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Harris Gun Control Calls Include Seizing ‘Assault Weapons,’ Supports Mandatory Buybacks



Harris Gun Control Calls Include Seizing 'Assault Weapons,' Supports Mandatory Buybacks

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris, along with several of President Joe Biden’s top aides have expressed their support for mandatory gun buybacks. It forces citizens to surrender guns considered that are considered as assault weapons for monetary compensation.

Some of Biden’s aides who supported the policy include White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Office of Public Engagement director Cedric Richmond, and Deputy Chief of Staff Jennifer O’Malley Dillon. They expressed their support for the policy even before they worked for the president.

Mandatory guy buybacks are essentially gun confiscations. While these Biden administration top officials support this, the president himself supports something different. During his campaign, and as reflected on his website, Biden says he supports giving citizens the opportunity to choose to have the government buy their guns qualified as assault weapons or to register them under the National Firearms Act.

VP, Biden Aides Support Mandatory Gun Buybacks

In 2019, while on CNN, Richmond said that the mandatory gun buyback policy is something he would consider. At the time, Richmond was still working as a part of the House of Representatives. He recognized that enacting a mandatory buyback can have its complications, but says that it’s something he could support.

As per Bloomberg, Harris also answered a similar question regarding the mandatory gun buyback. The vice president says this confiscation of assault weapons is “a good idea.”

Meanwhile, during the campaign period, a former Democratic representative, Rep. Beto O’Rourke from Texas, said he would gladly take the assault weapons of Americans during a presidential debate.

On that same night, Psaki excitedly expressed her support in a tweet. She thanked O’Rourke and said that no person needs to own an assault weapon. She also described it as “a crisis.”

Meanwhile, O’Malley Dillon worked for the former representative at the time, and she expressed support for the measure as well. She said that the country needs a ban on assault weapons, calling them “weapons of war.”

Many Democratic leaders have pushed their agenda for gun control once again, following a tragic shooting in Colorado a couple of days ago. The incident resulted in 10 people killed in a grocery store.

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  • Tom says:

    Coming from people who only support a cause no matter how unconstitutional they are so they can feel better, someone needs to ask circle back jan if she has ever even held a firearm let alone fire one.
    She comes from money, and as such thinks she is elite because she is willing to be a traitor to our country and our countries values.
    The incredible thing our politicians hate to admit is that our countries freedom was won by the the one thing they hate, a gun, and if it wasn’t for the gun they wouldn’t even be here trying to do what the British tried already in making the citizens subservient to them by force.

  • Richard says:

    How many remember when England collected all the guns after a mass shooting? Shortly thereafter they limited ownership of sharp knives, and no knife could have a sharp point unless is belonged to a butcher or meat cutter.

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