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NATO Countries Can Now Send Fighter Jets To Ukraine



Polish F-16 and Spanish F-18 at air parade during NATO summit | NATO Countries Can Now Send Fighter Jets To Ukraine | featured

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that NATO members have the approval to send fighter jets to Ukraine. This can help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s aggression during the past two weeks.

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NATO Member Poland Requesting To Hand Over Fighter Jets to Ukraine

NATO E-3A AWACS at the 2019 Royal International Air Tattoo | NATO Member Poland Requesting To Hand Over Fighter Jets to Ukraine

In an interview on Face the Nation, Blinken confirmed NATO’s decision. The green light to send fighter jets is a response to Poland’s request if they can send fighter jets to Ukraine.

Blinked added that NATO is now talking to Poland about backfilling their needs. Blinked said the US wants to make sure Poland gets a backfill when they hand over planes to Ukraine. 

Right now, the US is evaluating its options on how it can provide assistance to backfill jets in Poland. There are many variables involved in the move, especially on how the fighters move from Warsaw to Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s US ambassador Oksana Markarova hopes that Ukraine receives the jets from Poland as soon as possible.

She said that Ukraine is presently working with America on the steady supply of ammunition and anti-air and anti-tank weaponry. 

Ukraine Receiving Worldwide Support

The Russian invasion of Ukraine sparked worldwide condemnation. It also spurred many Western countries to provide humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, countries also imposed crushing economic sanctions on Russia. This includes seizing assets of oligarchs stashed abroad and suspending Russia from participating in the international market. Already, President Vladimir Putin said the sanctions are “like a war.”

Blinken is meeting with European allies to come up with more ways to pressure Russia into giving up its invasion.

“The impact of the sanctions is already devastating,” he said. “The ruble is in freefall. Their stock market's been shuttered for almost a week. We're seeing a recession set in Russia,” he added.

In fact, ordinary Russians can’t buy basic goods because many local companies are moving out. Still, Putin remains in control. More importantly, he’s doubling down on aggression.

As a result, the war could drag on much longer than expected. “I think we have to be prepared, unfortunately, tragically, for this to go on for some time,” he said.

Russia Escalating Attacks

While Markarova thanked the West for supporting Ukraine, she urged countries to respond quicker. Russia is escalating its attacks on Ukraine. “It's clear after 11 days that we also need all of us to move faster,” she said.

She added that Russia found Ukraine, which is living peacefully, as a threat. She said that “it's not only about Ukraine, then Europe and the whole world is not safe.”

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged US leaders to provide military planes. He also called for an embargo on Russian oil.

In a somber moment, Zelensky said that this may be the final time they can see him alive. Reports said that Zelensky is often a target of attacks and assassination attempts during the past few weeks. 

As for Blinken, he said that even if the Russia-Ukraine war will drag on for months, Ukrainians will prevail. “Winning a battle is not the same thing as winning a war.

Taking the city is not the same thing as capturing the hearts and minds of Ukrainians,” he said. 

Watch the Daily Unseen video reporting that Poland sent jet fighters to Ukraine:

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