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Donald Trump Has The Finish Line In Sight



Donald Trump is a candidate that everyone counted out the minute he first put in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination. I mean who wants a loud, outspoken, businessman as the President of the United States?

It turns out a lot of people, that’s who.

However, just a month ago it seemed unlikely that the people would be heard and their candidate would be picked. The party was headed straight for a brokered convention with no majority consensus. Despite his big wins, things felt hopeless for Donald Trump

The support for Donald Trump was something that nobody expected and most people dismissed from the beginning. He quickly rose to the top of the congested field, that at one time hosted as many as seventeen candidates. Donald Trump started winning quickly and didn’t let up.

Still, no matter how many experienced politicians dropped out, the Republican party and the mainstream media kept saying that he would never win in a one on one race. They insisted that once the field paired down Donald Trump would just be a fun story about how crazy this election was. Except, that despite only two other candidates Donald Trump is still winning.

We have New York to thank for that. Donald Trump crushed Kasich and Cruz in New York, thanks to some “New York values.”

After New York, Ted Cruz sort of lost it. He thought that he would be able to destroy Trump if the field was eliminated, but that just wasn’t happening like he thought it would. In his first signs of desperation, Ted Cruz very publicly announced that he was joining forces with John Kasich to “stop Trump”. They ironically thought that the people would support the idea of delegates, and not the people, choosing the next nomination.


Donald Trump kept winning. In fact, just this past Tuesday Donald Trump went an impressive five for five in the North-East states. Just like that, Donald Trump looks unbeatable again.

Predictably, Ted Cruz panicked even harder. He announced the day after that his vice-president would be Carly Fiorina. Yet another pick that simply reeks of desperation and gets him nowhere.

The more Ted Cruz thrashes around trying to convince the Republican voters that he is their best option, the more they move away from him. Cruz’s only strength was his confidence and his utter hatred for anything resembling compromise. Yet, as this election has gone on, Cruz has started to crack and shows signs of stress. He has wavered on some issues and his teaming up with John Kasih, despite six days earlier saying he never would. Cruz abandoned the only thing he had going for him.

Plus, how does Carly Fiorina as a running mate help Ted Cruz? Who is excited for that? It is a sad display of desperation that will follow him long after this election has ended.

Despite all that, it’s still not over for Donald Trump. He has the momentum and the numbers, but he still has to cross the finish line.

Donald Trump is currently sitting around 954 delegates, 283 short of the 1,237 needed to win the nomination outright. It means he still needs to win pretty big in the new month. Trump will need to win an average of 56% of the remaining 473 delegates up for grabs. He needs to keep doing well in all the upcoming states for victory.

With how well he did in New York and the unwavering support of Chris Christie, he should mop up New Jersey’s primary on June 7 which would allow his numbers to be lower in other states. If he can do above 50% in California (and he likely can) then it will be hard for him to lose.

On Wednesday, John Kasich’s team said that the June 7th California primary will be the most important left. Obviously, it’s the last primary of the cycle and worth an amazing 172 delegates and that’s not counting the other four states up for grabs. Since the beginning of Trump winning Cruz and Kasich have been forced to retreat after each primary. John Kasich is a non-factor and if he believes he can win California than he is delusional.

Donald Trump has beaten Ted Cruz by 200 delegates in just the last 8 days. Trump is now on a path of total and crushing victory and Ted Cruz and John Kasich are in pure denial. Despite all odds, Donald Trump found a way to win and that is the greatest reason that he should be president.

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  • Boni says:

    Because he has the OVERWHELMING popular vote. In fact, it is setting all time voting records for Primaries. He is the one that “THE PEOPLE want.” He has the agenda the people want. No one owns him. He is paying his own way. He will stop the invasion on the border. He WILL bring back jobs to America. He Will take care of OUR VETS and he will build OUR military back up. He knows how to get things done!!!

    • Dottie says:

      Cruz will do the same thing except in a different way! Cruz will build a wall, add more troops on the ground and support the border patrol! Cruz will lower taxes and regulations that will make businesses return to the US by choice and not by threats!! Cruz will increase our military and equipment and take care of our Vets!! Believe me no one owns Ted Cruz!! We will return to the Constitution! Thank you Jesus for Cruz!!

    • Larry McVey says:

      Ride on !! You are right as rain. I am not as good with words as some but my vote will also count. A convention is a way to get around the popular majority vote of the people!! We need clear cut laws pertaining to our votes so the honesty of a live individual’s vote will count. If we don’t protect our vote our freedoms are all lost. WE MUST STOP THIS ESTABLISHMENT’S LYING CHEATING WAYS. (TODAY) WE MUST VOTE TRUMP SO WE CAN GET AMERICA BACK ON TRACK.

  • Virginia Taylor says:
  • cjm says:

    NEVER vote for Hilary Clinton she will destroy our gun rights. She is a criminal her self!

  • robert ray says:

    Because He actually makes SENSE!!!

  • Paula says:

    Two things …
    1. I have more faith in the people of Indiana.
    2. Even if, God help us, he does get the nomination, he WON’T be president because there are too many people like me that will NEVER vote for him in the general election. If he’s the nominee, you can count on Hillary being the president. Period!

  • Eric says:

    I’ve been an unbiased Trump supported from early on in this primary. Raised Democrat I switched parties earlier this year because as a business owner I see how that party does not look out for people like me. Trump has had a solid agenda and has not switched his stance at all. Being self funded and not a corporate puppet has also made his a real choice. I foresee the Trump Train going all the way to DC!

  • Rich says:

    Trump has the backing of the ‘Silent Majority’, to take the words from the past. He speaks for very many of us.

  • cp says:

    he leads

  • Brad says:

    Trump,the only one with the GUTS to undo Obama’s damage.He’s not a politician and doesn’t want your money

  • Frank Harris says:

    Mr Trump has what the people want in a
    President. Political correctness is not part of
    his platform.

  • Maxine Marstella says:

    He is the man best for the Pre.

