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Even Sanders Says Recount Is A Scam



  • Sanders admitted Clinton would not be sworn in as president despite having won the popular vote “and I think on the surface that’s a little bit weird,” he said.
  • President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his anger at Clinton’s decision, calling the recount a “scam”.

Bernie Sanders supports a recount of election votes in key states despite admitting it will not change the results. Speaking to CNN, Hillary Clinton’s former rival said there was nothing wrong with going through the process.

“I don’t think that Hillary Clinton — who got 2 million more voters than Mr. Trump in the popular election — thinks that it’s going to transform the election, but do people have a legal right to do it? Yeah, we do,” Sanders told CNN.

Sanders admitted Clinton would not be sworn in as president despite having won the popular vote “and I think on the surface that’s a little bit weird,” he said.

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Sanders’ comments come after the Clinton campaign joined Jill Stein in an effort to have several recounts carried out after reports of possible voting discrepancies.

President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter to express his anger at Clinton’s decision, calling the recount a “scam” and accusing millions of people of voting illegally.

Sanders defended the recount, saying Stein’s Green Party had a “legal right” to do it. “No-one expects there to be profound change, but there’s nothing wrong with going through the process,” the Vermont Senator said.

Results would need to be overturned in all three of the states to change the outcome of the election.

“Regardless of the potential to change the outcome in any of the states, we feel it is important, on principle, to ensure our campaign is legally represented in any court proceedings and represented on the ground in order to monitor the recount process itself,” Clinton’s lawyer Mark Elias said in a post on Medium.



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  • Fred says:

    Crooked Hillary needs to be held accountable

  • Nancy says:

    HRC made a big of MR. Trump saying he MIGHT not initially concede. She is such a hypocrite!

  • Javid Parker says:

    Mrs. Clinton conceeded the election to Donald Trump. Nothing more can be said.

    Stein used the recount as an excuse to raise money for her green agenda. Mrs Clinton doesn’t seem to be aware that she is being played like a violin.

  • Maria says:

    It is a scam….. everything with Hillary is a scam.

  • walter says:

    The need to move on. Enough Hillry

  • Karen Shively says:

    It’s just one more sign that Hillary is a very SORE loser!!!!

  • Thomas says:

    Hillary only wants to do a recount so she can slip in illegal numbers to increase the chances of her taking over what she lost.
    She is a crooked bitch and if you let this happen I promise she will DESTROY this world like OBAMA has done already.
    This world will no longer be worth living in as we know it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  • Don Rushing says:

    It is not in the democrats nature to win elections honestly , nor to lose elections with grace. When Albert Gore refused to concede the 2000 election until it was plain as day. The democrats will concede gracefully when hell freezes over.

  • Charles Holland says:


  • Joan says:

    The liberal party under Obama are so corrupt they fear Trump as president since he will expose them for what they are and the insidious news media.

  • robert says:

    This seems like a last ditch effort. There really has not been a precedent.

  • Richard Scott says:

    the originator displays herself like a female feline with her claws fully extended to scratch her name as large as possible to get maximum attention from all types of media

  • John says:

    Anyone with any common sense knows this is a political ploy. Stein wants to raise money and Clinton cannot accept the fact she was soundly trounced in the election.

  • John E. Tirado says:

    HE KNEW, and jill stein proved IT! she got 4mill.. For doing nada..

  • B.E Grubbs says:

    Because if they want Americans to use their product it should be made by americans.

  • Robert says:

    It is an attempt to deligetimize the winner and to cast doubt on his administration. She is also padding her war chest for future follies of the Green party.

  • Bill Wilson says:

    Socialists are psychopaths with abnormal
    mind sets, reality is not their strong point.

  • Raymond says:

    I think the entire process is nothing but a delay action to force the house into the process of picking the election winner. Nothing else makes any sense.

  • JJ says:

    Nothing new will come of it, Trump won, Clinton lost….nuff said!

  • Paul says:

    I agree wirth Trump I think many illegals voted for Hillary

  • Happy with results so far says:

    So far so good

  • Sandra Duncan says:

    The election is over. Move on!!!!

  • Melvin Cohen says:

    They can’t let go. There ashamed.

  • catherine coppola says:


  • jim says:

    another tactic to try to get HRC in the WH

  • noel kasper says:

    Where you find a coven of lawyers, you will find a heap of corruption

  • Eva says:

    Because it is so idiotic…She LOST!! Suck it up…She’s not used to anyone saying no to her and it’s about to kill her…Well good, She has killed many and she has lied so much that if the truth slapped her upside her head she wouldn’t know it. Clintons soon will BE done!!!

    • AL says:

      They already are done. She has lost twice and surely she won’t try again. Although while she was speaking the next day after losing I got the distinct feeling she wasn’t finished, but sure hope she is. After losing twice you’d think she would get it no one wants her for President or anything else. She’s done.

  • Bob says:


  • betty says:

    glad she didn’t win her and Jill would ruin the USA they are both nuts

  • Denis says:

    makes no difference

  • Kathy says:

    Crybabies that’s what the Democrats are..They need to get on with their lives and get jobs and face reality!!!

