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Trump Ends EU, UK, and Brazil Travel Bans, Biden Says No



US travel ban from Europe-EU, UK, and Brazil-ss-featured

President Donald Trump announced Monday that he will lift EU, UK and Brazil travel bans related to COVID-19 by January 26. The incoming administration of Joe Biden says no, you won’t. In a proclamation, Trump announced lifting the restrictions by January 26. This is the same day the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will require all incoming air passengers to the US to submit negative test results for COVID-19.

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Public health officials in the jurisdictions have a proven record of working with the United States to share accurate and timely COVID-19 testing and trend data, and the United States has active collaborations with the jurisdictions regarding how to make travel safe between our respective countries,” the proclamation stated.

Biden Says No

However, Joe Biden will assume the presidency by January 20. This early, Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, tweeted that restrictions would stay. But by then, Joe Biden will become president. As such, his press secretary tweeted that the restrictions would remain.

“With the pandemic worsening, and more contagious variants emerging around the world, this is not the time to be lifting restrictions on international travel,” said Biden's press secretary, Jen Psaki. “On the advice of our medical team, the Administration does not intend to lift these restrictions on 1/26. In fact, we plan to strengthen public health measures around international travel in order to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” she added.

2020 Travel Bans

Last year, COVID-19 severely restricted travel to and from the United States. The country also tightened travel from known hotspots such as Europe, China, and Iran. Scientists discovered a new coronavirus variant that originated from the UK that is reportedly more contagious. Ten states already detected the UK variant in their areas, according to a CDC report last week. While more transmissible, they are not more lethal. Last December, the CDC required all air travelers from the UK to test negative for COIV-19 before leaving for the US.

The Trump proclamation said the US will lift restrictions for the EU, UK, and Brazil. It said the US is confident that passengers from these countries will comply with the CDC order.  to show proof of a negative COVID-19 result.  However, even if the proclamation takes effect, travelers from the EU, UK, and Brazil will still need to submit negative test results. However, the restrictions that bar non-U.S. citizens who visited these places within the last 14 days will cease. Beginning January 26, the CDC will expand the negative COVID test result to all air passengers entering the US.

China and Iran Travel Ban Remains

Meanwhile, travel bans for China and Iran remain in place. The restriction for China remains because of their “lack of cooperation with the United States thus far in combatting the pandemic,” according to Trump. As such, their actions “cast doubt on their cooperation” with the testing order.

“Accordingly, the Secretary has advised me to remove the restrictions applicable to the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, and the Federative Republic of Brazil, while leaving in place the restrictions applicable to the People's Republic of China and the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the proclamation stated. “I agree with the Secretary that this action is the best way to continue protecting Americans from COVID-19 while enabling travel to resume safely.”

2 Million Deaths Worldwide

According to Johns Hopkins University, coronavirus infected more than 95 million people worldwide. In addition, 2 million people worldwide died. In particular, the United States is approaching 24 million cases and 400,000 deaths.

Watch the WION news report where incoming press secretary Jen Psaki announced that the Biden administration will not lift COVID-19 travel bans despite Trump's order:

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Do you agree with Trump’s order lifting the EU, UK, and Brazil travel ban? Or, will you side with the incoming Biden administration is saying that it’s too premature at this time? Let us know what you think about traveling during the pandemic. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Jean R. Valenti says:

    I feel that the travel bans should remain in full force at this time due to the continuing rise in cases of the Covid. Secondly, how can this be done by the NOW President, when he will no longer be President. Why does he assume he can order this to take place when he will not be in office.

    I am an 88 plus female still very good mentally and that is why I am making
    the aforementioned comment. From what I see on television etc. the NOW
    President is definitely mentally unsound to make this judgement.

    I, too, would like to be travelling as travel has always been one of my passions, BUT, will not do so until I feel the Pandemic has been eradicated.

  • Anonymous says:


  • LK says:

    What difference does it make…. JOES opening the USA to anyone and everyone…. so why continue…we are in DEEP TROUBLE!!

  • Linda Ogram says:

    He is going to open our borders to every illegal alien with TB, and other diseases but he won’t allow travel to tourists who are negative? We are going to be overrun with people looking for free medical care.