  • Dennis Ing says:

    Trump is for America, not the Wall Street and International Bankers. The people are sick of the corruption in DC.

  • sherri mcclane says:

    We can’t afford someone like trump in the white house at this crucial point. I think voters will wake-up and see him for what he is

  • RHONDA says:

    Because Donald Trump IS the people’s choice. The people of America are for Donald, and they stand by him.

  • john says:

    TRUMP FOR 2016

  • Britt Gilmore says:

    Mr. Trump is the only choice we have to get anything different than what we’ve been getting! What we’ve been getting is not what any of us need or want. Go Trump!

  • Elizabeth Haugh says:

    We need new blood in DC. We need someone who has been in business to run the
    country like a business. He is refreshing.

  • Richard Owens says:

    Career politicians have created a swamp of corruption within the Senate and the Congress that seems to be interested in only putting forward their own agenda and ignoring what the people need. Its time to start the Make America Great Again process.

  • Trudt says:

    Trump is my. For choice 100%

  • Cheryl Lyles says:

    Republicans true to the party do not vote for celebrities and bombastic lunatics.

  • Eve says:

    He BETTER win.!!!!

  • Ron says:

    Mr. Trump cannot get 1237 delegates.
    In football your not given a touchdown just because you marched down the field and were stopped on the 5 yardline

  • Brenda Wiggins says:

    Mr. Trump is the only one that is a true OUTSIDER that can change Washington.

  • Peter Jackson says:

    He’s to savvy for the also rand

  • Barbara says:

    Because he is the best and only candidate that can save this country. The rest are politicians. They don’t want to.

  • michael snowder says:

    when i hear him speak my chest goes out and i stand a little taller .no one in a long time has done that for me .yes he is full of himself. well that is how we as Americans should be just because we are Americans and for no other reason .

  • Charles Davis says:

    It’s because of We the People. It’s a movement for the right change.

  • art says:

    he speaks the thoughts of the people …we have been screwed by both republican and democratic politicians … for too long!

  • David Mosel says:

    He is a very successful, powerful business man. We need this type of experience to run the United States more efficiently and effectively. His is incomparable, 2nd to none in talent in building our country!!!

  • Bennie hall says:

    Who else is there, that’s putting his own money in it to win ,just to help the American people.

  • gerri says:

    I believe he can and will do what he says he will. We need his leadership

  • Daniel E Jones says:

    He appears to have the american interests and
    welfare in a high priority first and defense of our country with strong ideas about foreign

  • Larry P Beary says:

    Trump will destroy America just as Obama & Hillary will do.

  • Monte says:

    Trump is ahead in recent Indiana polling. I attended his rally at the Coliseum yesterday and there were some 8,000 people there … an overflow crowd. No parking was left by 3:30pm prior to 4:00pm rally.

  • Liam says:

    Donald won states that he won’t win in the national election

  • Joannie says:

    if Trump doesn’t get the nomanation it will prove how far gone America is. The people have voted and there isn’t way he should not receive it.

  • julie Bucholtz says:

    Everyone is standing behind Trump that has worked their entire lives, real jobs blue collar. Americans have common sense and our Government is out of control and ridiculous! The American people are fed up!

  • Kathleen says:

    Trump has the business credentials to put our country back on the right financial track. The fact he has done business in every major nation and also with both parties, proves he can, does, and has been making successful deals for decades. He works with the best, surrounds himself with the smartest, and creates jobs for anyone willing to work. He loves our Military. His family is total class. I’m excited to see him, and them, in our White House!

  • KEN ORTWEIN says:

    Donald is a lot better man than they give him credit for.

  • Frank says:

    I believe Mr Trump will be short on the delegate count! If he is short then we are headed to a contested convention! So if he is short by a Dozen or so he will not get nomination!


    NO HILLARY !!!!!

  • Geoff says:

    The reason is because HE IS A FIGHTER!!!

  • Susan Eckels says:

    Tired of Washington politics.

  • Don Ost says:

    I think he’s got it all rapped up. But Ted & John are just hoping to get a contested convention. All that tells me is, that the
    Establishment republicans don’t like outsiders that they can’t control. You go Donald.

  • John Cofiell says:

    We need some major changes. We need to ship the illeagals out,and bring the jobs back.

  • Carole Niemietz says:

    I will be voting for Trump tomorrow in Indiana and all of my Indiana friends will be doing so as well. I don’t like Cruz at all.

  • Earnest Tull says:

    He is close !!!!!

  • sherlene tarte says:

    I trust Trump and thousands of other people love him to. He will make a great president for 2016. I say Cruz has been doing bad things to Trump. Hope he goes to jail for fraud. Go Trump we love you and be hind you till the end and more.

  • Larry says:

    He has earned the American Citizens TRUST AND CONFIDENCE. If you are hungry GET A JOB!! Quit being a scab on american society. I sometimes loose money with my work, but by damn I am still working. I feel good about the fact I don’t have my hand out for a free handout. Sometimes I have to work for 3-4 bucks an hour. This is just 3-4 bucks I wouldn’t have if I sat on my ASS and did nothing. (watching TV is doing nothing)

  • Timothy Johnson says:

    Marco Rubio needs to get on board with Donald Trump. Rubio has held his delegates and they can make the difference.
    Trump and Rubio have many similar ideas on the issues; immigration, military, security of USA in total.

  • Kenneth Griffin says:

    Trump speaks for so many of the silent majority, and he has earned the right to be the candidate representing conservative, constitutional, Republicans and all Americans.

  • D. Kenney says:

    Trump is the first breath of fresh air for Republicans since Regan came on the scene. My Family has been voting “Republican” since the Civil War and Trump is for me!

  • Charles Cook says:

    He is a RINO. Look at his past record, and you will see he donated much more to Dem.s than he ever did to Replicans. He talks a good talk, but he is NOT a constitutionalist. In IMHO he is just another Obummer.

    I hope and pray America wakes up.

    I also hope for a contested convention, that goes in favor of Senator Ted Cruz.

