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Rep. Taylor-Greene Challenges AOC to Green New Deal Debate



Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez speak about the importance of a Green New Deal-Green New Deal Debate | Rep. Taylor-Greene Challenges AOC to Green New Deal Debate | Rep. Taylor-Greene Challenges AOC to Green New Deal Debate | Featured

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) challenged Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to a live, televised debate. She wants to debate the economic policy behind the Democrats’ proposed Green New Deal. 

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More Than Qualified To Debate

Greene pitched the idea Wednesday via Twitter, telling her fellow lawmaker she’d like to debate the Green New Deal economic policy. “Since you sponsored the Green New Deal and have a degree in Economics, I’m sure you are more than qualified,” Greene continued.

As for her own qualifications, Greene said “I just have a degree in Business Admin and have owned a construction company for 20 years.”

The GOP lawmaker from Georgia often figured in controversial issues in the past, causing her to lose plum assignments in House committees. She said the proposed debate can help inform Americans.

“They deserve to hear the two sides with pros and cons,” Greene explained. In addition, Greene proposed that between her and AOC, they can each choose a moderator for the event. Then, they can make a common choice on which network will host the debate. “Let’s do this for The People. What do you say?” she tweeted.

Following Up Her Challenge

Later Wednesday, Greene followed up on her challenge. She tweeted that people are expressing their excitement for the debate and that they would pay money to see it. The Georgia representative then suggested a pay-per-view format. 

“People are saying they would pay money to see it. We could debate pay-per-view style? And the money raised could be split between us for our choice of where it goes. What do you think?,” Green tweeted. 

Green New Deal

Ocasio-Cortez, also a prolific Twitter user has yet to respond to any of Greene’s tweets. 

The New York representative banners climate policy among her legislative efforts. She is one of the authors of the Green New Deal.

The 14-page plan calls for the federal government to launch a World War II-like mobilization on an environmental plan. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions while revitalizing the economy. 

In addition, the Green New Deal also aims to reduce income inequality. It aims “to reduce greenhouse gases, provide for clean air and water, and develop a sustainable environment, all while creating millions of “good, high-wage jobs,” the resolution stated.

However, the Green New Deal is not a prescriptive plan. Rather, it’s a statement of aspirations in the hope that lawmakers could one day rally behind the proposal.

Watch the Black Conservative Perspective video reporting that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Challenges AOC To A Debate On The Green New Deal:

What do you think will win in the debate on the New Green Deal?

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Should Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez accept Representative Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s debate challenge? If this pulls through, will you watch it?

Let us know what you think about a debate between these two women lawmakers. Share your comments below.

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  • Bill R Medlin says:

    aoc needs to be challenged. She’s a socialist.

  • Alice says:

    Totally agree, Mr. Medline.

  • Eric says:

    Not interested in riling up the Far left any more than they already are. A debate would bring too much attention to awful policies in the Green New Deal.

  • Mike says:

    AOC is to sacred to debate anyone.

  • Janice says:

    I would love to see a debate. A pay per view tho would exclude the majority of low income citizens from being informed

  • Tony says:

    Yeah, AOC should accept the debate challenge! if she thinks her socialist ideas are so great, step up & put your money where you’re big mouth is. Greene will pick her apart, AOC could NOT defend her ideology against a TRUE conservative like Greene! Provided, the Moderator is fair and neutral to both candidates!

  • Fred says:

    The communist democrats and the globalist agendas have an overlap that makes them aligned for the time being. They are both using the false claims of climate change to further their political objectives. Ignoring this political threat will undoubtedly lead to the fall of America’s constitutional republic. Any way we can wake up the citizenry before it’s too late is a “must do.”
    The left has already shown they will lie, cheat, and commit treason against the USA to achieve their ends. The fraudulent elections resulting in the current coup, the fake pandemic used to destroy our economy, the censorship by proxy, the psychological warfare being played out against America, the unnecessary and ineffective vaccines, the fake climate change (going on for decades), the disarming of Americans, these are all battlegrounds waging in the war against our freedom. Now they want to stack the supreme court which will end what chance we have left for a democracy of checks and balances (which is already corrupted).
    When will enough be enough? What will it take for American citizens to wake up? So far the percentage of people sounding the alarm is way too small. The proof of this is easily seen by how many useful idiots wear masks and line up to get injected with vaccines they have no clue about. If the populous won’t even stand up for those freedoms, who is going to save our Republic?

