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GOP Outpaces Dems In Fundraising, House Chances Look Good



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The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced its fundraising drive earned more than the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In May, the NRCC outraised the DCCC by $4 million.

Currently, the GOP has a $6.1 million fundraising advantage over its rival, with cash on hand of $42.1 million cash on hand versus the DCCC’s $36 million.

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Stop Nancy Pelosi and the Socialist Agenda

NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer issued a statement on behalf of the NRCC. “Americans are ready to do whatever is necessary to stop Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats’ socialist agenda. May’s record-breaking fundraising numbers are just the latest indication that House Republicans are primed to retake the majority,” he said. 

Notably, the House holds a 219-211 composition in favor of Democrats. This margin will change to 222-213 if the five currently vacant seats will get new representation this year.

However, analysts project that 19 Democratic-held House seats are potentially in danger of switching to Republican control. In contrast, only two seats held by Republicans are in similar jeopardy. 

In addition, trends show that the party of the sitting President usually loses House seats during the midterm elections. This happened 17 out of 19 times since World War II. On average, the president’s party lost 27 seats.

181 Congressional Districts For The GOP

Meanwhile, the Brennan Center reported that the GOP will enjoy complete control of drawing new boundaries for 181 congressional districts. In contrast, Democrats will get a maximum of 74 districts. However, these numbers can change once the government releases the results of the census taken during the pandemic.

In 2020, the GOP nearly took back the House. Instead, they stayed the minority party, and then lost the Senate and the White House. However, the majority margins are very slim in both Houses.

In fact, the Senate has split down the middle at 50=50, with only the Democrat Vice President breaking the tie. During the time, the Congressional Leadership Fund spent $140 million in the effort to keep the White House.

For the upcoming midterms, the CLF would like to get the win. An analysis by Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman posted an analysis that shows Republicans might gain the upper hand in 2022.  Outside of fundraising, the GOP will only need to redistrict in at least four states:  Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Texas to win the majority. 

Biden’s Numbers Down

Another key element in the race for 2022 is the president’s apparent drop in likeability. The Daily Wire reported that President Joe Biden is slowly losing his popularity. His approval rating plummeted to below 50% according to a new Monmouth University poll this week. This is the first time Biden’s rating fell below 50% since taking office in January. 

Monmouth University issued a statement regarding its poll results. “Biden currently holds a job rating of 48% approve and 43% disapprove. This is down from his 54% approve and 41% disapprove rating in April,” the statement read.  Around a third of Independents approve of Biden’s job performance while less than one-fifth of Republicans approve of Biden’s job performance.

Watch the Hill’s video reporting that polls show that President Joe Biden’s approval slipped:

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Do you believe that Republicans can take over the House during the midterm elections? Why or why not do you think they can do so? Also, does fundraising play a major role?

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  • william sloan says:


  • Huapakechi says:

    More establishment “republicans” will only continue the fecklessness of congress engineered by the deep state bureaucracy and the reigning political parties. Should Trump endorse and campaign for TEA party Republicans, things will change.

  • Gary Sharpe says:

    The republicans stand a great chance and i hope they kick the asses of the democrats! However, given that the enemies of my country have suceeded in election fraud and got away with it, a dangerous precedent has been established.

  • Allison Pikiell says:

    Lobbyists and their secret societies dumping big money in the pockets of senators and congressmen and women. How do you explain broke mo fos in Ct. ending up as millionaires on a senator’s salary?
    American people have to take OUR country back!!!!

  • David says:

    All BS. Everyone knows elections aren’t fair. Never happen. They’re all in it together.

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