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Oklahoma Renames Road To Donald J. Trump Highway



Route 66 road signs on Oklahoma, US | Oklahoma Renames Road To Donald J. Trump Highway | Featured

Republican lawmakers in Oklahoma successfully passed a resolution renaming a stretch of highway to Donald J. Trump Highway. The measure is the latest bid to name a public area with a former president.

Specifically, many lawmakers around the country file bills looking to name infrastructure, buildings, monuments, parks, and roads after political leaders that made a mark in their home state. 

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Donald J. Trump Highway

Specifically, the bill officially renames a 20-mile stretch of highway between Boise City and the Texas Border after the 45th president of the United States.

In particular, The Donald J. Trump highway, which is part of US Route 287, runs north to south through the Oklahoma panhandle.  

The name change occurred after Republican legislators included the Donald J. Trump highway proposal into the Oklahoma legislature’s annual omnibus bridge-and-highway naming bill.

Also included is a proposal to name a highway interchange in Midwest City after US Senator Jim Inhofe. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed the bill earlier this week. To pay for the costs of signage, the sponsoring Republicans said they will pay for the expenses. 

3 Year Moratorium When Naming Places After Living Persons

The legislation to name the Donald J. Trump highway ran into a snag when Senate Minority Leader Kay Floyd (D), pointed out that state law requires that a person must be dead for at least three years before anything can be named after them. However, there is an exception exclusive to Medal of Honor recipients. 

Instead of getting discouraged, Republicans went to work. They filed an amendment to Senate Bill 624, which removes the three-year requirement in place.

As a result, the Republicans received the green light to proceed with naming the road after Trump. With Governor Stitt's approval, SB 624 takes effect on November 1. 

Donald J. Trump State Park

In addition to the highway, other lawmakers seized the chance to rename some landmarks after the popular Republican president.

In late April, Representative Mike Loychik, a freshman Ohio lawmaker introduced a bill to formally rename Mosquito Lake State Park.

Mosquito Lake is a 7,000-acre park in Trumbull County, Ohio. Now, its new name is Donald J. Trump, State Park. “This legislation is meant to honor the commitment and dedication that our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, bestowed upon the great people of Trumbull County,” the state representative said in a statement, reports USA Today. 

Meanwhile, back in 2019, Senators Nathan Dahm, (R) and Marty Quinn, (R) tried to name a portion of Route 66 after Trump.

However, the proposal faced opposition from both sides of the aisle. In fact, Oklahomans condemned the politicization of the Mother Road.

Watch the Sky News Australia reported that Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signs bill renaming a highway to Donald J, Trump highway:

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Do you approve of the naming of the Donald J. Trump highway? In addition, do you support moves to rename national landmarks and roads to President Trump?

Tell us also what you think about the practice of honoring past presidents. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • David Sidebottom says:

    Keep it Fresh and keep reminding everyone what he did and whats going on now for everyone to see the difference

  • Bill Petro says:

    Trump is the best President since Lincoln. Oklahoma needs to name something after him that’s closer to the Capital City. Instead of all the way out to the Panhandle. We have Martin Luther King Jr on a street that is in the middle of the city. Why not Dinald J Trump? Trump is just as a Grest man if nit Greater.

  • Scott says:

    Yes he is.

  • Jim K says:

    He is the worst President since Buchannan.

  • Steven Kirn, Ph.D. says:

    If I were a Governor or Legislator, I would wait to name a highway for a person under current, open criminal investigation. Seems prudent, yes? Good “elected official
    ” practice and caution.

  • Gerald Mc Gowan says:

    Good move!,

  • Dick says:

    I am in Missouri but I hail from Oklahoma originally. I didn’t live in the days of the great president Lincoln. But in todays Society, I think president Trump just might be the Greatest President of all the 46 Presidents that we have had in these United States of America. Hopefully, where needed, the State legislators can correct the “Venezuelan type Election Process” used in the 2020 General Election to make elections fair and just.

  • Laura Huffman says:

    Trump needs to be President again…….Biden is a total disaster….We were doing so well again until Biden…his family should be ashamed of themselves for allowing him to be in this position…his mind is not right and they know it!!!!!