    He is our only chance to REALLY make America Great, like the Regan years.

  • Kaye harding says:

    Because he is what America wants for a leader. No more BULLSHIT!

  • Chris says:

    Tired of 2 faced politicians.

  • Hank Simpson says:

    Just because he will make our country better, and not listen to the old establishment who are only looking out for there self, not the public who pays them way more than they are worth.

  • Shirley Lynn says:

    I like Cruz but it would take a miracle for him to beat Trump and I think the Ohio Governor should step down he is just causing votes to move in a bad direction. He is so dumb.

  • Jon Exner says:

    I believe the people of Indiana will see through trump persona and not vote for him.
    He is an isolationist who if elected will get this country into a world war, perhaps not during his term in office but soon afterwards.
    He has no idea of why NATO or SEATO were formed and that the U.S. was instrumental in putting those into place. We wanted these treaties to stop wars future wars in both Europe and Asia and we were meant to be the policemen of the world knowing that what ever happened in the world we would be dragged into it sooner or later. Better to prevent than to attempt to stop afterwards.
    I hope that the people of Indiana will support Cruz.

  • George says:

    Because I like him.

  • Bill Eberline says:

    We the people are tired of the corrupt system run by at two parties that are both antiquated and corrupt beyond comprehension.

  • Donald Gorum says:

    Donald J. Trump has a reputation of getting things accomplished. Although my political status is to his right, I do think that we both are within the limits of the Constitution and that is where I want the USA to get. I believe that Mr. Trump will Make America Great Again!

  • jesse carroll says:

    I think aboma stinks to high hean

  • Art Waldeck says:

    Donald Trump is “Right For America”!! In my opinion he is the only one that can get our country back on the right track.

    Let’s all get together and help him “Make America Great Again”! America and Americans first.

  • Eugene says:

    He can do the job the US is like a big business and who better to be CEO

  • myra says:

    Because he continues to (Trump) continues to be a grade school bully! Money doesn’t make him a gentleman ! Where are his manners? I like his ideas but not him as a person. I live in Indiana. I voted early. I did not vote for him.



  • Harrel Johnson says:

    He is the best candidate for president.

  • Robert Waldron says:
  • George says:

    Time to clean house! Get rid of the trash.

  • Gilbert Crose says:

    Because He is the right MAN for the most important position in our COUNTRY.

  • Linda Bransford says:

    Trump is telling the American people exactly what is wrong and his vision of trying to fix it.
    To me it’s important to know someone, that is running for President sees the same thing the people, that are informed, see. Average Joe even realizes the county has been ruined by current status quo. There must be change and it has to start with our out of control government. It is time for America to take care of itself first and stop trying to run the world. Help others when you can but take care of yourself first. It may be to late for our country, but we can’t stop trying to take back control. We need a business man with good advisors to run this to big out of control business we call government. I think Trump will go on to success and win the delegates needed because people are waking up and Trump will try to make a difference.

  • larry says:

    Don’t like any of the GOP’s. We are in trouble.

  • Margot Moenning says:

    Mr. Trump is a proven doer/ not just a talker.
    Loves America, is a leader, loves to be
    surrounded by the brightest, most competent
    people, works well with people. He commands respect. God, family, country
    He holds dear to his heart. Amazing individual??????????

  • John chaparro says:

    Best for country

  • Dorothy Spradling says:

    He’s the right one to beat Hillary Clinton and also get this nation turned around and back on it’s feet and with God’s help he will make us Great Again!

  • Kenneth FRanklin Sr says:

    He has tapped into the anger and feelings of not being listened to about what is needed by America

  • Joe Wright says:

    God help him. We don’t need another career politician advancing himself at the government feeding trough.

  • Lawrence says:

    Time to end political corruption, time to pay a plumber who installed a 10 dollar toilet seat for job completed, and not the 5 government offices that approved the job times 10, put bids up and best bid wins jobs

  • chuck says:

    f*** you, moron and your moron patrol, too

  • cbanalyst says:

    I, a Conservative Independent, actually never liked Trump. However, having said this, if he wins the delegates, he deserves the to be the candidate. He positively should not be robbed of this.

  • Charlie says:

    The United States of America is Not a democracy where mob or populace rule . The United States of America is a Republic where the rule of law rules . Read the Constitution the word democracy is not anywhere to be found anywhere in Our original document of law , the foundation of all laws for Our Nation .
    The delegates of each state vote on whom shall, represent said political party . If Mr. Trump succeeds to achieve the 1237 votes before the convention in Cleveland OH then there won’t be a contested convention . However if Mr. Trump fails to reach the 1237 votes the GOP rules kick in and there will be a contested convention .
    It’s quite simple the only group that is trying to confuse the issue is the mass media and some wealthy individuals playing on the emotions of the ignorant . So if the elite wealthy are so inclined and are able to stir up enough rabble risers to riot then martial law will happen . If this happens then the New World Order and agenda 21 now called agenda 2030 will occur . Then the elites will have their pipe dream of total population control without fear of any uprising for all except loyal military / police shall be armed .
    Bottom line is Our Nation the Republic of the United States of America is teetering on loosing sovereign nation status . Our foundation of all laws Our Constitution has been trampled on , Our Nation was founded as a Christian nation this is also being trampled . History of Our nation is being distorted so that the elites can reach their end gold of the NWO . Question is this what We the People want to have happen to Our nation ? Read Our Constitution and support Our nation’s sovereignty cancel out the elite’s dream our nightmare .

  • Susan Anderson says:

    He has America’s best interest in his heart and wants to help American’s succeed. He will protect our borders.

  • Sheril Vergara says:

    I am originally from Indiana and all of my family live there still. They are all Trump supporters and everyone they know are. Bobby Knight’s endorsement was a huge one because Indiana holds Bobby in the highest regards. I do believe Hoosiers will vote for Trump!

  • Dale says:

    People are fed up with politicians and politics as usual. Trump’s ideas are good for America. Protect the borders. Bring respect from other countries back to the USA.

