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Europe Is Falling On The Sword Of Political Correctness



Political Correctness

The recent attack in Brussels was a self inflicted wound, performed by native-born sons of Belgium, disaffected Muslims enabled by a society that coddled the darkest corners of their nature in the name of pluralism.

And for that, Europe has no one left to point blame at but itself.

Multiculturalism has long been a favorite doctrine for Postmodern thinking, especially so in Western Europe, where any sense of moral or cultural boundaries are met with the charge of possessing a “phobia”.

And by pretending that all values and ideas have equal merit and standing, or that none deserve to be met with discerning eyes by the broader culture, the Postmodern mind has effectively made it a secular sin to question the moral standards of any culture or belief system…at least if it isn't historically rooted in Western civilization like Christianity.

How does a society that prizes moral relativism as its lone absolute able to make a moral stand against immoral ideas and worldviews?

If the only wrong doing is murder after the fact then how do you stop the domino effect of events that lead up to plotting murder itself? Because sobering as it is to hear, the blast zone is a symptom of a disease in the culture, a deadly one, but not the disease itself.

So what does all this mean in the latest Jihadist driven terror attack to shake the heart of Europe?

Within hours of the deadly suicide bombings that rocked the Brussels airport terminals and subway tunnels, the top philosophical priority of pluralism was not to mourn with the fallen, avenge the survivors, pursue justice with righteous indignation, or resolve to root out terror cells within Europe…but to pretend nothing cancerous was domestically embedded in Europe already. Protecting the status quo that all worldviews were still equally valid, even if some prefer to use plastic explosives against civilians, was top priority.

So far, more than 30 murdered bystanders have been tallied among the carnage and more than 150 are maimed and injured.

The Brussels suicide attacks came a mere five months after the mass murders in Paris that terrorized Europe and left more than 130 men and women butchered in cold blood. These atrocities were performed by terrorists who had pledged their allegiance to ISIS and were carrying out what they were programmed to believe was a holy Jihad.

Although most of the Parisian Jihadist assailants were killed during the attacks or in the days after in a nearby suburb, one ISIS cell remained at large. That man, Salah Abdeslam, was apprehended in BRUSSELS after a month long manhunt across the continent.

Adding insult to injury is the reality that Belgium had been on high alert since his arrest before the latest attacks. Authorities knew Abdeslam had a substantial terror network in Brussels, and that he had been buying his time to strike across Europe with other attacks.

Belgian authorities even feared Abdeslam's network of Jihadist conspirators would lash out in response to his capture. Belgian police had discovered bomb detonators in a safe house prior to his arrest. These findings have given credence to speculation that the bombings in Brussels were in response to Abdeslam being taken into custody, either out of fear that he would reveal fellow ISIS loyalists or that the intelligence community would soon be hot on their heels.

But Belgian officials were dumbfounded by how extensive his homegrown network of terror resources proved to be.

From the fact he was smuggled with ease back into Belgium by domestic accomplices after the Paris attacks, to the disturbing reality he evaded capture for so long and was regrouping for future attacks with aide in Brussels, to the embarrassing revelation he was hiding right under the nose of the police the entire manhunt —mere yards from where his parents live, Belgium was overwhelmed by the tentacles of the terror within them.

Which brings us to the actual heart of the problem at hand. How is it that in a supposedly first world Western European country can be swarming internally with a home grown network of ISIS sympathizing operatives who actively plot to harm their countrymen as well as fellow Europeans?

The unpleasant answer is that this is a bed Europe made long ago—and it’s only going to be aggravated by continuing a public policy predicated upon moral relativism. Europe has permitted third world migrant workers from the Muslim world to enter the continent without vetting for nearly 70 years, and it started out as a temporary solution to solve the lack of man power that World War 2 caused with its devastating body count. But Europeans drew out no concrete plan for how to house and assimilate these people…and they stayed.

As time progressed war-weary European leadership decided asking migrants to assimilate was against their newfound “virtue” of multiculturalism, which they felt was a safe guard against foreign conflict by abandoning nationalistic identities, but instead it has led to civil disunity and in many respects the loss of civilization itself.

At the same time, they managed to largely ostracize Muslim Europe, giving the community a mixed signal about where they belonged. What resulted was a form of segregation, self-insulated Muslim enclaves often on the fringes of major European cities, became as foreign to Europe as Istanbul or Cairo.

And these communities aren't a walk in the park.  They are volatile and often violent places that are in some manners, mirror images to certain impoverished American inner cities. They remain segregated from much of Europe in their own bubble via shared language, a shared religion, and a continued influx of unassimilated immigration from their places of origin.

