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GOP Senator Leads Pushback Against Chinese Expansion



US Senator Tom Cotton Arkansas Office Entrance Sign | GOP Senator Leads Pushback Against Chinese Expansion | Featured

A Republican senator is becoming the leading voice in a growing pushback against aggressive Chinese expansion. Additionally, he’s starting to become a major thorn in the side of the Chinese Communist Party.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to China. He’s been a vocal critic of the CCP for some time. However, he has taken an even stronger stance since the global pandemic broke out. He’s become such a prominent opponent of Chinese expansion that the Chinese media is starting to take notice. Last week, the Hong Kong-based Asian Times published an article under the headline “Tom Cotton Leads the China Attack”.

Cotton isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it. During a recent interview, he said America needs to reevaluate its relationship with the Asian superpower. “More Americans than ever, like more Asians than ever, recognize that China is a pariah state, and we ought to treat them like a pariah state,” says Cotton.

The senator believes China needs to be held accountable for the role it played in sparking the global pandemic. This has resulted in trillions of dollars worth of economic damage across the globe. Contrary to the Chinese government’s official story, he says it’s “pretty well documented by Chinese scientists that it did not originate in the food market.“

A Manmade Virus?

There has been a growing sentiment in the US intelligence community that the virus may have been the result of an outbreak from a Chinese bioresearch facility in Wuhan. Cotton admits that there is only circumstantial evidence to support this view. However, he maintains that China should be held liable for the outbreak regardless of the virus’s origin. “Wherever it originated … we know that the Chinese Communist Party was both criminally negligent and incompetent at first … and deliberately malevolent in the way they responded to this virus for their own people and the world,” he says.

“The Chinese Communist leaders … made the conscious decision not to explain to the world that it was transmissible between humans, not to shut down travel, not to ask for American or other kinds of international scientific help.” he continued. “They were not going to allow the world to continue to prosper and China be the only country whose economy was declining. They might see an absolute decline in their economy, but they refused to see a relative decline. Especially relative to the United States… they were going to let the virus escape their borders so the rest of the world would suffer along with China.”

Those are some undoubtedly strong words coming from a US senator, but Cotton isn’t just making noise. He has a plan for combatting Chinse aggression. He wants to beat China at their own game by using the crisis as an opportunity to pushback against Chinese power.

Plans to Counter a Threat

Cotton is proposing a $43 billion piece of pushback legislation to counter the China threat. It’s called the Forging Operational Resistance to Chinese Expansion Act, aka FORCE. The plan calls for billions of dollars in spending to bolster America’s joint military capabilities in Asia, including expenditures for new jets, submarines, and missile defense systems.

The plan includes funding for the defense sector so the industry can start the pushback of the disruptions caused by the pandemic. It would also bolster America’s supply chains so the country would be less dependent on single manufacturers. Another $12 billion is set aside for bolstering the US electrical grid and satellite network against a potential attack.

However, FORCE doesn't focus solely on national defense. Cotton says the plan also addresses “longstanding problems’. The act includes provisions that would encourage pharmaceutical companies to bring manufacturing back to the US. It would also open up arms sales to Taiwan, which is a major no-no for the Chinese regime.

The plan is undoubtedly aggressive and taking such a strong approach could potentially spark a major conflict between the world’s two largest economies. However, Cotton says taking a soft line on China isn’t the answer. “History shows time and time again the way to avoid such things is to draw clear lines about the kind of behavior we won’t tolerate.”

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  • CLL says:

    Glad to hear. We agree with Senator Cotton.

  • Pat Ramer says:

    Sen. Cotton is a strong leader who sees the world as it is and the danger if we ignore the evil that exists. Although I do not remember the author, I read a quote, “Evil, unchecked, is the prelude to genocide. To misunderstand the nature and threat of evil is to risk being blindsided by it.” I thank Sen. Cotton for taking this threat to the world seriously.

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