  • Marlene Jones says:


  • Frank Fenney says:

    It is a scam to get money.

  • Sue says:

    Because Hillary can’t stand the fact, that after all the money she spent, after all the voter fraud, she still didn’t win. Her ego is going crazy (or her mind is). She just can’t let go. Sad.

  • Jim says:

    It is a scam i feel there is no way Clinton got 2 million popular votes unless dead people were counted and or illegals were paid to vote or fraudulently voted by using some one else’s personal information upon registering. Too many American people know what a liar she is and a con artist.

  • Name says:

    Trump WON fair and square!!!! LOL!!! Look who’s calling foul now!!!! Forget it Clinton!!!!!!

  • J says:

    Because it is a scam.

  • mark m willis says:

    no recount

  • Tim says:

    The recount is the magitians smoke for Obama to get away with a scandal that he is trying to pull in CUBA and around the rest of the World! Keep your eyes open and your minds on the big picture.

  • Roberta says:

    There is no way that this recount is going to chance the Electoral Count. Everyone knows it is nothing but a scam.

  • Vernie Treadway says:

    IT’S over Lets Move ON

  • Karen Nelson says:

    She has already conceded. It can’t be reversed. It’s s lose lose situation. Is it because she is a woman that she thinks she should have special privileges from the rest of the politicians or presidential NON elect. Jill Stein is trying to apologize for taking her votes. Lol such liberal hypocrites that cry when they lose. THE DEPLORABLES are in office now, GET OVER IT. he has already saved jobes something the Democratic Party has not been able to do in 8 years and if you say the unemployment rate is down it’s because they can no longer count those that are NO LONGER ABLE TO RECIVE UNEMPLOYMENT And are stil WITHOUT A JOB. Common sense is something liberals don’t have and percentages are not facts when you can’t include all involved. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!

  • Camille says:

    I hope that more comes out like Michigan, where Trump won more votes than they even thought.

  • ted says:

    total waist of money,, put that money to the VETS/////

  • Endwell Buell says:

    Lake Suzy, Fl. 34269

  • Louis Herkalo says:

    If a candidate has the right to request a recount, then 1 should be granted in which state is being questioned! Guaranteed, if Donald Trump lost he would have cried “foul and would have asked for a recount. Then probably going even further to file a lawsuit because he’s claimed that the election was rigged!!

  • doug lucas says:

    its about time everybody gets on the TRUMP TRAIN

  • Danna Stevens says:

    She knows if there was any fraud, it was on the part of the Dems. They are trying to get a situation where Obama can declare Martial Law, bring in the UN & stay in office. They don’t want to give up their gravy train!

  • Dane Poe says:

    It’s only an effort to keep America divided.

  • wilfred says:

    she is the one who says that she would accept defeat and what happen now why all these fuss she lost fair and square beside she had nothing to tell the American people and what her plan was all she was thinking about was to bring more refugee to AMERICA and take the American job and destroy our culture

  • Alan Vella says:

    The democrats are just sore losers. When the re-count still shows Hillary is still the loser the democrats will BUS in trouble makers to protest as they have done since the election!

  • william ostrander says:

    She Lost The Election She Needs To Get Over It Nobody Wants Her To Be President Anymore,,,She Would Be A Disaster To America,,,,

  • john riley says:

    Her all consuming desire to be president has warped her ability to honor our country and the Constitution.

  • john riley says:

    Her all consuming desire to be president has warped her ability to honor our country and the Constitution.

  • kimber zerweck says:

    The leftist elite, not believing they lost are attempting to set Trump to take the blame for all the failures they have caused or will cause before and after January 20th

  • Nancy Beckwith says:

    It’s a total scam, perpetrated by Soros and the power elite, to disrupt the election results by creating these recounts in large states RIGHT BEFORE THE DEADLINE for submitting , for final entry, the electoral votes gained in each of those states. My understanding is that if there is a recount, and it is not completed by Dec. 13th or 15th, then the electoral votes of that state will not count!!! Don’t know if this is really true, but the whole recount thing is definitely to throw up more confusion and debate over the election results.

  • Edd SWmith says:

    Because Hillary is a bad looser, she has nothing to offer as a potus. ZSWhe is just a whinny bitch

  • David says:

    Stein is a puppet for Clinton , she like Sanders, who got a $600,000 lake front home and use of a private jet to concede, Stein will be getting something, what I don’t know yet

  • andy says:

    they are dishonest and looking for a way to cheat

  • David McMurtrie says:

    The “Green Party” has no business demanding a recount as their candidate didn’t come close to winning anything. Either it is a fundraising scheme for the “Green Party,” or they are acting as a puppet of Hillary Clinton who can then claim that she didn’t initiate the recount demand.

  • christian csinsi says:

    Clinton is a cry baby still trying to come to grips that the USA has voted her out of the race!!!!!!


    Even if there were some fraud the amount of States that Trump won were overwhelming Clinton would have had to win too many of the key states, or possibly all to defeat Trump. The money being collected could possibly be better spent for a better cause.

  • Demand half of funding to do same in Hillary swing states with third party counters!

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