And there is no cultural expectation to become Europeans, no matter how many generations have passed. It is absolutely commonplace for second- and third-generation Moroccan and Libyan immigrants to look to their ancestral home for a wife.  These Arabic men want a woman that isn't “defiled” or shaped by European values..or the lack there of them. These marriage arrangements ensure an uninterrupted chain of first-generation mothers having second-generation children…and assimilation is never a child rearing priority.

The bottom line is that Europe has made this dilemma a true existential threat to Western societies,  by making a culture with a fertile and inviting environment for foreign terror to become domestic terror that collaborates with operatives from abroad. Not even the KGB or CIA have ever had such enviable networks behind enemy lines.

If Europe stands any chance to draw a line in the sand against the home grown terror network it has unwittingly enabled, then its worship of politcal correctness must fall by the wayside.

Europe must be willing to insist and assert European values and a European way of life or else lose Europe altogether.

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  • John Warner says:

    The political failures of bleeding heart compassionism and liberal socialistic policies and the absurdity of diversity and a total lack of immigrant assimilation. Sellout politicians who care more about foreigners than protecting their own citizens.

  • Frederick Berry says:

    Europe bought into multiculturalism starting in the 1970’s, welcoming Muslims into their country with their sharia, discrete communities, and insular life styles without requiring them to assimilate. Now they are paying for it, and may well lose their national sovereignty to a force that will require them to submit to sharia law, dimmitude or allegiance to Allah.

  • Name says:

    Political correct is what’s wrong with that part of the country.we need to not make excuses. I force the laws accepted by society. Not losers
    WHO recognize them anyway. Put them in prizon .

  • Dick says:

    They allowed ‘open boarders’,.. all the European countries failed in their communications of ‘intelligence’. Failed to ENFORCE what few laws they had.
    …America soon to be in ‘same boat’ !!~

  • Robert Bowen says:

    Robert E

  • Jon Exner says:

    The first and most important responsibility of any nation is to protect the CITIZENS of the nation.
    No nation should put foreigners ahead of citizens out of some theoretical belief determined by political correctness.
    No foreigner has rights over any citizen of any nation. No nation should shame themselves in to their own destruction in some belief that they do not want to offend foreigners or immigrants.
    If foreigners who immigrate into any nation and do not assimilate that should be reason enough to deport them.
    Patriotism to ones country is not something to be ashamed of or ridiculed by those who would destroy their country from within.

  • chuck jones says:

    The primary responsibility of Govt is to protect its Citizens & their way of Life.
    When so called Diversity endangers that its time to throw PC out the door.
    Borders Language & Culture are political necessities.

  • William Harrington says:

    Political correctness(PC) does not mean kowtowing to any one or group who disagrees with you or wants you to think the way they do. It means being respectful of others and their thoughts and feelings and giving them consideration. You can change your mind and speech but it should be because you want to,not to bow under pressure.

  • used to be a liberal says:

    Islam is a political agenda, hidden under the guise of a so-called religion. When are we going to get it through our thick skulls that these “military” divisions, give them any name you want, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Harmon, Hamas, or what-ever, are soldiers/warriors of/for Islam. They are not terrorists. Yes, they commit what we call terrorist acts, but to them this is their rules of war. This is how they conduct, and fight a war. They are following the Koran, the teachings of Mohamed, and his rules of war. A Muslim has but one loyalty and that is to Islam, and only Islam, not any country, state, or even a family member. They do represent Islam, they are an army on the march, and just as any military fighting on behalf of their country and people, the people will openly, or silently support their military, and will follow the out-come of a war, whether it be victory or defeat.
    Mohamed said that one well placed agent is better then an army of 10,000. That agent maybe a politician, a judge, a lawyer, a journalist, an advocate, etc.. Lies, deceit, even denying that you are a follower of Islam, is acceptable, as long as it is done in the name and for the advancement of Islam.
    We had better wake-up, then get the right leadership, who would be willing to step on toes, and take the heat to end this march of Islam for good, or we will loose, if we stay on the path that we are on now.
    Political correctness, feeeeeelings, empathy tolorence, be damned.

  • Name says:

    It is obvious from Biblical precidtions and writings in the Koran.

  • Russell says:

    Its. Its very simple ,far to liberal,any thing goes .Then when it’s gone to far everyone wants to panic and blame the US or any thing but them selves

  • Frank Corby says:

    Political Correctness is the backbone of Socialism and leads to a major weakness of a Government. Let’s get serious and call terrorism what it is “Terrorism”!

