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The F.B.I. Has Finally Crossed The Line With Cohen Wiretapping



The Left thinks they got him now… But I want to know what lies had to be said or implied to allow such an invasion of privacy. Wiretapping is usually the final straw for investigators and if his lines have been tapped for weeks then it would seem this was what they went for first! How a Judge in their right mind would allow something like this is an outrage.

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  • Thomas Chierico says:

    Everything and anything that came of this illegal FISA WARRANT, on the grounds of tapping the phones of the Trump Campaign as well of the Attorneys should be thrown out if the JUDGE , who hears the case is worth anything. If anyone believes this is legal or CONSTITUTIONAL IN ANY WAY, I hope it happens to you. This all came about from an illegal act from Clinton’s Campaign who paid for a DOSSIER, that was false. Any and all information gained from this act should be deemed in admissible in court against any and all persons.

  • Anne & Jim Adamiak says:

    It’s past time that the DOJ call a halt to this outrageous invasion of privacy and infringement of Trump’s rights.

  • Walter says:

    If they were investigating Cohen for illegal activities it is correct to tap and use the information wherever it applies. If he was colluding then there is no att/client privilege.

  • paul kelly says:

    I think anything that came from this illegal warrant should be thrown out the agents charged or fired the judge who signed it remove from the court

  • walt says:

    think your a bunch of idiots

  • walt says:

    youor all ildiots

  • R D Dukes says:

    Walt who are the idoits the leftist communist or the comentors.

  • George Riddle says:


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