  • R says:

    Ronald Goldsby

  • Amy says:

    He tells it like it is he will stand up for our rights he will stand up for what is right for us as a country as the United States he will defend us he will make our army stronger I believe and Donald Trump he will get us out of debt and make us wealthy again

  • John Donnellan says:

    Trump is saying everything that the people have been thinking and he also comes across as a true friend that makes the people feel very much at ease.

  • Yvonne m Greene says:

    Mr Trump is not a professional politician he doesn’t owe anyone he hears what people are saying to him He will bring our country back from the ruins that 8 years plus have gotten us into

  • Mary says:

    If Indiana does not allow Cruz to cheat on the votes like apparently did in Arizona and Louisiana, there is a mighty chance that Trump will win Indiana by a landslide. Cruz’s whining about Donald Trump’s so called whine is enough to make anyone sick of Cruz.

  • Jim says:

    I think the people who work hard are tired of the long term politicians failing to accomplish what they were sent to do – serve according to the constitution. Manage the country as a successful business not as a corrupt, selfish greedy entity.

  • william smith says:

    Republicans have betrayed us. Now they must be removed.

  • sp says:

    I am sure that he is the only one that can get us back to were we are supposed to be. And get the deficit down to were we are not the poor country. I will stand behind this man 100 %.

  • Karen M. says:

    Mr. Trump gives us hope where the other two offer more of the same of the past.

  • Pat Anderson says:

    He will win because God is with him. This nation was founded on Biblical principles and we will go back to them that’s what made this nation great.

  • Bob Freeman says:

    There is no exit strategy for the Republican Party. He will finish in Indiana with a win, the Party will come together regardless of Kasich, or Cruz, because winning the last 7 races, will seal the deal, because this will be the Republican Party only candidate who can win!!! Win he will!!

  • Voni says:

    Mr. Trump has the knowledge, will, and gumption to do what needs to done to “Make America Great Again” and has the majority of AMERICANS TO SUPPORT HIM IN DOING IT.

  • Name says:

    The other two have blow any chance and do not deserve to go any further

  • Russell Dale says:

    Won’t be decided until the convention vote(s.)

  • Beverly Arthur says:

    Because he is for America. He is not a politician, he is American first & foremost!!!

  • Jacob Halcomb says:

    I think he’s the best one for the job. He will come in fix our backwards economy, help bring jobs back to america, throw out common core, throw out Obama care I think he’s the best for the job all the way.

  • Karl Ruffing says:

    I think the Mr. Trump can win the needed delegates to secure the nomination. If he does not, however, then I believe the Republican convention will be a shambles, with possible violence occurring. I don’t understand why the republican establishment won’t simply agree to “get along”.

  • alice v says:

    He is the only one who is not going to be a puppet. All others, including the Clintons, the criminals are puppets and kiss ass-ers

  • Bethanne Piesnikowski says:

    Donald Trump was groomed for this!!!!

  • norman baker says:

    he has the answer to save the USA

  • Kirk Sevener says:

    About time someone who isn’t a career GOP member has grown big enough gonads to put these RHINOS in their place.

  • James Whitefield says:

    With me it has always been between Cruz and Trump when Cruz picked Carly for VP that ripped the blanket with me

  • gerald drown says:

    save usa

  • David Heffner says:

    We need changes in the country,for the good . Obama said he would make changes, he did all for him. Now we need someone to straighten the shit out.

  • Carolyn Burkleo says:

    Its neck an neck in Ind. Lets wait and see.

  • Phyllis says:

    because he is the strongest candidate, Not like Lying Hillary. I think he will clean up the gov’t.

  • Ted says:

    Ted can’t beatHilary

  • David Mills says:

    Blue Sky’s

  • Chuck Frantzen says:

    Cruz would be a good president.He is a constitutionalist and true conservative.But we need a President that will kick Obamas ass.
    Your friendly Vietnam veteran

  • Gerry says:

    It should be in sight and attainable but what remains to be seen is what deliberate corrupt maneuver the establishment rinos will try and pull off to run their own little puppet and I don’t mean Cruz.

  • Trent Oliver says:

    Cause he’s tha man who can get it done. He is Trump, what America needs

  • Trent Oliver says:

    Cause he’s tha man who can get it done. He is Trump, what America needs

  • Robert Dayton says:

    The general disgust with the republican party
    establishment, their total failure to challenge
    Obama’s Marxist policies in congress, and the
    other candidates dirty tactics and insider games in many of the state’s republican primaries.

  • John Lazar says:

    He is being ravaged by the old boys club because he’s not an insider. But he is the people’s choice. He deserves the nomination, and he can beat Hilarity Clinton.

  • Laurie Lewis says:

    Because we the people are feed up with the destruction of our America! In God we trust.

  • Gerry Lotton says:

    Trump listens to and puts people first. He knows how career politicians are influenced “bought” and self funds to preclude even the appearance of indiscretion.

  • leo says:

    to bad our communist electoral college will never let it happen

  • jeffrey beck says:

    America First

  • Tom Connell says:

    finally some one who is not an insider we need to get the debt down and stop the mex

  • Debbie Philley says:

    I’m voting for Donald Trump because I think he will be the only one who can bring out country back. I don’t trust Cruz, he really did nothing during his term in Senate. Our current president has ruined our country. He’s taking as many rights away from us, and I don’t like it!

    If Trump is not the RNC candidate, then I’m writing his name on my ballot. I will not vote for Cruz!

  • Dr. Clifford N. Alford says:

    Because he is our only hope, other than a violent and bloody civil war, and we know it.

  • BRIAN says:

    Buyers remorse. Very soon more people will view him a a fifth grade bully (with no substance) and want to retract their vote. That is why the prevailing view is if he doesn’t win on the first GOP convention ballot, he won’t win.

  • Daniel T. Gallo Sr. says:

    wants to make America great again

  • Diedre Webb says:

    I just feel it, and I think Trump will win Imdiana, and I know he will win against Hillary!