  • mark kiser says:

    perhaps at 88 you have not researched the lifting of the travel ban enough. I understand your concern though as at 88 you according to all research are at a higher risk. Please take vitamins a,b,c, and d3 to help become stronger against any viruses.

  • Jerry says:

    Impeach Joe Biden before takes America down he doesn’t know what he is doing

  • Jane doe says:

    Ask Biden and the rest of the patsy why they so afraid of lifting it? Cause his puppet masters and Communist China are the one that put a patten on the virus!!! Do your home work people..stop listening the the fake news do the home work yourselves. They put a patent on this virus….so they can control it too. Even though its against the law they did. Do the home work… then the idiots are opening the borders to even more diseases so like the guy or gal above said what does it matter?? Let people that are going to spend money in our country make it thrive again not to ones that have no money and expect us tax payers to pay for them a living and give them free insurance free places to live.. get them astonish well guess what I had to do it on my own so what the @#$% they get it given to them.. @#$%Biden and his puppet masters..

  • john says:

    send trump- to these country’s!

  • Zane Everett says:

    Soon as Biden is in office this COUNTRY IS FUCKED FOR 4 YEARS

  • Faye Glasco says:

    Most definitely

  • goodtrumpgone says:

    U didn’t give a Damn about it being FKD the past 4 years.trump has murdered enough ppl,why lift the travel ban,Oh yeah,ensure the US #1ranking in trump corona virus deaths.Ru tired of winning?

  • Samuel Gage says:

    Buddy, look. IT IS NOT THE GOVERNMENTS JOB TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE HEALTHY!!! That is your responsibility. Now if you don’t want that responsibility, then I would suggest moving to China. I hear that they have a very large government all too willing to take away your inalienable human rights.

  • Catherine says:

    Do not assume that Biden is going to get in office. Remember who is Almighty. god has it under his control and he will see that things are done his way. Plus I seem to remember President Trump saying It is not over , It has only Just Begun. Things are happening that we are not aware of and in God’s good time he will Have his Will be done. Have faith the time is coming when God will show The Evil ones Just how Almighty HE IS. They will all face his Judgement and soon.

  • Cyndi says:

    Biden has asked for it and now he has got the craziness of illegals coming into the country. What is he going to do with them? Give them houses, free food, free medical care and hope to God that they are not bringing diseases that we have already pretty much eradicated in this country? If they do, covid will seem like a walk in the park. He cares more for the illegals than the citizens that is for sure. All countries have a process to allow citizenship into their country. Allowing that many that quickly to come into the country will bankrupt the government and in turn they will be coming after the citizen’s in the form of taxes and reallocation of monies from funds like social security and our own private savings. You think this is all ok? Then you are just plain crazy! We have worked hard for the money that we have tried to save for retirement. It is OUR money but you think the government will care? Just look at the things that they have been doing already that violate our constitutional rights. They will do what they want all in the name of humanitarianism and feeling sorry for them. But those of us who have spent our lives doing the right things, donating what we can to help those in need and taking care of our families and neighbors will just be out of luck. Sorry but we are giving them a room in your house since you don’t need it. It will be a freaking nightmare!

  • Robert says:

    The Biden administration wants to release travel bans on hostile mid East countries with a history of terrorism. It’s back to the good old days with terrorist attacks on America. The democrats hate America and all of their actions prove it.

  • John says:

    Yeah, this country sure was screwed for 4 years. Screwed with extremely low unemployment, rising wages, and the attempt of holding our politicians accountable. This country has been getting fkd for a long time, and only a blind dumbass, or communist, would not see that. Trump may be many things, but being responsible for a pandemic killing people is not one of them. Anyone who blames him for this is a completely idiotic moron. He may be tactless and lack humility, but at least he gives a shit about this country. That is more than I can say about GOODTRUMPGONE and the America hating Democratic Party.

  • Ida Socci says:

    If Biden opens the borders to anyone and everyone, the travel bans will not make any difference (or sense). NO ONE, 88 or not, is obligated to travel; if you feel its unsafe STAY HOME.

  • Gregory says:

    Six months from now when the evil ones get rid of Biden God bless us

  • Ted B says:

    Biden is a moron! Look who he’s listening to Dr. Fossil. The guy thinks wiping his nose is his ass.

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