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Germany Is Preparing For The Worst



  • The German government is warning its people to stockpile on food and water in case of an impending disaster.
  • Germany has not made such a demand since the Cold War.
  • A 69-page plan is being presented in front of the Interior Ministry on Wednesday, where the final decision will be made.
  • Germany does not foresee a future attack, but after their last month of attacks, they want to be prepared.

It's been a long time since Germany has warned its people about impending disaster. Yet now, it seems like the warnings are necessary. The German government has come forward to advise the citizens to gather up food and water in case of future attacks, something they haven't done since the Cold War.

The attacks on Germany in the past few months have been brutal. Two Islamic attacks, a shooting rampage by a native teen, and those are just recently. The government, because of the ongoing onslaught, has declared a state of high alert in the country. Berlin has also taken action into their own hands, yet they plan to be more offensive than defensive. The plan is to spend a considerably higher amount on local police and security forces, as well as creating a special unit to counter cyber crime and terrorism.

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The Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper said on Sunday, “The population will be obliged to hold an individual supply of food for ten days.” The quote comes from the government's “Concept of Civil Defence” which was prepared by the Interior Ministry.

The paper went on to claim that a parliamentary committee had commissioned the civil defense strategy back in 2012.

The plan will be discussed by the Interior Ministry on Wednesday, a spokesman for the Ministry said.

The plan requires people to stockpile enough food and water to last them at least five days. However, even though the plan is asking for the stockpiling of rations, the 69-page document does not foresee an attack on Germany in the distant future. That being said, can you ever foresee an attack?

The paper cited the report in saying that the people “prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence and cannot be categorically ruled out in the future.”

Germany's Defense Minister said, earlier this month, that the country is resting in the “crosshairs of terrorism,” and plans to increase military training must be executed. He also said that the military should be working closely with police to prepare for any potential large-scale militant attacks.

The country is also trying to get some kind of reliable alarm system for the people, better structural protection for buildings in the cities, as well as a higher capacity in the health systems. It makes sense that Germany would be worried. It just makes me wonder if other countries should be following in Germany's footsteps and be getting ready for something big.

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