  • Robert L. Denham says:

    Europe is not the only one that is failing !
    America has also been fowling the same dumb stupid ‘Political Correctness’ policy & that is why America will fail IF a democrat get in as President again ! We must keep democrats out of ALL Washington post :O(

  • Steve Lanovich says:

    The spread of Euro-Style ‘One World’ group think.

  • Edie Faylor says:

    Political correctness is also called madness. You allow these animals with no restrictions and this is what you get. You can thank all the liberal idiots who have taken over old Europe and now you are paying the price. Stand up and get rid off both the politicians who created this and the invaders who are doing this.

  • Gary says:

    Belgium is reaping what it has been sowing, for decades. The entire EU is doing the same. Socialism.

  • Robert Pavlick says:

    Europe was insane to take in all of these thousands of unknown and unvetted refugees without ever questioning that they might be violent jihadi’s or even simply routine criminals evading justice in their own countries.

    HOWEVER, simply allowing refugees or the homeless or poor, shelter and food SHOULD NOT be misconstrued as weakness or a clear message for the recipients to rob, pillage and rape their hosts !!!!!! What kind of thankless barbarians are these people ??????

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    When it comes to suicide attacks as we saw on 9-11 there is really NO way to stop someone determined to do harm when they’re willing to give up their own life. To point blame is a masturbatory practice that’s about as effective as Monday Morning quarterbacking…..

  • Creig Jordan says:

    Liberal, or lax immigration policies – no matter where they are found will always lead to the downfall of the host Nation.

    Whenever the emigrants come in not to become citizens but to overthrow.

    To this point, European and many American politicians have neglected to see or hear those who have told us they intend to overtake us, convert US or kill us.

  • Ron johnson says:


  • Edward Swisher says:

    They give into political correctness because the majority have abandoned God who protects his people as was shown by America for a long time. America was the only country in the world to have freedom through his protecting hand. Apparently, that protection may have been lifted and we have let political correctness and other sins to fester and grow.

  • John Lowe says:

    There seems to be an attitude of toleration for anything other than normalcy or Christianity.

  • Doug says:

    families with children, not young men and women 18 to 40 years old need to be refugees. They need to be fighting for there country not running away.

  • James Hutchison says:

    When the EU was established, down came each country’s borders…good-bye individual sovereignty.

  • Ridgegoat says:

    The Why? is best defined , if you care, by the parable of the Caring naive woman that rescued a nearly frozen to death Viper by picking him up putting him inside her garments against her bosom for warmth. Soon as the Viper began to be revitalized and regained its’ strength and dexterity – The Viper bit the woman and injected his poison into her body. Why? the caring woman cried, did you bite me, now I shall surely die, I took you in and saved you from a slow freezing death. The viper answered : You knew what I was when you took me in – did you not?

  • Lorraine M. Harbaugh says:

    They failed to realize the danger. They kept their heads buried in the sand and assume they had nothing to worried about. Little by little they lost control and now the muslims are so great in number they cannot contain them. There will be more bombings. This why many people even here in the US are turning a blind eye and not realizing the danger of what is happening is coming to the US. There is going to be a bloody revolution. They are like cancer. That is why God in the Old Testament told his people to destroy all the men, women, children, livestock; otherwise they would be a thorn in their lives.

  • Richard says:

    Lets call a spade a spade; if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck and takes to water like a duck, its a good bet it truly is a duck. On a similar vein, political correctness tries to convince us its really an elephant and becomes angry when we believe the evidence of our own eyes!

  • Thomas Marty says:

    They are letting in a lot of refugees with out truly having a good way of checking them out to make sure they don’t have ties to ISIS or Radical Islam. It is like Trump said, they need to ban muslims until they have better way to have them checked out for ties to ISIS or Radical Islams.



  • Erika Z. says:

    1st. mistake is embracing cultural diversity. there is a big difference in east and west culture. We can not change peoples believes, cultural nor religious. The 2 cultures dress different, eat different, pray different, have different laws and different sociological behaviors. Both sides want to change the other side and that is not possible. Accepting all those refugees is absurd and the whole leadership group who caused that problem should be replaced with people with a brain. The European citizens are the ones who’s lives are changed and in danger. Why aren’t all those young men given weapons and sent back to fight for their country? Europe has had scuffles over borders throughout history and the men did not run to other counties, they fought for their counties. The same goes for the U.S. they also they need to stop the infiltration of radicals. Like the old saying goes, If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it probably is a duck. If it isn’t a duck then say sorry and go on. No harm done. To hell with political correctness..

  • Theresa Remias says:

    Allowing so many refugees in without checking their backgrounds first is a huge mistake.

  • ken says:

    letting all the muslims in will destroy their country

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