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GOP Senate Control Hinges on Georgia Run-Off



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The race for Senate seats in Georgia could decide who controls the Senate next year.

The states two Republican candidates, Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA), will face Democratic challengers in a run-off vote this January after neither side could capture enough votes to win the race outright.

Democrats currently have the necessary votes to retain control of the House of Representatives. Additionally, the mainstream media is calling Joe Biden the president-elect despite the fact that the election’s results haven’t been certified. If Biden ends up in the White House, a GOP-controlled Senate will be the only line of defense against the left’s socialist agenda.

The GOP currently has 50 Senate seats under its belt. That’s good enough for an even split of the Senate’s 100 total seats. However, it won’t be enough if Biden wins. The sitting vice president gets to weigh in when the senate votes 50-50. Therefore, Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, would be the tie-breaker if the former vice president can hold onto his disputed election victory.

Stakes Are High

Georgia’s election laws call for a run-off when neither candidate can capture 50% of the vote. This year, both Senate elections were close enough to force a run-off in January, and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Republicans must maintain control of the Senate. Otherwise, there’s a serious risk that the incoming administration could quite literally rewrite the Constitution. Biden is beholden to the Democrat party’s radical left-wing, which includes the likes of Bernie Sanders and other commie superstars, and they’re sure to force through a slew of controversial socialist policies if elected.

So far, the party’s so-called progressive wing has pushed for expanding the Supreme Court to add more liberal judges, banning fossil fuels, opening the borders, and raising taxes just about everywhere. If the Republicans lose control of the Senate, we could see all of these policies take effect, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Republicans Prepare

Republicans are fully aware of just how crucial the Georgia run-off is, and they’re already gearing up for a fight.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) appeared at an event in suburban Atlanta on Wednesday to warn voters that the U.S. government will be at the mercy of “radical elements” if the Republicans can’t hold the Senate. The senator also cautioned that the very cornerstones of American liberty, like free speech and public property, could be at risk. He called the Georgia race “the showdown of all showdowns.“

“What stands in the way of all of that becoming public policy in America, even half of it becoming public policy in America?” Rubio asked attendants. “You, through your vote in this race.”

“We don’t want to win one of them. We want to win both of them,” Rubio said, referring to the state’s two Senate seats.

One of Georgia’s GOP Senate candidates, Loeffler, said on Twitter, “Democrats will pack the court. They will raise your taxes. And they will crush our economy with the Green New Deal. “I will never let that happen, but we need your help to save the majority,” wrote Loeffler.

Georgia's Role

Prominent GOP Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) also emphasized the importance of the Georgia race during an interview with Fox News. “Control of the Senate hinges on the state of Georgia and if you don’t want to see the radical leftist agenda of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and AOC implemented, that Georgia Senate seat—it’s to save the whole country.”

Senator John Kennedy also warned of a socialist incursion during a TV interview. “If Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer and Sen. Sanders and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win in Georgia, you’ve got nothing to worry about unless you are a taxpayer, a business owner, a parent, a cop, a gun owner, a person of faith, or an unborn baby.”

Conservatives fully understand what is at stake in this general election. With only one seat needed to maintain their majority, Republicans have the upper hand, but the party can’t afford to be complacent. The GOP campaign push for Georgia is a clear signal of just how important this race will be.

It’s no exaggeration to say the soul of American enterprise and freedom is on the line in Georgia’s run-off race. The fate of the country rests with Georgia voters.

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