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Senator John Kennedy Unleashes on the Democratic Push on Gun Control



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Republican Sen. John Kennedy criticized the call for gun control made by the Democrats that came after the shooting in Boulder, Colorado.

Law enforcement arrested the accused mass shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21. The said accused gun mam has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder for the deadly shootings that took place at a grocery store last Monday.

Following the tragic shooting in Boulder, Colorado, President Joe Biden has called on Congress to pass measures for stricter gun control. Several Democratic lawmakers have also used the incident to push for their gun control agenda.

On Tuesday, Kennedy described the Democrats’ lobbying for gun control following the tragedy as foolish.

Appearing on the Tuesday broadcast of “Fox & Friends,” the senator described the attack as horrible. However, he also said that it reminded him of the freedom a big country like America has. He noted that freedom is a risk and that they need to focus on how they should control that risk.

The senator also stated that there are things they can do to stop the shootings, but added in that stricter gun control is not it.

Kennedy then said that they need is “idiot control” more than gun control. He pointed out that they already tried this through a database but the problem is that it has “huge holes.”

The senator pointed out that his GOP colleagues have tried to strengthen this database. Sens. Grassley and Cruz had a bill to do this but it didn’t pass because, according to Kennedy, Democratic lawmakers decided to filibuster it.

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  • Kent Putzier says:

    I support John kennedy in his way of thinking gun’s don’t kill people the person pulling the trigger is the killer

  • Drifter says:

    These power crazy dimorats will do anything to control us. Is this not what communists do to control people????
    We need to toss these vermin out so hard and fast there butts will leave skids marks when they land!😂😊

  • Tomlightfield says:

    Cars kill way more people than guns ever will so lets outlaw cars!!! This would be acceptable the way the lib Dems think!! They don’t give two —– about the people that got killed, they are simply using this to further their never ending agenda of disarming the law abiding gun owners in this country so they can have total control over all of us!! That’s what it has ALWAYS been about.

  • Billy says:

    Guns need someone topulltheir trigger.

  • Norm says:

    The Demorats needs to clamp down on vehicles! The vehicle is is far more dangerous than the gun!

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    They are blaming all Americans because of the actions of this one moron? That’s what they want!!!

  • Sheila Douglas says:

    You are absolutely right! Like he said, when a drunk driver plows into another car and kills the people in that car, it isn’t the car that does it. So we can’t outlaw carsjust because someone uses it illegally and poorly!

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    Do they have the death penalty in Colorado? Or did they get rid of it like the stupid governor Ryan (who is still in prison) that we had in Illinois who said we don’t need a death penalty. Instead, we should give the murderers a place to sleep, three meals a day, and medical attention for the rest of their lives!

  • Roberta Fields says:

    To the “drifter”:You don’t know what you’re talking about with your comment! I think that you need to be kicked in the”you know where”! These people that are allowed to buy big guns, especially aliens, should never be able to buy any kind of guns!I mean come on where did he get that big gun and if he got it out side of this country how did he get it into the country?! What if” he “killed one of your own? Would you be ready to change your mind?

  • Joe says:

    How many people have been killed by planes, cars, buses, baseball bats baseball, knives, forks, bricks building material what about buildings falling on top of people falling in manholes dying in the river I guess we can just forget rivers let’s fence off the ocean so people can’t die in there, Get rid of all the wild animals to kill people, don’t forget the bugs to kill people, been run over with tractors trucks you name it anything to be used as a weapon. Don’t forget about all those nice Democrats that killed people putting them back into nursing homes that the coronavirus went crazy on all the people that live there’s four died.

  • Steven L Lacy says:

    2nd amendment rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED what part of that do the Democrats not understand this cannot be changed by government and any changes are illegal and an infringement on our rights . I will NOT comply .

  • Mat says:

    Perhaps better gun control would be to insure no non-citizen or dreamer are allowed to buy, own or posess any weapon as designated by law . Under penalty of prison time and deportation of all their family. Unless they have served Honorably in the armed forces for a minimum of 4 years. And have not been a felon. It’s a start! Also once a felon of any kind , always a felon no backtracking on that. Stop watewring down the laws to accomidate the liberals. A crime is a crime.

  • David says:

    Where are the gutless republicans?!

  • Phyl says:

    As I see it. He is a hired gun! I’d like to
    see where he goes and I will bet he won’t stay in the U S long !!!
    Who will watch for us!? I’ll bet you won’t be able to. When the news settles down – he’ll be gone!!and free – maybe to the
    Country he came from. !

  • Statesman Patriot says:

    Every time democrats control, mass shootings escalate and these incidents get used by them to push further gun control. Their mantra is to never let a crisis go to waste!
    Having said that, it stands to reason that Dems are creating that crisis. Most likely they are having these creeps commit these shootings with the promise that their families will forever be cared for.
    Of course the Dems don’t keep those promises either.

  • Lee Miller says:

    Someones needs to tell the people in both parties that the new laws will apply to them as well. Once you lose a freedom it is hard to get back. I think the military should sit this one out and let people who want freedom to ring once again, take this country back.

  • BBA says:

    Look no farther than these unconstitutional lock downs and government take over of all of our lives over a VERY questionable “pandemic” to know what is coming next. They first take away our freedoms and then our weapons to defend ourselves against tyranny!! The big problem that concerns me is if it was that easy for big Government to force us inside our homes while making us wear mouth diapers and kill our businesses & economy then they already know that 80% of gun owners will probably hand over their weapons without any type of fight. I AM in the 20% that will defend my 2nd amendment rights at all cost!!

  • EDWARD SHANK says:


  • EDWARD SHANK says:



    was,t this individual on the fbi watch list

  • JC says:

    There are already laws on the books that handle firearms sufficiently. It is liberal politicians that manage to screw up the enforcement. This is why you don’t elect Democrats. They are worthless and cannot lead or manage effectively. They just lie and steal. You cannot legislate crazy or mean. Democrats are morally corrupt and taking away firearms that protect citizens is criminal.

  • Kenny Kimler says:

    Pass what ever Socialist gun grab law you want. Won’t effect me because I will not accept or abide by it. All my guns are legally owned and purchased. Want my guns then bring yours.

  • Jim Klimaski says:

    It is not the finger that pulls the trigger that kills. It is the gun that can fire many rounds in a few seconds massacring the kids in schools the shoppers in stores when put into the hands of some fool gun nut. And anyone who walks around with a semi automatic with a extra large magazine clip walking down the street or into a store just to impress someone is a moron. Someone like that walks into a store provides no indication he doesn’t intend to use it on the shoppers. Any store owner who lets that happen wouldn’t have any customers in short order. When I think of how many kids are killed because their parents leave a gun around it makes me sick. And I’m glad the kid no longer has to fear anyone.

  • Richard says:

    Jim Klimaski – A gun with a 100 round magazine (not clip) will kill no one unless there is a finger pulling the trigger. The finger has to belong to a nut. Just because someone owns guns does not make him/her a “gun nut”. I do not deny there are some who open carry as a form of bragadocio, In my opinion, and that of many others, open carry makes you the first target for a nut with a gun. It is a fact, proven by a CDC study, that guns are used defensively 10 times more often than offensively. I have to wonder how many could have been saved in Boulder if someone had been able to shoot back. That same study showed that concealed carriers are more law abiding than police.

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