  • rc says:

    Naming Fiorini was a huge mistake and Cruz has cost any chance to stop Trump. He can’t say he’ll take a stand against the mohammedan invasion when she is praising it as a great movement and religion.

  • Bill Scully says:

    Are they counting absentee ballots yet?

  • Marvin Stokes says:

    He is not afraid to say what he means and then to follow up with action. He has shown his ability to succeed in the face of all pundit odds. He can not be bought! He does not feel the need to kowtow to “The Establishment”. He supports our Active Duty Military and all of our Veterans.

  • Sam Finley says:

    Trump hasn’t crumbled to dust all the other times he was predicted to do so. Doubt it will happen now,regardless of what happens in Indiana.

  • Rod Shier says:

    He’s not a money sucking politician!!!

  • Kenny Helfer says:

    Seems like the right man for the job not afraid to speak his mind and doesn’t look like he is going to take a lot of shit from other countries.I think he is truly going to try and get this country back on its feet and get jobs back here for the American people and out of the overseas countries

  • joe says:

    secure the border.

  • Lisa Julian says:

    With the remaining states, It’s looking real good! I believe that he can get to 1237 and then get nominated as he should be! It’s about time for the REP GOP to rally & stand behind Trump! He’s winning but they are still refusing to get behind him! We need to get ready for the general election & Donald Trump has what it takes for the big office and it’s time to get back to “We the People”!!!

  • Michael Finley says:

    Trump makes sense!

  • Bob Southward says:

    Donald J. Trump is not a Constitutionalist nor a Conservative nor a leader of men let alone a leader of a country.

  • leila opp says:

    the only right choice

  • john bryan says:

    He has the values and the strong leadership skills that America needs,he’s not all talk and no action like most polititions today

  • Janet Bargo says:

    I feel that Mr Trump will help those of us who work hard and pay out the most which leaves us at the poverty level. He is a very intelligent businessman who is not a Washington insider.

  • Tom says:

    The voters aren’t going for the insider were tired of the same old tell them what they want to hear and do the opposite Demican/ Republicrat party

  • judy martineau says:

    He’s the best man for the job, but needs to stop calling names and saying things like Hillary would only get 5% if she was a man. We know that so it doesn’t have to be said.

  • Mike says:

    Trump has been the “only” man for me every since he announced he was running for President. He is not and never has been a politician and that makes him a complete outsider where as Cruz and all the others are and have been politicians a long time and are beholden to lobbyists and a lot of others where Trump is beholden only to himself and his family! He is THE MAN!

  • Carolyn says:

    No Trump, No Vote

  • Trump IS NOTT NOW & will NEVER be Presidential Material (example his earlier episodes w/ others who oppose him in any fashion).. You only HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE 2 SPEAK in public to understand that!!! & I’ll bet CRUZ is WAAY more principled than CRUM-BUM talking opponent….
    His actions & speech ARE NOTT what this country wants &/or needs any time soon!! It’s almost like night & day between the TWO candidates; as you can SEE for yourself!!! I wouldn’t vote for HC w/ a 75mm recoil less rifle rifle to the side of my head!!!!

  • Michael says:

    Donald Trump will lose Indiana and the lose California and will fall short of 1237 delegates on first ballot. There are more elected delegates from each states party convention who will vote for Ted Cruz on second and any successive ballots at the Republican National Convention.

  • Wanda says:

    I believe that Donald Trump is our only hope for any kind of reform in Washington, which has been run too long by the Professional Politicians who think they are the ones to make all the decisions. I think Donald Trump will cut some of the Government waste, enforce our Immigration laws, cut some of the Liberal policies in our Public Schools and bring hope back to the American people. He is a successful business man who is able to communicate and negotiate. We need someone who will run this Country like the big business that it is. I think he does really want to make America great again.

  • Tim says:

    I hope the people realize that he is not a politician but is one of and for the people. The people are fed up with the politician in government that work for nothing but their own interests. The people of the U.S. have no true representation and are paying an enormous price for a fraudulent government.

  • RC RUSSELL says:


  • Howard Wolf says:

    It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

  • Dianna Penwell says:

    Being optimistic. Hoping people will realize they are reacting to him just the way they reacted to Obama in 2008. Where did that get us.

  • Madonna Espling says:

    He is a smart man, he cares about our country. He is a business man and that is what we need now, not these politicians.

  • Madonna Espling says:

    He is a smart man, he cares about our country. He is a business man and that is what we need now, not these politicians.

  • Jason says:

    If Trump does in fact win, I may have to move to Canada. He is such a blowhard ass and I think that that when the time comes for him to be diplomatic, he’s just going to piss off someone and get us into a war.

  • Beau Monet says:

    Trump is the right man for the job. He will at least try to correct some of the things the Obama clan screwed up during their time in office!!

  • Donald Richard says:

    Because he has not taken any special interest money, he is not politically correct, believes in the Second Amendment, knows economics, and admits he doesn’t know everything, but knows the advisors who do.

  • Richard says:

    América is waking up to the fact that Donald Trump is the only candidate that can save us from those whom are political animals that lie and play games every day in their desperate attempt to gain power. We should pray for Trump and God help us if it is any one of the others!!

  • Paul says:

    he is for the people

  • Brian Bobbitt says:

    With a 10 point lead in Indiana, he should put it away tonight. lemme know whats goin’ on.
    Also, It feels like his momentum is building. Folks I talk to, and I mean all are for Trump. Hispanics need to be told that they will be better off with Trump protecting their jobs.
    Blacks need to be talked to straight up. Tell them it is the establishment that has been keeping them back and Trump will be their best advocate. DO IT NOW! Get them out to register republican, and in ALL states. That message MUST get out NOW! Go to the blacks in speeches.

  • mike says:

    Trump has everything to be the president, business acumen, outstanding negotiator, a job creator, a big heart and a hard worker and achiever. Cruz on the other hand has no business experience outside government, has achieved nothing, is a slick talker, like Obama, lots of bull and an undeniable kaniver and liar, just ask Dr. Carson. How he got here is due to the gullible US citizenry who also voted in Obama the disaster!

