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Global Warming Excursion Trapped In Ice



  • A journey to the North Pole to prove that global warming is having disastrous effects on the ice at the poles was sadly proven wrong. 
  • The scientists couldn't even get out of Russia because the ice was so thick in the ocean.
  • Apparently, they discovered that this year the North Pole has actually been below average in temperature.

The Polar Ocean Challenge, a fitting name for a journey to investigate the effects of global warming, was recently underway. This ‘challenge' expedition was made to the North Pole, to discover just how rapidly the ice was melting at the North Pole. However, the boat that was taking the scientists to the North Pole was trapped in ice, right outside Murmansk, Russia. That's 1,459 miles away from their target destination.

The Polar Ocean Challenge was reportedly supposed to be a two-month expedition. The website for the trip explained that they wanted to show, “that the Arctic sea ice coverage shrinks back so far now in the summer months that sea that was permanently locked up now can allow passage through.”

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Although their mission was to prove that the temperature at the North Pole is dramatically rising which, in effect, is causing the ice to melt, they proved the opposite. 

The Real Climate Science website claims that the melting season for the North Pole is half over, yet the melt-off of ice has not been significant. Why? Because the temperatures at the Pole have not reached heats high enough to produce melt-off. In fact, the temperature this year at the Pole has actually been below average.

Unfortunately for the expedition, the paths that they had intended to take are now blocked with ice. The scientists didn't plan for other routes because they thought the waters would be clear. They thought the ice would be gone, and their journey would be un-halted.

Sorry, to disappoint but mother nature had other plans.

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