looking for a job and an increase in the level of income in order to qualify for govt. aid and welfare, not an increase in jobs available. Those jobs are for illegal aliens, if they want them, if they don’t, we have to support them from our taxes and government administered programs and they will vote Democrat. I wonder if he really knows the tremendous task ahead of him and the very large mass of people who will fight him every step of the way. His degree of success will be easy to measure based upon the screams and lies that emerge from the news media and the far left liberal supporters. The more they scream the more success he is having, the quieter they are the less success he is having. ALL TRUE Americans need to support and help him because he will need it. I am a disabled ex marine who served in Viet Nam and I also suffer from PTSD. I consider the Viet Nam era the period when this country really began to significantly move to the left. I also believe that Ronald Reagan is the only President who did anything to significantly slow down that movement. GOOD LUCK MR. TRUMP

  • Ronnie Hankins says:

    Because I want the old America back.

  • Carol Hatch says:

    He is Pro-life, loves God and country, believes in prayer, will mend alliances with Isreal and is a good family man. Picked a good man for Vice President.

  • L. A. Keating says:

    Not enough room for all the reasons.

  • Maria Rose says:

    We need change in how things are getting done

  • John Wirts says:

    Yea Trump, lets load up the Libs with anti-anxiety meds, and see if they can function in a Constitutional Society, with proper medication.

  • David Bentley says:

    He will be the greatest president in history

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