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Dems Fail AGAIN as Supreme Court Ends Latest Attempt to Destroy Trump



Democrats Fail Again as Supreme Court Ends Their Attempts to Destroy Trump -ss-Featured

The Supreme Court has put an end to another one of the attempts Democrats have made against former President Donald Trump.

In trying to destroy Trump, Democrats have used many means, most of them immoral, to do so. These include the likes of illegal campaign surveillance, baseless impeachment attempts, and even partisan indictments connected to fringe benefits. Now, they’re also possibly trying to subpoena the former President for a non-independent commission tasked with investigating the January 6 Capital Riot.

Despite all the attempts, Democrats have failed due to their methods and accusations being baseless. Quietly, while the country celebrated the Fourth of July, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the Dems’ attempt of using the Mueller report against Trump.

According to a report by CNN on Friday, the attempt of Democrats in Congress to find out whether then-President Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller has ended. It comes as the Supreme Court wiped court decisions in which the House Judiciary Committee was informed it had permission to access secret grand jury records from important witnesses involved in the Mueller case.

Because of this, the House will not have any means to obtain the said grand jury records. This effectively shut down the Dems’ pursuit of information regarding witness statements in the Mueller investigation made confidentially under oath.

The CNN article also mentioned that the Judiciary Committee had tried to obtain access to the Mueller investigation’s grand jury proceedings records. Such records had been cited in Mueller’s report about Russian interference during the 2016 election. The report also said that the House repeatedly let everyone know that it wanted the records so that it could consider whether to impeach Trump or not for trying to hinder the Russia investigation that Mueller documented as well.

Supreme Court Shuts Down Attempt of House Democrats to Obtain Information Against Trump in Mueller Probe

The SCOTUS had previously agreed to hear cases regarding the attempt to obtain the records. However, the high court vacated these earlier rulings on Friday. Of course, the Justice Department complained about it.

House General Counsel Douglas Letter said that the Trump administration triumphed in “running out the clock. He said this also undermined the House’s ability to obtain access to every relevant fact while it considered the ex-President’s impeachment. Letter added that the Committee “fully trusts” that the Department of Justice will go back to its longstanding position and support the disclosure of information at the right time. He said if they failed to do so it would also unsettle the separation of powers “enshrined” in the U.S. Constitution. It would also compromise the public’s trust in the country’s system of government.

As expected, such reasoning doesn’t apply to members of the Democratic party. This is evident in the Mueller probe itself, as well as in other high-profile investigations. The only concern the Justice Department has is trying to crush Trump and his supporters.
Nevertheless, the Supreme Court has managed to put a stop to one of the Dems’ games on Friday. The Mueller probe has been a failure, wasting Americans’ time and money. However, they likely haven’t learned their lesson. It’s only a matter of time before the Democrats will repeat this mistake, now in connection to January 6th.

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  • Hipockets says:

    The Dems will never stop persecuting this man. Yet someone that deserves it like Hunter Biden and the crooked Biden family,gets swept under the rug,they are Democrats,and evidently can do no wrong. Thank you
    Supreme Court.

  • Sharon says:

    When are they going to put this to rest and do what needs to be done like a wall around the border so the American citizens and legal immigrants can get to work!! And stop giving money away like water — good jobs are here and nobody wants them when they get “free” money! And guess who’s paying for it?? Those that are working and they don’t get any bonuses??? What’s wrong with this picture!?

  • Court Conkwirght says:

    Trump should have never been our President and not Biden. Crooked all the way….Semper Fi…CCC

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