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Enough Learn English Or Leave!



There is only one thing I know in Spanish, and that's ”Aprende inglés o vete” which means “Learn English Or Leave!”

As one of the biggest nations in the world enough is enough… If you want to stay ASSIMILATE!!!!

Well, I guess not everyone in  California has their head up you know what as a local San Diego Grocery Store decided to put in place an English Only Sign for employees.

Well The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit alleging store managers at Albertsons publicly reprimanded Hispanic employees who were caught speaking Spanish.

The workers were barred from speaking Spanish around non-Spanish speakers, even during breaks or when talking to Spanish-speaking customers, the lawsuit said.

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No action was taken despite employee complaints, causing some workers to transfer to other stores, according to the EEOC.

Albertsons wouldn't comment on the lawsuit but said in a statement that it does not require its employees speak English only.

“Albertsons serves a diverse customer population and encourages employees with foreign language abilities to use those skills to serve its customers,” the statement said.

I'm fine with them speaking Spanish to help customers as English might be their second language, but when around other employees this is when It's not right.

This can create more of a hostile work environment and make others feel isolated.

But who cares, this is PC America we are living in… right?

What do you think should this be a common practice of if true was the store going too far?

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  • AFMissilier says:

    To be become a citizen of this Nation, prior to taking the Oath in English, you have to be able to understand what that Oath means. You have to understand the Laws, always printed in English. Any man or woman running for public office will use English to perform their job. The Nation’s language is English. These illegal aliens have no incentive to learn English because every government representative at local, state, and federal levels caters to these “non-English speaking, non-citizens” with the intention of obligating them to “vote” for them. Their rationale is that the children of these illegal aliens will become legal voting citizens educated in a liberal, Democratic school system that is in fear of telling history as it happened for fear of offending some segment of society – legal or non-legal.
    For the first 200 years of this Nation’s history, schools taught the bad along with the good. Students were taught to think for themselves using knowledge and common sense. In the last 42 years, we have seen colleges turnout Liberal Art degrees in the 100s of millions. The public school systems are controlled by liberals. Our children are maturing at a slower rate with the ignorance that abounds and expands with each year of education they received. The coming generations have been educated to accept conformity and to continue to be spoiled by government officials and ignorant celebrities – each group with their own agendas to control the young minds. To lead them into a social quagmire that is a lie and will lead to disappointment and disillusionment. Consider that Big Business has already identified this “blind acceptance of the younger generations” by seeking workers from foreign countries. The number of individuals choosing to make their livelihood on welfare has quadrupled in the last 15 years. I blame this on the citizens that vote based on ignorance and laziness and those that do not vote. The Congress is totally dysfunctional because the position of “career politician” has only developed within the past 40 years.
    This Nation must return to its foundation. Immigration reform, the steps towards citizenship(and, the requirement to speak, understand, and write in English is again enforced). We Americans must understand that we cannot continue to allow our population to grow, and the accompanying descent into ignorance that follows, because our natural resources are finite. Without the Reforms that must happen, we leave behind a Nation bankrupt, starving, and in total anarchy. Despots are the most common rulers throughout history. Class structure has been around as long as man has walked the Earth. I have lived my life as an American protected by Laws and the Constitution. I have served MY Nation with 20 years of military duty. I continue to serve my Nation by dispelling ignorance – my own and those of others. My votes haven’t always followed the majority. But, the majority have, through ignorance, allowed individuals that lack the ability and common sense to perform the duties of their office with disastrous consequences to the Nation. That same majority has sent the very men and women to Washington to make up the current Congress. A Congress that abuses their positions and vote, not for the People, but for groups that are not even Citizens and have no Constitutional Rights.
    Demanding English be spoken by all who “live” within the United States and its territories is an important step in retaining this Nation’s foundation.

  • Lee says:

    First, they come here illegally, They think California belongs to them, sanctuary cities encourage them to do so, hence the problem . . . Why is it that ONLY Spanish is translated into signage ? Why not Chinese or Korean or French or German ? Or other ? See what I mean ? These people who come into OUR nation are privileged or something ? ENGLISH ONLY PLEASE ! Speak your heritage in your own homes or among family or in private functions period ! If you want to be in this GREAT Nation . . . ASSIMILATE ! WE are One Nation Under God !

  • ANNE says:

    definetly my parents and all who came from Albania many years ago spoken english .Same with many from europe learned English. why do the people who speak a no good spanish have the idea they can speak in a working or situation their language. They are loud, all dressed up in fancy clothing whereas in their native country they were poor but they come here and first thing they do is apply for welfare which I have decided they can work and pay their own way. Most of the others from europe paid hate dues so these new people hav eno need to illegals come into country. BUILD THE WALL AND KEEP OUT TRASH

  • Patriots Pixie says:

    My grandmother spoke French at home, but even so, her mom forcefully instructed her to never speak French around people who could not understand the language. She was taught that it was rude to speak in public in a way that others did not understand. I believe that is really the problem, people speaking a foreign language around the US citizens who speak English only, do not care if they are being rude. To me, they simply need to be taught some manners! If my family all had to learn to speak English to live here, everyone else can too.

    And by the way, when this Nation was first being established, the only other language that was considered as a possibility for a national language was German. That was voted out in favor of English.

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