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ISIS Hero Dog, Conan, Honored at the White House

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Hero DOg | ISIS Hero Dog, Conan, Honored at the White House | Featured

Conan, a Belgian Malinois, was honored during a surprise ceremony at the White House after being injured during the mission that killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Trump acknowledged Conan as “a ‘special’ animal who helped execute a ‘flawless attack’ on the ISIS leader.” Vice President Mike Pence petted Conan as the president spoke.

The president added that he thinks Conan knew exactly what was going on. “The dog is incredible… We spent some good time with it. And so brilliant — so smart,” said Trump. He also commended service dogs’ talent: “It’s incredible, the sense of smell, or whatever it may be.”

Since the mission, Conan has recovered from his injuries and returned to active duty.

Baghdadi’s death was a milestone in the fight against ISIS. A DNA test confirmed his identity, and he was later buried at sea.

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