  • mike says:

    Cruz is a fake!

  • MPW says:

    I just don’t think that at the way things are going that he will be stopped and will be the Republican nominee.

  • k kissel says:

    He IS THE MAN AND HE WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!! He is not a “politician” – part of the smackjack “machine”, he says it like it is and perhaps it is about time America is run as an Aryan nation instead of a shady organization?

  • Margaret says:

    He has a lot of great ideas !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mark says:

    There is no doubt that most people in the United States are very angry with the present administration, which is why those who support Trump are turning out in droves to the rallies, the polls and once registered democrats are changing parties… 40,000 in Pennsylvania alone!

  • Name says:

    I will write him in if the establishment, cronies and crooks continue to manipulate the numbers. America. Needs. Cruz and Fiorinab

  • Cole says:

    Trump is totally wrong for our country seriously the wall will never be built with Mexico’s money a trade war with China and other countries will plunge the U.S. into a depression the world has never seen I’m voting democrat now and forever

  • Victor says:

    Immigration, tire of these people coming into the country and ruining our neighborhoods, and taking our jobs.

  • Patti says:

    He is amazing! He is the only one that can save our country.God bless you Donald Trump!Now kick ass and win!!!

  • Lorraine Saar says:

    he is the only candidate that can get us out of the mess the current President Obama and Hillary have put us in. I hope and pray he is our next President and the majority of my female friends agree with me. Have no idea who they are polling for the stupid results stating women don’t want him, he is our only hope!

  • He has the right stuff and can unite AMERICANS, NOT JUST A BEAT UP PARTY

  • Chuck says:

    Trump all the way….Big fan here

  • used to be a liberal says:

    Cruz hasn’t got a hope in hell of winning the presidency. There are a number of reasons.
    [1] An ad or a commercial, even with-out words, depicting Cruz descending from the clouds wearing a white robe, with a halo over his head, a Bible in one hand, and a book of rules in the other. The perception alone sinks him.
    [2] Cruz would be up against 2 contenders, not one. He would have to fight with the Hilda-Beast, and her husband Slick Willy. The Hilda-Beast has started her move to the centre, gently moving aside her far left-left-wits. The Hilda-Beast and Slick Willy will use the same format, and tactics that were used to get Slick Willy into the White House.
    [3] Cruz will try and debate, battle, and confront, using the same old, tired, useless methods of the past. Those will absolutely fail.
    [4] Cruz is relying far too much on the “religious right” who make up less then 20% of the population, this is no where near enough to get him into the White House. On the other side, the Hilda-Beast knows that she could not win with total dependence on the far left, as they make up less then 20% of the population, and as I mentioned before, she is genteelly distancing herself from them.
    [5] The left-wit media will endeavour to crucify Cruz, figuratively speaking.

    It has to be Trump, he will not play politics with the Hilda-Beast, or with Slick Willy. Trump will go after her, and him like no one has dared to do before, and Trump said, if he is elected, he will allow the investigations to begin, and prosecute, unlike Obama, and now Cruz, who just now owes too many people, and too many favours.

  • Elliott Miller says:

    Because most of the country is tired with the way this country is going.

  • Richard Kidd says:

    Only man that has the business experience and the country needs to be run like a company, under budget, on time, and put in place people who know how to run a company. No

  • Al Kusy says:

    He knows how to get the job done.

  • Erik Valset says:

    People cannot possibly be that stupid. Trump has no real and detailed plans. He says what he thinks is popular. Cruz has real plans.

  • Bobbi says:

    Because he has the people behind him. He is getting the votes and getting the voters out to do their job. A win-win situation.

  • Robert Garretson says:

    I would not vote for any one else. TRUMP’S policies on how to fix what ails this country are the best I have heard to date.

  • John Adelman says:

    1237 will not be a problem.

  • Sharon Kupus says:

    He is the ONLY one who will clean up the corruption in Washington! He can’t be bought! The PACS, which own Cruz/Carly, don’t own him! He has some great solutions for turning around our country’s problems!

  • Perry J Hite Jr says:

    Trump is just down right danderous both to himself and this country. His mouth can only
    get us into trouble.

  • Erick Stiefel says:

    If Trump isn’t elected president this country is going to go into a depression the likes the world has never seen! He is the only one that has a chance to stop it!

  • Elaine Duhamel says:

    I stand with Trump all the way to the White House.

  • Dale Johnson says:

    I think Trump is the ONLY one for America at this time! I hope this Republican Establishment won’t screw up the wishes of the people. No one else has even a chance of beating a Democrat in the general election EXCEPT the Donald and that’s going to be hard to do because all they do is CHEAT< CHEAT< CHEAT! I'm not sure we'll ever see another Republican in the office of Presidency because they've done so badly for so many years........lying and disrespecting the very ones who elected them to office! Our party is pathetic and it's going to take someone like Trump to change things if they ever can be changed. GOD HELP US! GO TRUMP!!! WIN!!!! WIN IT ALL!!!!

  • Marie Zahn says:

    Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air, and also is shedding light on the “good old boys” who are afraid of losing some of their power and control – on both sides of the aisle.

  • janice may says:

    he’s not a politican

  • Bonnie Carver says:

    The general public is tired of the politicians who lie to get what they want, Trump doesn’t need to offer favors to get their votes everyone is ready for something different, I would never vote for Hillary one Clinton was bad enough, and you can’t believe anything she say’s.

  • Danny Sirko says:





  • Bert Hunter says:

    The people are ready for someone, anyone who is not a career politician , Trump is definitely not a stereotype and will run the country like a business, not a charity

  • Michelle Sirko says:

    From Base to Grace…a godly choice

  • William Miller says:

    DONALD uses the truth, even if you feel he’s a bit krass. He says wat he means and means what he says. He has no need to fabricate lies to mislead people. Politics are now big business, so who better than a very well established businessman than the DONALD? We don’t need another career politician who’s interests are in himself and nothing or NOBODY else!

