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FBI Corruption Explained In Trump Election



Lying, Spying and Hiding

FBI official Peter Strzok on Thursday attempted to explain for the first time in public his infamous text message saying “we’ll stop” Donald Trump from being elected president, admitting he was upset at the time over Trump’s “horrible, disgusting behavior.”

But under questioning from House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., Strzok claimed he doesn’t remember actually composing the message.

“I don't recall writing that text,” Strzok said during Thursday’s open hearing with the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees. “What I can tell you is that text in no way suggested that I or the FBI would take any action to influence the candidacy.”

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“That is a fantastic answer to a question nobody asked,”  Gowdy said.

Still, Strzok tried to provide context to the text.

“As I've stated, that text was written late at night, in shorthand,” he said.

Gowdy shot back: “I don't care when it was written. I don’t care whether it was long hand, cursive. I don't care about any of that. I want to know what it meant, Agent Strzok.”

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  • Ken W says:

    Can never believe in or have faith in the FBI again! What a load of crap! The “elite” class and special treatment of some and the outright disdain for and prejudice against others within that agency are blatant! Where is Sessions AWOL! CONGRESS should immediately de-fund, abolish and then recreate the FBI NOT ICE! This man should Not receive any pension either as he was not performing his job nor responsibilities as sworn to do! And as with the Clinton’s, his immoral cheating on his wife is simply dismissed while others are fired or resign over accusations! Sad day and time for America. Ms. Liberty needs a paddle for all the spoiled rotten and self-aggrandizing public “servants: involved in such activities. Bresnev was right, America will distroy herself from within!

  • Kay Medford says:

    Wish I had said it.

  • Jack says:

    This is where B. Obama spent a lot of time to: influencing the socialist, global make over of the country (other of his work areas, the justice department). Look at what is happening after at least 8 plus years of his administration. But, sadly he did not work along, watch Congress in action.

  • William Singleton says:

    The 12 accused Russians are only a stage game to help Mueller. What happened to innocent until proven guilty. .Let Russia try the Russians and Mueller over see the prosecution with international T.V. coverage. The Russians are entitled to a jury of piers and a Russian judge. If Mueller is going to accuse these individuals, they are entitled to a reasonable clearing opportunity under their own system. Then maybe Mueller will be more careful about playing games in our legal system. Seth Rich is probably the one that hacked the DNC out of a sense of justice and fairness. The Democrat hacking was probably due to an honest man’s repulsion over the DNC’s criminal behavior in their efforts to win.

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