  • Kay says:

    Not like we don’t know he is under attack so not likely to be guilty of anything. Regardless, his presidency has shown him to be a great leader for the U.S. who has done us the incredible favor of making us see and acknowledge the corruption we vaguely knew was there, in order to protect ourselves and our Republic (NOT Democracy). Thank you Mr. Trump.

  • Liz says:


  • sherril henderson says:

    He deserves it more than anyone I can think of for all the lies and BS he had to put up with from the left and also from some of the right rhinos. They did every corrupt thing to get him out of office as to using the pandemic and voter fraud to get him out. They need to be prosecuted.

  • Sarge says:

    I am with all of the positive supporters of President Trump!

  • Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe how a person supposedly have a PH.D like Steven and still be dumber than AOC ordering a warm cup of ice exist. Obviously the left is trying all they can to bring President Trump down. They’re scared of him!!!

  • Jackuline Ragan says:

    Every state should have a ‘thorough fare’ with the name of Donald John Trump as a constant reminder of this person that sacrificed so much of his own personal comfort and freedom and salary to benefit our nation as the greatest leader since the presidential office was established! Kudos to Governor Stitt! More state officials should follow with such honors to this man!

  • Jackie says:

    Not just yes, but Hell YES….I wish I could rename a local road near my home in Cliover, SC…..BEST PRESIDENT WE EVER HAD AND I WANT HIM BACK!!! I hope you idiots are happy with yourselves for voting for idiot Biden…BIDEN IS DESTROYING OUR WONDERFUL COUNTRY AND EVERYONE IN IT


    I’m opposed to name a public connivance after any living person the idea of naming something is to keep the memory going so keeping the memory going for a living person is if nothing else odd ..

  • Rosemarie schrump says:

    President Trump was a true President. Not a get rich narcissist Politicians. He is for the people. Bring him back. I am Proud to say I voted for him.both times an will vote for him again. Trump 2024

  • Marie Worthing says:

    president Trump was the very best for our country ever, he was totally great for our country, someone finally being a president and fixing our country, he worked for our country not for himself unlike Biden and Harris that is totally destroying our country and desperately they both need to be impeached and taken out. They didn’t win anyway, President Trump won. Marie

  • Ed says:

    Trump should be added to Mt Rushmore

  • Eva H says:

    Since the 1980’s Trump has said what needed to be done for our country…There were numerous celebrities & politicians that encouraged him to run. When he became President he did all of those things !!! PROMISES MADE – PROMISES KEPT !! “They” gave him a bad time from day one because “they” knew he would make them look bad. I pray for our United States … with this current (cough)”leadership” we have lost so much in such a short time. TRUMP 2024 (or whomever he endorses if he doesn’t run)

  • Mary says:

    Wooooowwww!! That is sooo awesome!!!🥳

  • David says:

    Sad day in AMERICA I fought for This ? Really??

  • Roxanna Baldridge says:

    Name the highway after the BEST PRESIDENT in my LIFE TIME. What a winner all the way!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • Regina says:

    Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the freedoms Trump has defended for us is just looking for licentiousness and it’s obvious. There’s a huge difference between freedom to do the good and freedom to indulge oneself at the cost of others. Anyone who doesn’t value what Trump has stood for and still stands for is on the side of indulgence and their indulgence speaks so loudly that their voices and words can’t convince anyone to join their immoral personal judgements against the good.

  • Regina says:

    P.S. I agree with Ed. Mount Rushmore for the person who is willing to plow through the quagmire to defend the good, the true and the beautiful. What more could we want in the father of our country?

  • Lauri says:

    Pres Trump really did protect America beast president gas prices were low hired Americans built wall had a good views o loved his speeches also hope republicans win house a Republican should get her job

  • . says:

    I do not agree that Donald Trump deserves anything to be named after him. He has son’s
    with his name. they don’t have any compassion for other people either.
    He is very nasty to nice people and always thinks he should have what he wants without
    a considerate way to be concerned about anyone.
    He only cares about himself.

  • Frank Huff says:

    Look at how name change is popular for BO. He was the worst president ever, until JB. Mr Trump is the best we have had in quite sometime

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