  • James Mirick says:

    I’ve been a republican for over thirty-five years and I am disgusted with Trump as even a contender with all the hatred that he is stirring up. Hope he looses to Cruz in Indiana for the sake of this country.

  • Roy Seals says:

    You didn’t give a “I hope not” option. Trump would be a disaster for this country. He doesn’t have the right temperament to be president. We don’t need a 3rd grader throwing his tantrums in the White House.

  • Neil says:

    People are fedup with politicians and want a real person as commander-in-chief

  • Gail Ryan says:

    Only Trump can do what’s needed

  • robert m. eardley says:

    we need a big change trump is the man

  • Michael Otwell says:

    I live in Texas, I need a job. I can build a damm wall,

  • Trevor says:

    He needs to have 1237 delegates locked up before the convention. If he doesn’t win on the first ballot at the convention, I don’t think he can win.

  • Robert says:

    Wait for Indiana voters to speak their mind tomorrow

  • Douglas Ehrle says:

    I disagree because Donald Trump is awful, he’s wrong for America, and he’s not a Republican, Conservative, or a Constitutionalist. He’s a Capitalist with Liberal beliefs and I will never vote for him. In fact, if he’s the nominee, we’re planning a no-vote party.

  • Robert Tipsword says:

    I like Donald Trump I do not trust Hillary

  • Pete says:

    Mathematically trumpet can not make it to 1,237. There will be a contested convention

  • Gary says:

    Donald J Trump is the only true American running for President that can put America back where it should be and I have complete faith in him.

  • Terry Swinney says:

    As long as the RNC stays out of it it will be great.

  • Denise says:

    I believe he is the right person to make America, America again. We need to clean house. All the freeloaders are killing our economy and also our people.



  • Gerald Burns says:

    In my thinking he’s a people person not a robot saying what voters should hear but what voters want to hear to make this great country a first place finisher and show we r leaders not followers

  • Joseph says:

    He can’t be bought by lobbyists or swayed by crooked politicians, he wants what real Americans want not what congress wants!

  • Tammy Douglas says:

    Because America is ready for a non political version of change and Trump is just the guy who’s gonna bring it.

  • Mike wade says:

    Tired of all the other B.S.

  • Floyd Hammerquist says:

    Donald Trump has the support of the blue-collar folks (both Rs & Ds) as they are fed up with both parties establishment people. More and more folks are signing on as they realize he is the only honest one in sight. It is time to get rid of the lobbyists and career politicians and put America first. Wars are fought to protect America not to enrich the fat-cats! If not for Trump, we would not even be talking about the real issues.

  • Fred Howard says:

    Many Americans are fed up with the Washington establishment especially with what it has become. While under current Muslim/Socialist leadership or should I say under a well planned strategy to ‘Pirate’ our Constitutional Republic, the USA is being transformed it into a true ‘Muslim Caliphat’. From talking to people on the street, no one has a clue as to what is transpiring or how our Nation is being destroyed from within. Either the Global Judeo-Christian community listens, becomes informed, and unites to mount a ‘Counter Offensive’ or we die, literally. Would anyone have interest in such a ‘movement’ if one existed? We will see!

  • Ed Mallard says:

    I believe he will win Indiana, and wrap up the nomination before the convention.

  • Guy says:

    He will win fair and square.

  • John Johns says:

    If Trump will just stay away from smart mouth comments, and arrogance, and tell the working people of America that he plans to change the loafers to workers, he will be so much better off. Put the government “giveaway” programs to “earning” programs(doing something) to better the country- like FDR programs; then I think he’ll look better, and have the support of the REAL people of America.

  • Henry David Rogers, Jr. says:

    He doesn’t owe ANY ONE in Washington a
    thing….How refreshing!!!

  • Edward J. Novak Jr. says:

    The neo-cons are beside themselves and they finally realized they screwed up big time when they failed to move to stop the Marxist assaults on the U.S. Constitution by the Communist change agent Obama. The press is still covering for the neo-con failure but Americans are fed up on both sides of the aisle and I don’t see any repairing of that damage. The open repudiation of Republican insiders like Jeb!, Christie, Rubio and the luke warm endorsement of the criminal Clinton by the voters are proof enough that the desperate Republican elites threat of a contested convention is their admission that their supreme arrogance was their Achilles heel all along. The Marxist Democrats are every bit as useless. I used to be a dyed in the wool Republican supporter until Bush 41 tipped his hand as he undid as much of the good that Reagan had done as soon as Bush assumed power. The entire Council on Foreign Relations group and their like thinking minions in sister groups may well at last be opened to the light of day. Their corruption is as obvious as their agenda. They threw Nixon under the bus but in their recent desperate grab for power they acquiesced to the criminal Obama group for far too long. If they don’t indict HRC for her obvious crimes then the entire Globalist agenda may fail, thus saving the Republic. If they give Clinton a pass, then Sanders admonition that the whole thing is rigged will become just as obvious and this may only help to further consolidate Trumps inevitable victory over the Globalists, whose lack of vision will only send more U.S. jobs overseas as they cede more U.S. sovereignty to the control freaks in the U.N. With any luck the Communist Obama won’t have any excuse to declare Martial Law, thereby garnering an excuse to suspend legitimate elections that would eject the usurpers of the Republic from their powerful positions. Think about it, a huge number of private jets land on a private island off the coast of Georgia to bring together a group of very desperate movers and shakers who probably have sophisticated polling numbers that show the American people are in no mood to put up with any more of their monkey wrenching of the U.S. Constitution as they try to impose their plans to turn all Americans into nothing but landless transnational serfs with no Constitutional protections, no defined borders, no identity as Americans and no freedoms, thus reducing the U.S. to the status of a third world dung heap. Short of that, assassinating Trump may be their only other option. I believe that a great change is in the winds. The criminal globalists should have heeded Lincoln’s dictum about fooling all of the people all of the time. I thank God for that as I fear for Mr. Trumps life.