  • Rick says:

    I like the idea of a debate, but it should NOT be pay per view. I’m sure a lot of people would pay, but a lot more people will watch if it is free. I think as many people as possible should have the opportunity to watch.

  • Joe says:

    AOC is all talk and no do! They need to be called out!

  • Philip Armacida says:

    AOC is only a favorite because of her looks –
    Fact : she was evicted twice by the Sheriffs-
    She was a bartender – has no qualifications for dems to put her in charge of taxpayer funds.
    Every time she opens her mouth, she shows her really colors and how ignorant she truly is.
    She is a LIAR, which is a Democratic requisite.

    I’m embarrassed that she represents our country. Everyone who voted for her, needs to re-evaluate their mental status.

    One other thing: I feel that her stance, and the democrats stance on voter ID’s is VERY RACIST.
    They are implying that minorities are to ignorant to acquire an ID !!! Even though ALL MINORITIES need one TO RECEIVE ANY GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE, to buy cigarettes, alcohol, to pick up will call tickets at baseball games, to drive, to get a checking account, credit card …..

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Now that would be hilarious but AOC is a coward!👎🏼 🐥 🐓

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Now that would be hilarious but AOC is a coward!👎🏼 🐥 🐓 👏👏👋😂😂👋👋👋

  • JJ Johnson says:

    The truth is; AOC is already ‘challenged’ (mentally) justa NY idiot like her daddy Cuomo 🐖

  • Mike says:

    I always thought the aoc opened her big pie whole she knowledge and words made no sense. In other words, she is “dumber than a bag of rocks”! Rocks make more sense than she does! 💩

  • marian wilson says:

    yes but why will there be a charge?

  • David says:

    She won’t accept. She only spews lies and doesn’t want to be challenged. She’s a super socialist/dictator. It doesnt matter if her policies are honest or just, she just wants to cram them down everyones throats, except her own of course. Ahhh, the democratic way.

  • sherril henderson says:

    She won’t accept, it incredible that a loonatic like her got into office. This country needs to ID someone like her when they are running for office and not even consider giving her a vote. VOTE HER OUT!!!

  • Scott Smith says:

    I would rather watch them wrestle. Make love not war.

  • CARROLL says:


  • Anonymous says:

    I wish Cortez would stay bar tendering with her brainless mouth.

  • sandee says:

    Cortez is worthless and hates America she (it) needs to be voted out. People need to wake up before our freedoms and our beautiful country are destroyed by the lefts agenda. In Minnesota people are moving out because it is run into the ground by Cortez and our worthless governer waltz I cant wait to get out of this hell hole

  • J says:

    AOC does not have the intellectual ability to discuss the new green deal, or about any other subject matter. She can spew crap from her mouth, but doesn’t have the true knowledge needed to debate anything. She is an air headed fruit cake.

  • Aida says:

    AOC is the product of the “brainwash”/so-called progressive doctrines, that have been offered by most of our universities since (more so) the 80’s. That’s why we have all these millennials and post-millennials college graduates, spewing all the manure that goes out of their mouths. They have NOT received a true education, and “it shows.” AOC is a prime example. They all talk like robots, repeating the same Marxist “mantra, and how to techniques.” That’s all they learned in College and drawing in student loan debt to learn this manure I’m talking about. The perfect example on how to waste a lot of money for “indoctrination,” NOT education. She should have gone to Cuba, China, or Russia to be brainwashed, and all for free…….LOL

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