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Transportation Dept. Employee Training Labels ‘Cigender Men’ as Oppressors of Women



Transportation Dept. Employee Training Labels 'Cigender Men' as Oppressors of Women-ss-Featured

An employee training material from the Department of Transportation informed its staff that non-White people, non-U.S. citizens, and women are “oppressed in the country.”

Training documents obtained via a Freedom of Information Act request, and reviewed by Fox News, show that employees at the DOT are encouraged to help turn the agency into an “anti-racist multicultural organization.” They were also provided charts that would track and aid in quantifying their status as either “agents” of privileged groups” or as “targets” within “oppressed groups.”

One slideshow even asks the employees how they can “measure success in diversity work” and in “equity work.”

It added that no one in the present time is responsible for what happened in the past. However, the slide says that everyone is responsible for how the future is created. It added that even as racial equity is being discussed, racism continues to play out.

Pete Buttigieg, a former presidential candidate and current Secretary of Transportation, now leads the DOT. He was confirmed during President Joe Biden’s term.

The training material continues on to explain the notions of “individual racism,” “structural racism,” and “institutional racism.” It also contains charts and a continuum, giving examples of oppressors and oppression.

The training material also warns that simply choosing to not be a racist person or a prejudiced one is not enough. It says attempting to suppress or stop biased thoughts can “actually increase” actions done with bias rather than get rid of it.

The training session happened on May 3, 2021, per the dates included on the documents.

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  • Lebron Shields says:

    Pete has it all wrong, as usual. He should be teaching employees
    how to better use the existing facilities thru up grades of traffic
    technologies & general viral education readily available. His
    job is not to try teaching employees radical social ideas but
    To evaluate our transit weakness & take necessary steps
    To better the system nationwide.

  • GFP3 says:

    Sickening but typical for Pete! He’s no different than Biden’s other cabinet picks! 100% political vs bringing in people who understand the position & how it affects Americans. One would hope Pete would be working on the supply chain, federal Highways & Bridges vs Social BS! BUT when electing today’s Democrats this is what Americans get! It’s really sad that many Americans simply don’t get it.

  • Pete Buttigieg is a racist he should resign in disgrace talk about being appointed to a job that he has no idea what to do or how to do it. He is a complete laughingstock.

  • Puzzled says:

    WTF is ‘cigender?’ I clicked on the headline to learn a new term, and it is not mentioned ANYWHERE in the story. BAAD reporting, just clickbait.

  • donna says:

    I’m sure they meant “cisgender” with an s in it. (which means men who were born men and identify as men, as opposed to “transgender men” who are women “identifying” as men and who sometimes get surgery to “affirm” their choice)

  • Mark says:

    The Democrats are the racists, Pete is an asshole

  • Johnny says:

    QUEER, QUEER, QUEER, he don’t belong in gov or anywhere else he’s probably a pivot man for the white house and the house and senate

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