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Sen. Kennedy: More People Trust Dr. Pepper Than Dr. Fauci



Dr.Pepper red sign on a brick wall | Sen. Kennedy: More People Trust Dr. Pepper Than Dr. Fauci | featured

On Thursday, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) remarked that White House Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci is running behind Dr. Pepper in terms of trustworthiness.

Fauci is so far out of favor with Americans that they trust Dr. Pepper more than they trust him.

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Crack Pipe Issue

Dr Pepper soft drink on dark toned foggy background | Crack Pipe Issue

The Louisiana senator joined Fox News host Harris Faulkner on “The Faulkner Focus” yesterday. Before the conversation went to Dr. Pepper, Faulkner and Kennedy talked about reports that the Department of Health and Human Services were providing crack pipes to promote equity.

The White House, through Press Secretary Jen Psaki, called the report “inaccurate.” 

Faulkner showed a tweet from Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR), showing concern about the alleged crack pipe distribution. “To be clear: @HHSGov is giving taxpayer dollars to organizations to distribute crack pipes on behalf of HHS.

Just because HHS bureaucrats are not *personally* handing out the crack pipes doesn’t make this a good idea, @HHS_Spox.”

COVID Funding To Facilitate Drug Use

Sen. Kennedy agreed with Sen. Cotton, saying that it doesn’t matter if the government-financed or handed out crack pipes themselves. The point was that the government is using COVID funding to facilitate drug use. 

“Here is what I do know. The Biden Administration has taken $30 million from their emergency COVID bill,” he said. “And they are using it to facilitate the smoking of crack cocaine and crystal meth.

They say they can make it safer. And I say there is no way to make smoking crack cocaine or meth safer. It is like trying to put a filter on a cigarette,” Kennedy added. 

HHS Denies Crack Pipe Issue

Meanwhile, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra released a statement along with White House drug policy adviser Rahil Gupta.

They disputed reports that the White House is funding the distribution of crack pipes. “No federal funding will be used directly or through subsequent reimbursement of grantees to put pipes in safe smoking kits.”

However, Kennedy said that if the administration really cared about stopping rampant drug use, they should do something else.

He suggested that the White House repurpose COVID-19 funding and use it to secure the US-Mexico border. This can help stop the illegal trafficking of drugs between the two countries.

In fact, Kennedy wanted the White House to talk straight to the American people and explain. He said it’s preferable the government admits getting caught trying to make it easier for people to smoke crack.

Additionally, he wants the government to admit that “it was a dumb thing to do and we reversed course.”

Pivot To Dr. Fauci and Dr. Pepper Comparisons

Soon after, the conversation between Faulkner and Kennedy shifted towards COVID mandates. Specifically, Faulkner talked about Democratic efforts to roll back mask mandates.

He also noted that some Democrats only stopped short of removing school mask mandates. Faulkner warned that Democrats will have to face teachers' unions if they try to remove mask mandates inside the classroom. “I think that’s going to be a harder fight for them than the CDC,” he said. 

Kennedy pointed out that it’s time for the Biden Administration to prove they stand for science. “I think we have a cleaner grasp of the dangers of COVID today, particularly Omicron,” he said. “It is time for the Biden Administration to talk straight to the teachers' unions and tell the American people the truth. 

Meanwhile, Kennedy also took a dig at the White House Chief Medical Adviser and his flip-flopping stance on COVID. In addition, he clarified that he doesn't have anything against Dr. Fauci. 

However, and mostly through the doctor’s own fault, “the American people trust Dr. Pepper more than Dr. Fauci right now.”

Watch Senator John Kennedy’s video where he said that Americans close to trusting Dr. Pepper more than Dr. Fauci:

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Do you trust Dr. Pepper more than you trust Dr. Fauci? Also, do you think that Fauci has any remaining credibility left to help lead America out of the pandemic?

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