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Were Muslims Responsible For The Orlando Shooting?



Government Doesn't Want You To Know Muslims Were Responsible For Orlando, see more at:

    Government Doesn't Want You To Know Muslims Were Responsible For Orlando (Image: MGN)
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch will release Omar Mateen's phone call with Orlando authorities, but will edit out his claim to Islam.
  • Loretta Lynch feels it is supporting the propaganda of ISIS by releasing that part of the phone call.
  • She went on to say that finding the motive behind the killing is the key priority to prevent future attacks.

We all know that Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to ISIS over the phone when he called the authorities during his attack in Orlando. We've all read the reports. Yet, now Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the transcript of the phone call will be released…with some edits.

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda. We are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the Islamic State],” she said.

So instead of making this about a terrorist attack, were making this about gun control? I'm sorry, is that what you're trying to tell us, Loretta? I'm just trying to get on the same page.

Lynch told ABC's The Week, that the main goal is to build a complete profile of the killer, Omar Mateen, so the prevention of another attack can be accomplished. Of course, while adding pressure on the Islamic State right? I mean, after all, he did do it for them. I mean that's what he said. He claimed to have committed the horrendous act for them.

My question is when you are building a profile on a killer, how can you disregard the organization that they have pledged to. Not only is it an organization, it is a radical religion that encourages the killing of other people. Yet that isn't important when building a profile? I'm no profiler but to me, the “motive” behind a killing could be something worth noting.

“As you can see from this investigation, we are going back and learning everything we can about this killer, about his contacts, people who may have known him or seen him. And we’re trying to build that profile so that we can move forward,” Lynch said.

Everything except his religious affiliations, because that doesn't matter.

Here's the best part. Lynch also went on CBS's Face The Nation and said that the key goal of the investigation is to  find the motive behind Mateen's attack. Now wait a minute Loretta, you can't have your cake and eat it too. Do you want to know the motive or don't you? Because he said what his motive was over the phone to the authorities. The same phone call that you now want to censor.

If you refuse to acknowledge the fact that is was a radical Islamic man committing a terrible act of violence for his “home faith,” then you will never understand his motive. You cannot beat an opponent by finding out the motive behind his actions. If his actions are to kill you, his motive becomes obsolete. However, it doesn't help the public to hide the truth behind a terrorist's radical affiliation.


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  • James Andrews says:

    It is pure insanity, what is going on!

  • Janice Kolacy says:

    The sweetest sound in the world to my ears is the Muslim call to prayer. A comment made by Obama. Who is he? Why is he bringing Muslim refugees here not Christian. He used the word radical in his last speach not with the word Isis..Or Muslim but a word alone as a topic. A nasty topic not to be used for Muslims. By erasing past F.B.I findings on today’s terrorists pasts. Using the words politically correct to shield Muslims against scrutiny. Has gotten many people killed. Again using guns as the cause. Not putting the blame on those using them.

  • Charles Zonta says:

    Double Speek

  • Our government has betrayed it’s people and has let obama and hillary clinton break our laws and this terrorist in Orlando kills 49 people and obama’s administration wants to make sure there’s no mention of Islamic terrorism. Well you’re to late we already know that these type of scum want nothing more than to wipe us off the face of this earth. obama is beholding to his murdering muslim brotherhood, and does all he can to protect these murdering scum. hillary clinton will do the same as obama as they have put millions into her hands. I’m with Mr. Trump, they want to kill us plan and simple.

  • Robert Mancuso says:

    Sanitizing radical Islamic terrorist activity does not align with the Obama administration — and by extension– Hillary Clinton’s position on gun control. In their shortsighted opinion controlling guns will eliminate terrorism. Gun control as they propose would not have prevented the Boston Marathon bombing!

  • ghetonda mosley shertzer says:

    because the government wants the shithead liar witch,,,, hillary clinton for president!!!if she wins,, ALL is lost!!!

  • Brian says:

    You have to ask me a question like that . With all the attacks that are happening all over our country. This is Brack Obama’sd And Hillary Clintons plan to trurn the United States In to a progressively Politically Correct country . So we will be loyal to know flag and so their Muslim friends can destroy America The country that she is because they are not only jealous of us but they don’t like the way we live and how we are so Free. No it is Barack Obama’s Plan to destroy America its image and all that she stands for that is why little by little he is destroying our military our infrastructure and the very values that make our country unique. We MUST TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK Before its to late He swore to defend the constitution and all he has been doing is defying it we have had more shooting and killings under his administration then any other President And to Top all Of this No Body has ever Heard of him or knoew him he came out of nowhere and he is Illegal that is why he supports Radical Islam And immigrants just look at all the Islamic people in his Administration Our Morals are lower than they have ever been before .. And you have to ask me why I agree Where have you guys been on a Desert Island Wake up up you guys before its to late

  • Robert Head says:

    I believe that most of the problems in America today are hidden to the general public. Orlando shooting included!

  • karen kissel says:

    Because the government is a part of the political machine – the same smackjacks that are trying so hard to deny Donald Trump the Presidency that he so strongly deserves!!!

  • patti says:

    Obama is a muslim.He will not go against his faith.It was his duty to open the borders for them.It is his duty to protect and hide them.It is his duty to aid them in their evil deeds.It’s very obvious obama is against America and it’s citizens.He has proved this over and over again.He can’t even say “radical islam” w/o choking on his words.He hates Trump because he knows Trump will clean up his mess and get rid of obama’s beloved islam.I just want to know why our other elected officials aren’t putting a stop to obama’s evil plans.obama is not the king.and I know there are rules and laws in place to prevent this kind of treason but everybody is too busy hating Trump to notice what obama is really doing to this once great country.

  • Peggy Pence says:

    Isn’t it obvious who is preferred over Americans?

  • Dick says:

    A lot of muslims want americans killed.

  • Janada Patton says:

    Obama is obviously a Muslim, and our PC government is protecting them. They hate us, the infidels.

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