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Sleepy Joe Wants Ghost Guns Regulated



3d printed firearms, gun concept | Sleepy Joe Wants Ghost Guns Regulated | featured

Under pressure from his supporters, President Joe Biden will likely announce new regulations to control the spread of ghost guns. The new regulations on unregulated guns built from kits, or ghost firearms, aims to close a gap in the government’s ability to track these weapons.

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Biden Expected To Issue Regulations On Ghost Guns

Ghost gun in 9mm | Biden Expected To Issue Regulations On Ghost Guns

Pressed on details about the proposed new gun regulations, the White House declined to comment. However, three sources familiar with the matter disclosed the White House’s intention to issue new gun control laws. 

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called for a crackdown on ghost firearms following a Bronx shooting last Friday.

As tradition dictated, the New York Senator blamed Republicans for obstructing his efforts at gun control legislation. He also pressed Biden to step up to the plate.

He said the administration should “go all after ghost guns, by putting out regulations that will stop them. The federal government has the ability through regulation to stop these ghost guns,” Schumer added.  

New ATF Nominee

In addition, Biden will also likely name a new nominee for the position of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives director.

The president will name Steve Dettelbach, a former Ohio US attorney as early as Monday. The previous nominee David Chipman withdrew from consideration after facing opposition from senators.  

Both the new gun control law and the new ATF nominee come after another surge of gun-related violence in the country. The law regulating ghost weapons follows a 2021 directive.

The ATF proposed last May to classify building blocks that serve as components for ghost firearms. Since May 2021, the rules covering ghost guns remained in the federal regulation process hell. 

New Regulations For Ghost Guns

The ATF rule addresses a key problem in tracking and regulating ghost guns. The bureau does not classify as firearms certain elements used to assemble the firearm.

As a result, users can easily purchase these frames and receivers online. The new rules will also likely require parts manufacturers to secure a license before selling ghost gun parts.

Companies will also need to perform background checks on buyers of kits. In addition, the Justice Department will also launch a national ghost gun enforcement initiative.  

Recent shootings often reported the involvement of ghost weapons, which often remain unregistered and untraceable. Recently, a Maryland high school was the site of a shooting using types of weapons.

Given the difficulty in tracking down the weapon, there are no official numbers listing the number of ghost guns in circulation.

Last week, Maryland joined 11 states in banning or limiting the purchase or use of ghost firearms. Maryland joins Washington DC, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington. 

Watch the CBS Philly news video reporting that President Joe Biden is expected to announce new gun regulation, eyes new ATF nominee:

What do you think of Biden’s plan to introduce tighter gun control orders for ghost firearms?

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What do you think of Biden’s plan to introduce tighter gun control orders for ghost guns? Will this help reduce or eliminate this type of gun? Or, will this just be another overextended effort by the government to maintain control?

Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Huapakechi says:

    When will we have a definitive interpretation of the Second Amendment from the supreme court? Hoplophobes/socialists have been engaging in a constant campaign to eliminate the Second Amendment, always nibbling at the edges of a Constitutional right simply because the courts will not make a final and binding ruling.

  • Sam says:

    Sorry Joe, apl of the gun laws are illegal and an affront to the 2nd. They’re like 8 year old little girls, off limits. But you don’t seem to understand that either.

  • sherril henderson says:

    When we take back the house and senate we have to get this bunch of lunatics out of all the offices they hold.This means from school boards to the president of the US. The thing is what do we do now if we remove Joe you have cackling Camala and if we remove her we have a 12 year old acting Nancy. Until then we are just screwed . We have elections that should get rid of them but once they get there its hard to get rid of them. We must get TERM LIMITS!

  • Tina Roberts says:

    Notice that they keep turning the criminals loose.
    Every genius knows that we wouldn’t have any crime if we rounded up all the guns and got them off the streets. Now we see huge gangs of assault weapons and ghost guns running around, attacking people, shooting up the neighborhoods.
    The ruling elites must think that the common folk are total idiots. By definition, crimes are committed by criminals, not by guns. Yet, somehow, the priority of the Biden regime is to let 10,000 invading criminals cross our southern border daily and let the criminals that get arrested loose as quickly as possible so they can get back to their criminal careers. It seems to be a bit more than just misguided.

  • Janet Tomkins says:

    The only realistic path to term limits is a Convention of States.
    Don’t let the elites lie to you and tell you that a constitutional convention of states would be a bad thing. Like everything else they lie about, they are telling people that because the elites want to stay in power and control the rest of us.

  • Patricia S Ray says:

    I personally don’t think that responsible long-time gun owners, people who are Fully Trained to use firearms, should be Lumped Together with “street thugs” who steal guns left and right and have absolutely NO training whatsoever in the use of a gun, but end up murdering innocent people whenever they get the chance, to earn “brownie points” for their gang.
    We Must Reward Responsible Gun Owners and Imprison Gang Members. The problem IS that these Responsible Gun Owners are Ending Up in Prison and yet the Thugs Remain on the Streets. What kind of Justice is This??

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