  • Lawrence Zucal says:

    This may be the ONLY way he will win, so I am hopeful that he does it the right way.

  • gerhard says:

    Trump is the nominee. He has most delegates.
    Cruz is not eligible to be president, because he was born to parents that were not Ameri-
    can citizens at his birth. Read the Constitution, and stop talking about ” will
    Trump be able to stand against these leftover competitors. After this comment I will
    delete you from my inbox.

  • darlene says:

    Trump is the only one with any class or enough finesse to entertain dignitaries. Trump is the one that does not lie. The first debate he was the only honest one on stage when asked about supporting the others.

  • Steve Saros says:

    Because he’s not honest. His support in the past has been predominantly for Democratic liberals. He points the finger at everyone else, and fails to be introspective of his own self.
    I hope though that if he does win the primary, that he kicks the shit out of her. Sends her to jail where she and the rest of the extreme left wing democratic socialists, American hating, miscreants truly belong.

  • bruce petrucci says:

    I belive that doald trump is the only one with the fortitude to stand up to these people that buy their way through life no matter how ileagle. he doesn’t need money he will stand up to those that threaten the USA he will get done what needs to be done and that is TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BACKYARD.

  • bruce petrucci says:

    I belive that doald trump is the only one with the fortitude to stand up to these people that buy their way through life no matter how ileagle. he doesn’t need money he will stand up to those that threaten the USA he will get done what needs to be done and that is TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BACKYARD.

  • Jan says:

    The race IS NOT over.

  • Darlene Taunt says:

    Because Mr. Trump is our only chance of bringing America back to how it used to be. It will be hard to unscrew what ovomit screwed up but Trump can do it. I pray every day that he will win. He reminds me of my Dad in a way: Very successful business man, lost some but won most. God bless you Donald <3 Darlene Taunt PS: I am older than you so can call you by your first name but after you are elected it will be "President Trump Sir" O:-)

  • Neal Cabiness says:

    The people are with trump because he will do what he says he has no reason to lead the people astray like some others in the race to be president! He’s barreling toward the whitehouse with momentum that can’t be stopped

  • Barbara Medley says:

    I think Donald Trump is the only man that can straighten this country out.

  • claudia kontrimas says:

    He’ll get California w/172, so he only needs parts of the remaining states to win, plus have spare left

  • Marcia Leavitt says:

    Mr. Trump is the very best qualified to get America back on track, he is knowledgeable and experienced in so many important areas, he is willing to get help where he needs it, just look at his family, if that isn’t a testimony, what is? If Mr. Trump is not elected, I believe HRC will be and that will be the end of America as we know it!

  • Janet Noble says:

    He is the one I trust to follow through with what he is saying. We need to act asap before we loose our freedom. we need jobs, borders, the military built way up again. we need a smaller government! We need Trump!

  • Claudia says:

    I may be wrong but this is really scaring me if he, Trump, wins all the way to be the next President. His mouth alone will take us to war.

  • Charles R Safford says:

    I think he now has the momentum he needs to get the nomination.

  • Sharon Hefte says:

    Mr Trump knows what he is doing and he knows what is important to help the everyday citizens, and he gives us hope. It will be easy, but I do believe that with God’s help, he can accomplish truly great things for our country. He is such a gentleman, he is smart, he has a great sense of humor, he is diplomatic, and he knows what is important to the everyday people as well. I pray for him and for his family — for his and his family’s safety and for Mr. Trump’s continued success to Make America Great Again!!! Thank you for your service, Mr. Trumpl


    we need a President with some Guts, not some coward that lets every nation walk right over him. And I believe that Donald Trump is the one that GOD has chosen. Do you want a lesbian and another homo in the White House ? Read the 1st Chapter of the book of Romans using the King James Version of the Bible before you answer.

  • Tim Conduracki says:

    Mr Trump is the only qualified person to.handle America’s economic problems and invasion at our borders.

  • Dennis says:

    He is the best thing for America

  • George Partington says:

    He’s the one most likely to improve the economy, and I believe he will surround himself with well informed advisors.

  • Jacky Casteel says:

    Because everybody is tired of our do nothing polititians

  • Dina Poole says:

    Donald Trump is a smart man, He will make his way to become president. And when he does our nation will become one again.

  • Charlez says:

    Donald Trump is not afraid of anyone and stands up for the people who don’t have a voice!!! The government doesn’t care what the people say…they hear what he’s saying!!!!!

  • Don says:

    I believe he can.

  • geri pollard says:

    People are ready for change and are sick of the establishment. Both of the other candidates are establishment. Cruz shut down the govt. and I had to work without pay.

  • Brian P. Kelly says:

    When I first heard Donald speak I knew who I was going to vote for him. I like his speeches, that it is straight-up, no nonsense! He has my vote.

  • Frances Weber says:

    I believe that a lot of people including me, are tired of the people we have elected doing nothing. They made promises they haven’t kept and I believe those who want Trump to be president, will vote for him even if we have to write his name in. If the Republican party tries to do something to keep Donald Trump from being the nominee, I believe the people will vote for him anyway by writing his name in.

  • Charlie says:

    Trump probably can win against Hillary Clinton. I would rather have Cruz, but I don’t think he could win against Clinton, even though she mismanaged the Benghazi incident, and even though she REALLY compromised the security of the USA by processing Top Secret (actually higher than Top Secret) information on a private server without the security of a government e-mail network—that was GROSS negligence and it was STUPID.. Both of these are “telling” indications about her ability to be President. I am a rocket scientist; I don’t see how she could be given an adequate security clearance to ever handle classified documents again. I was also senior naval officer; I handled and generated Secret ICBM information—my career would surely have ended and I would have been prosecuted if I had done what she did. The ignorance of the body-politic that supports her is astronomical. FURTHER, although it is an oblique consideration, she ENABLED her husband Bill to use his political power for sexual advantage over women (as governor and as President)—eventually leading to a national scandal and impeachment. What does that say about her character? I fear for my country—which is fast taking on the characteristics of a “banana republic.”

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