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If Russia Wants To Play With Fire They’re Going To Get Burned…



A Russian fighter jet has reportedly intercepted a US surveillance plane in international airspace.

The Russian Su-27 jet performed an “unprofessional” but a not unsafe interception of a US Navy P-8 plane that was flying over the Baltic Sea, defense officials told CNN and Fox News.

Thankfully there were no other incidents, and the entire situation was deemed safe by the military.

Russia has previously used close flybys to demonstrate its discomfort with American military planes flying over Syria and the Baltic and Black seas.

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State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said Russia’s military had “flagrantly” violated international law, calling it “the latest example of Russian military activities disregarding international norms and agreements.”

However, this is another example of Russia playing with fire. What they need to realize we have a President willing to stand up for Americans and defend us.

I hope Russia sees the writing on the wall and understands The Old America is back!

What do you think of this situation? Harmless accident or the first signs of aggression? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • AFMissilier says:

    Putin is showing that Russia, unlike the former USSR, is NOT what it use to be. During the Cold War, the Soviets toed the line of brinkmanship by following international agreements to demonstrate that they had the power and control of its armed forces. In Putin’s Russia, the militarists and Putin have shown the paranoia associated with the vulnerability of being unable to project power throughout the World.
    No warm water ports, until they occupied the Crimea to access the Soviet-era port on the Black Sea. Buying Turkish politicians to gain what they hope will be an open Bosphorus Strait to the Mediterranean. Selling Russian military arms to increase their influence.
    At the same time, Russia hosted the Olympics with third world facilities. A facade that was easily shown to the World as an embarrassment. Putin’s obvious attempts to resort to Soviet-like rhetoric shows that he is stuck in the past. Russia continues to over-spend on military hardware using a large portion of its GDP to build new aircraft every two years. Each generation of aircraft costs exponentially more than the last.
    Foreign policy is based on “chest beating” and little else. Russia’s sphere of influence doesn’t go much farther than its borders. They are backing a despot in Syria that no one else in the World supports. Its strategic forces are aging rapidly. Faster than they can replace.
    Internal politics is causing a log jam within society. The only spark of hope for Russia is that Putin is getting older. Another decade and Russia will reach a crucial turning point. The Russia of that time will become a totally different country, perhaps even a little smaller.

  • spike417 says:

    Those nations with imperialistic aspirations, like China, Russia, N. Korea and Iran are always testing to see how far they can go. Without resistance, as was the case when Russia took over the Crimea or when China militarized the South China/West Philippine Sea, they continue to go further each time. The US and Europe have, in the past, appeased these nations, much as the European nations appeased Germany in the late 1930’s. Rather than contibuting to peace, this only encourages greater aggressive behavior. It is difficult to understand why many current leaders are unable or unwilling to learn from history and, thus, are doomed to repeat it. Aggression must be confronted if it is to be stopped. President Trump, for all his outrageous tweets and behavior, seems to realize this full well and seems the only one in recent history willing to do this in the case of the Palestinians, N. Korea, Iran and, hopefully, Russia. Thus far, it seems to be working. We know the alternative does not.

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