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DHS Requests 270 Miles of Border Wall from Pentagon



Migrant Killed While Assaulting Texas Border Patrol Agents
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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requested the Pentagon for assistance to build 270 miles of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border in order to prevent drug smuggling.

Officials said that the request arrived at the Department of Defense (DOD) on Wednesday and will take around two weeks to assess its feasibility. No cost estimates were provided by the officials.

According to 10 U.S Code 284, the DOD is authorized to build fencing, roads and lighting as a counter-narcotic measure, and to regulate drug smuggling. Fox News reported that “the six sectors where the DHS has requested the DOD’s help with paying for the construction of a border wall are all on federal lands.” The construction of the wall will begin once the assessment feasibility of the request is complete.

While the DHS request did not include a financial request, the estimate for the construction is around $7.2 billion, which will come mostly from counter-narcotic funds. According to Fox News, “some $2.5 billion – including military construction funds – was allocated from the defense budget to build nearly 130 miles of border barriers.”

According to an official, the work is expected to be done by the end of 2020 if the request is approved.

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  • Guy David says:

    Yes , indeed , give DHS what they want & what is needed ! 👏🇺🇸
    #BuildtheWall & make it run Deep & Build it Tall ! 👏 serious times US🇺🇸 are in , National Security is Vital 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Pa John says:

    Supply & demand, a subject near and dear to free market capitalists. So we build walls and fencing and significantly reduce the volume of drug and human trafficking, at least along the targeted highest traffic areas along the border. We thus reduce available supply.

    The problem is then all of the full time members of the various leftist protest / riot groups will find that prices for all of their favorite illegal drugs are going to increase, and _wow_ will that make them angry. Curtailing supply helps but it does not reduce demand, something which is not _entirely_ a leftist problem but generally speaking in overall terms it mostly is. Productive people (conservatives / libertarians) tend to be too busy soberly working to be constantly traveling the country to protest and march at every political event and so forth, while unemployed leftist agitators generally have lots of free time for drinking and smoking and partying and whatnot. Stoners gotta party every single day or they are not going to be happy at all.

    Driving up the costs for illegal drugs will motivate the left right where it hurts most, right in their wallets when they go to buy those increasingly costly drugs, and professionally protesting for socialism doesn’t really pay all that well. Take away the booze and dope and a lot of those knucklehead party-all-the-time ANTIFA animals will simply decide to stay home (or more specifically, stay close to wherever the booze & drugs are available cheapest).

    Leftist organizers have to get their thugly shock troops properly wired up so they can arm up and march and get all violent and such on demand. Take away the costly party supplies and they’ll have a hard time attracting the hard core jail house tattoo’d thug types that they need most for intimidation / cannon fodder purposes. A real problem for the ANTIFA nutcase section of the left in particular. Knuckleheads typically need to get a buzz on to help get their courage up. Conversely, take away the booze and drugs and all you’ll have are depressed goons who just won’t feel motivated to do much of anything, for themselves or anybody else. You get very good at doing nothing when you spend so much time behind bars, and so that is what they mostly revert to, in between highs when out in the free world.

    Supply and demand. Establishing greater border security will reduce the illegal supply but not the demand, which will drive costs for illegal drugs way up and really depress the democrat / socialist party’s hardest left most hard core mob rule base. Ouch. They are not going to like our country having more secure borders much at all. Fewer illegal democrat voters coming in and the costs of illegal drugs going up as available supply diminishes. Hard times for the left.

    Build the wall! 🙂

  • Mark says:

    Build the wall!

  • bennie says:


  • Char says:

    Build The Wall

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