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Man-Women Michelle Obama Thinks it’s A Queen…Nobody Cares



Michelle Obama referred to herself as the “forever First Lady” in a speech to a group of high school students.

“I know you have everything it takes to succeed,” she said Wednesday to thousands of high school seniors at Temple University in Philadelphia.

“I know that you are me, and if I can be standing here as your forever First Lady, then you can do anything you put your mind to. So remember this moment when you’re out there.”

The remark at 2018 College Signing Day drew a huge cheer from the crowd.

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I don’t think it a good idea to put into our children's head these forever titles. Because if you recall another name for a “forever First Lady” is a Queen and you can ask the last set of royalty how that worked out for them,

This label, “forever First Lady,” came (at no surprise) from actor Nick Cannon, who along with other A-listers joined Obama at the fifth annual celebration.

What do you think of this being told to our youth? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Lee says:

    Narcissistically Delusional Extreme ( NDE ) That shemale is totally off her rocker from her porch in fantasyland, smoking out of her corn cob pipe dream

  • kbmerrill says:

    I think it demonstrates: 1) her ARROGANCE and 2) that she and he cannot stand not being in the spotlight.

    Want power & money! Sickening! Has he ever proven that he is a citizen? No one can find where he applied for citizenship! Why pay millions to law firm to keep his records sealed? What is he hiding?

  • Lynn says:

    The other day, I called our Cable Provider and I was informed by a lady with a heavy Latino accent that if I wanted to speak English, then press 2. I did and everything came out in Spanish. I called again and an English speaking lady asked me to press 2 if I wanted to speak English. I did and when the English speaking lady answered, I cancelled our subscription and changed TV companies.

  • AFMissilier says:

    Michelle is one of the biggest racists I have seen in the past 10 years. Many Black Americans recognize her as an elitist that thinks of herself as better than “anyone”, regardless of ethnicity. Heros are never egotistically self-serving. Michelle calling herself a “forever” before a Temple University crowd will soon be forgotten as the students start looking for jobs. Michelle can do nothing but give lip service. And, who better to give that service to than Michelle Obama.

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Who? Oh! If she had called herself, “America’s forever lavish taxpayer-funded vacation Mooch” I’d have identified her immediately.


    this shows just how convoluted this idiots thinking is. between mooch’s screwed-up thought process to o’bummers lies neither of these two morons should ever be given ANY recognition as president or first lady. barrack was NOT AN AMERICAN , and mooch was NOT FEMALE IN ANY FORM OR FASHON. the back-lit photo of them coming out of the downtown high-rise SHOWED THE TRUTH HANGING IN PLAIN SIGHT… one wonders WHERE THE KIDS CAME FROM AND WHERE THEY WERE STOLEN..

  • Maria says:

    If she paid attention, she’d know that ALL former first ladies are still called “First lady”. She is no more forever than they are. Honestly, for the little that she knows about our country, and the disrespect she has shown in the recent past, you’d think she was born in a foreign country just like her husband.


    ALSO , since all in the oval office MUST ,BY LAW ,have a supply of blood on hand for emergency purposes ,in case one or the other of the people get wounded. JUST USE IT FOR D.N.A. TESTS.

  • Guy says:

    What do I think?? LOL ! I think that the socialists/communist party (aka the democratic party) would do our country a great service by letting her come out of the closet as michael and Barack can make a claim to be Betty, and than put them up to run for POTUS and First lady. The country will get yet another lesson of just how stupid and ‘OUT OF TOUCH’ that party is and elect a Republican once again. What the heck… it worked with Slick Willy and Billeriy.

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